Saturday, May 12, 2007

State Senator Lisa Boscola Rips County Council Candidate

"I'm very upset and disappointed that someone would resort to using my deceased, quadriplegic brother to falsely portray my brother Will in such a nasty, negative way."

Those are the words of state senator Lisa Boscola, and they are directed at lies and half-truth's in Lamont McClure's smear campaign for Northampton County Council. McClure's opponent is Lisa's brother, Will Power.

Bernie Kieklak, Lisa's brilliant chief of staff and frequent contributor here, has a few interesting observations about McClure's McMud.

1) You NEVER attack your opponent unless you are behind. (Unless you are a spineless shitbag like Charlie Dent and panic at the mere thought of having any opponent, because you know full well how shitty your polling numbers really are.)

2) A well-funded incumbent should NEVER acknowledge that he or she EVEN HAS an opponent--especially an opponent with no money, no record of accomplishments to run on, and no political base.

3) You NEVER burn money in the Primary unless it's absolutely necessary for you to survive and advance, because it will always come back to bite you big time in the General Election in the fall;

4) You NEVER level a personal attack against a family member of a 3-term, sitting, senior State Senator who was just re-elected with 73% of the vote unless you have such a serious, irrational death wish that you WANT to commit political suicide; and

5) 3 negative campaign mailings right before the election cannot win more hearts, minds, and votes than a solid record of hard work, a passionate commitment to stand up for over-burdened taxpayers, and the ability to fight every single day for what is best for the people you represent, without a shred of hesitation or fear.


Anonymous said...

Always take the Good Senator's, BTNP and Will Power's word to the bank, is my opinion! I don't know Mr. McClure but I do know he hangs out with NC D illegitimate Chair, Joe Long..."nuff" said for me! Wish I could vote for Mr. Power but can't and will be voting for Mrs. McHale in my District. Also, another shameless "plug" for my DJ choice...Patti Romig-Passaro. Bethlehem City Council needs Heckman, Mowrer and Donchez is my opinion. No matter your selections
...please vote on Tuesday the 15th.

Anonymous said...

In response to Larry Kisslinger's recommendations for Tuesday's vote, I urge Bethlehem voters to vote against Ann McHale for District 1 (Bethlehem and Hellertown Borough) representative on Northampton County Council and against Robert Donchez (and Magdalena "Maggie" Szabo) for Bethlehem City Council.

These representatives are avid supporters of the Sands BethWorks slot machine gambling casino in South Side Bethlehem.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a "one issue" kind of voter, and never will be! We really need to consider the entire history of candidates and their positions, is my opinion. Casino doesn't bother me, but abortion does. I wouldn't vote against anyone who disagreed with me only on one or the other position. We will never find a "perfect" person for any position in life! We must sort out the bull and then make thoughtful decisions, as best we know how, while selecting candidates for any public office is all. As I always say, no matter your selections, please vote.

Anonymous said...

Larry as a Bethlehem voter confused by all the promises of lower taxes and more services I appreciate you advice. I also live in the DJ district you mention and will be voting for Ms. Passaro.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but why are you telling Democrats how to vote in Bethlehem?
You are the former chair of the Republican party in Bethlehem. Have you given up the fight and switched sides or are you just a switch hitter?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 3:03,

On local matters, I don't think party affiliation is that big a deal. And people who follow what goes on locally can and do often have great insight. I appreciate the diversity of opinion. It helps us make more informed decisions.

And I'm the switch hitter, bippy! I'm putting on a clinic with a bunch of kids right now. Alert the press!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me exactly what the LIE is in McClure's mail piece? Each statement is documented to a news story. I have seen the ppiece. So what is not true-- can someone tell me ??

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a switch hitter and always vote for the best candidate. Get a grip on real life situations is my opinion. My phone number is in the phone book and my name appears here if anyone wants to discuss the difference between "asking" and "telling" anyone ever what to do for society, in general.

Chris Casey said...

I have to respond to anon4:24. YOU NEVER Use a disabled deceased family member to slam a candidate.
Lamont is truly McClueless. This action by him is something I expect from degenerate trailer trash, not a lawyer, and sitting officeholder. Such an uncalled for attack on an opponent of any kind is below any line of ethical conduct. He should immediately apologize, withdraw, and resign from office, but as a graduate of the Peter Angelos school of ethics, will probably do none of that, and demand Will Power pay damages!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 4:24,

I direct your attention to the first sentence of this post, quoting state senator Lisa Boscola's claim that her brother was "falsely" portrayed. If your knowledge of the facts concerning her own family is superior to hers, you ought to give her a call.

