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Thursday, July 17, 2014

NorCo Must Spend $21k For Bog Turtle Study

baby bog turtle
For years, critics of environmental regulation have liked to joke about construction projects being put on hold because someone saw a bog turtle. It's no longer a joke in Northampton County. The Rasleytown Road bridge project in Plainfield Township has been put on hold because the area has been identified as a potential bog turtle habitat. Some even claim to have seen one or two of these tiny turtles, which have been on the threatened species list since 1997.

In addition to delaying the bridge work, the state DEP is requiring a new study to determine whether the bridge work could adversely impact Pennsylvania's smallest turtle. It will cost the County $21,000, according to Public Works Director Richard Young.

Yesterday's Finance Committee unanimously agreed to foot the bill - they have no choice - but not without a few turtle jokes.

Hayden Phillips drew the biggest laugh.

"They're going to take pictures of individual turtles as they find them. I don't know if they have a yearbook. That's the EPA."

According to Pennsylvania's Fish and Boat Commission, bog turtles live about 20-30 years, but spend half that time in a dormant state, buried in mud.

Kinda' like a blogger.

They only grow four inches long  Their shells are too soft to protect themselves from predators, so they dive into the mud.


Anonymous said...

Growing only 4 inches long is also true of bloggers.

Anonymous said...

The money would be better spent on researching why liberals are so asinine.

Anonymous said...

A regulation whiner. Ok do away with all regs. Spew toxic chemicals into the air and water to make industries happy and free of the shackles of Gov't.

Anonymous said...

Look who finally learned how to spell, asinine. Extra credit for her if she ever gets "judgement" correct. With as many judgments against her you would think that would be easy.
Come back tomorrow and we'll teach you how to spell, cRaZy.

Anonymous said...

Most excellent! Thanks for informing us about this little guy, Bernie.

The gun wielding, enviro-destroying conservatards could care less about anything except themselves and their baak accounts. It's nice to see people standing up for the little guy.

Anonymous said...

@6:28 Up all night, eh, wondering where you will be sleeping in a few months? Reading the rejection of having your harassment case stayed in your Hail Mary of invoking Elonis? Kind of like attempting to involve Corbett in your house of cards appeal. "Hey look at me, I'm CWAZY - help me, help me please. I'm a pauper being battered by a velvet gavel for God's sake!"

Bernie O'Hare said...

Some conservatives I know are big environmentalists. I love the baby pic.

Anonymous said...

The turtle is native, dark skinned and most turtles have bisexual tendencies. Turtles should proudly exit their shells and closets. It's time to stop this, and all bridge projects. It's time to stop assuming that humans can cross bodies of water with impunity.

Anonymous said...

What are you, Bernie, a Blog Turtle? If so we must study your habitat.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It won't cost 21 cents to study my habitat. But we blog turtles are a threatened species. I get threeatened all the time.