Anonymous said...

Wow, to defend an attacked family member, very noble. To use the defense as an attack on a completely uninvolved elected official (CD), very much dirty politics at work here, too. I understand now where McClure learns it from. :(

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:18, BTNP's boss is contemplating a run v. CD, so he has to take a shot now and then. He's fiercely loyal. But your point is well taken.

Anonymous said...


I KNOW what Boscola says-- BUT she too has not stated exactly what is a LIE in McClure's mail piece??? It appears to me that EVERYTHING McClure said IS TRUE!!! What is a lie is the statement that POWER was "falsely potrayed."" Not one person has demonstrated what was untrue or false about about the mail piece.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 11:20 PM,

Once again, I direct your attention to the first sentence of my post. State senator Lisa Boscola, whose knowledge of the underlying situation is entitled to some respect, was quite clear about what she regards as a false potrayal of her brother. Unless you were an eyewitness to whatever happened several centuries ago, you don't really know what's going on.

And I'll tell you something, I don't really care whether the incident is true. I'm disgusted and ashamed that a member of my own party would step over the dead body of Lisa Boscola's brother to bully a little guy with no money. If you don't get that, it explains why we always lose those races for congress. We make the mistake of deciding who our candidates our before the election is even held, and a bully like Lamont is the result.

And now, you're calling the state senator, recently elected w/ 73% of the vote, a liar.

What really irritates you is that the boy you chose behind closed doors is getting some heat. Don't worry, he'll win the primary. But he'll lose the general election.

Aren't you proud?

Anonymous said...


YOU, my friend, should be getting paid by the Morning Call and the Express-Times, because YOU are always the first one with the inside info and the balls to put it online.

Both newsrooms monitor YOUR Web site every single day, looking to follow up on info that only you somehow manage to get.

I have said this before and I will say it again publicly: You ARE a class act, a man of integrity, and a person who I truly admire.

You have more knowledge about LV politics in your little finger than Joe Long (a.k.a., Mrs. Sam Bennett) has in his entire body, even in his wettest dream.

Trample The Wounded, Hurdle The Dead,

Anonymous said...

correction for anon 3:03 PM! Get your facts straight before you opine! I was duly, and properly elected, Republican COUNTY (not Bethlehem) Chairman 1986-'88. Since I am no longer a local committee person or Party Chairman of any sort, I hope and pray all will agree that I am entitled to my opinion! Further, I played pretty good at baseball in past years but never as a "switch hitter"! Right handed only! Again, I never have, and never will "tell" anybody what to do as many anon's do. I only ever ask folks to consider my opinion. Get a grip on life, is my opinion.

Tom Foolery said...

You need to go to bed earlier Mr. Kisslinger. You are right by the way, about Mr. Heckman..He will make a fine city councilman..

Anonymous said...


no one is calling Boscola a liar-- she has no choice to defend her brother-- BUT to say that McClure has "falsely portrayed" Power is just NOT true-- everthing in the mail piece is TRUE-- Boscola is entitled to her opinion-- but it is only an opuinion i say the facts about Power are the factss -- you can all interpret as u wish--

Blue Coyote said...

As I read these posts regarding the Democratic candidates for Northampton County, I yearn for any noble candidate.

I am reminded of a quote from Marcus Aurelius - "A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires."

A hint to all candidates. It's easier to denegrate others, but the nobler candidate that has ideas for change shall prevail. The voters aren't stupid.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the untrue part is the whole part about Will accosting his quadriplegic brother, not that you bother to mention that, Anon 1:05. He was cleared of this in the past. Get your head out of Joey Long's Ass and see the light, this is a classless, heartless, cowardly political display. Only a coward supports this kind of garbage.

Anonymous said...

Blue coyote speaks words of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Excellent quote, Blue Coyote!

Anonymous said...

Will Power's brother called 911 and reported the assault to the police-- the press reported it-- therfore just because the brother decided not to pursue the case does not mean it did not happen-- therfore mcClure's mail piece is NOT FALSE!!

Anonymous said...

No, but I think the recording of him denying it pretty much makes it not true. Either way, we shouldn't be discussing this if not for a cowardly display by one Democratic candidate. Shame on him. Shame on you for defending it Anon.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:17,

You're missing the point made by several commenters, and they made it better than I could. It simply was a classless, taseteless attack, true or not.

And frankly, it was a false portayal by a mean-spirited bully who unwittingly showed voters his true colors. Senator Lisa Boscola said it was a false portrayl, and you immediately discount a state senator. The victim, seven years ago, stated there had been no assault and that he had had blown a minor family squabble completely out of proportion. I saw the video interview. Did you? It was very sad and very persuasive.

And I'm impressed by the way Power has handled this crisis. Instead of going over the deep edge, he has handled it quietly and effectively. It's proof he has matured.

What really kills me is you are talking about the Stofko family, a very active Democratic family for many years. They are all good people, and each has worked hard for their party. But Lamont McMud moves here from Luzerne County, and in his reckless ambition for office, hurts people like Anna Stofko in the process. And you defend this disgusting treatment of a good Democratic family for that carpetbagger?? Look at his expense report. You'll see who he really represents. Certainly not the little guy.

Anonymous said...

In a weird sort of way I must agree with Bernardo. I still don't believe Will has the temperment to be on Council. I do beleve their was a family fight, if you know Will, he has a temper. I'm sure the family came together and stopped the incident from going on, thats what families do for each other. I think the Senator is standing up for her family and I know Lisa to be a good person. But on that point Bernie just because a STATE SENATOR says something does that make it true? How about a Governor or a PRESIDENT. I agree this is overkill and the part about the family member could have been left out, his other points were more than enough. Maybe all is fair but politics won't change untill politicans decide some things, while they may be true or there to exploit, should not be exploited. I believe this was one of those cases. So I guess in a weird way I agree with Bernie-SOMEWHAT

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 11:49,

Report to the emergency room immediately. Agreeing with me, even somewhat, is prima facia proof in most hospitals that you've become mentally distrubed. Maybe you're even a "troubled young man," as John Morganelli might say.

I'm not saying that you should believe Lisa just bc she is a wildly popular Democratic state senator who has a record of being honest. You should believe her because she ought to know a little more about her own family than McMud. In addition, Will's brother denied it ever happened over seven years ago in very clear terms. Finally, Will himself denies it.

And the other point, quite simply, is that bringing up this bullshit is totally clasless. I hope McMud sleeps well after demeaning Anna Stofko, who wouldn't hurt a fly. I worked with her, and I know how devastated she was when her son paassed away. It's disgusting to me that McClure would resurrect those painful memories. It demeaned McMud a lot more than it demeaned Power.

Anonymous said...

From Somewhat!

Anonymous said...



Thank you again for being a watchdog on this matter and for and about NorCo government in general. You provide a service and I have learned much from you this year.

An old insight taught to me from a man who was a Mayor at the time some 20 years ago went something like this: "What McMud says about Will says more about McMud than it does about Will". In this race, that wisdom would help any reader of Lamont's garbage find out who he is and who they should vote for. Win or lose, I will be okay with that, as I wake up with my head held high. And I'm a tough guy who has will power, so if I don't win this one, I'll be back to go against Sam Bennett next year and Diane Neiper and Charles Dertinger the following year just to make it harder for the named above and Joe Long.

The harder they push, the more I'll stand up against them... and that's the bottom line.

PS: Please know that I'm not looking for your nor anyone else's endorsement of that mission, for it comes from my heart, and it is true. I really don't care if no one else understands. I just can't stand around and shrug my shoulders and look the other way when our county is going down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Boscola standing up for her brother. How sweet.A phony baloney standing up for a phony baloney-Hey, that's politics.

Anonymous said...

Ann McHale- now there's a woman you could trust-if you were a con artist! That phony smile, that "I'm here to help you come on". Please-I'd rather swim in nuclear waste than shake her hand.

Anonymous said...

The Bethlehem City Council race left only one person off-Ron Heckman. That's too bad. Talk about honesty, integrity, and, a guy that has a future in politics.I'll vote for him no matter what office he runs for. Hopefully, he will, for all the people of Northampton County.