Monday, May 14, 2007

In Easton, it's Monahan for District Judge

Easton's magisterial seat consists of Williams Township, Glendon Borough and Easton's south side. Attorney Brian Monahan is in a three-way battle with designer Cindy Greene and Easton councilman Dan Corpora.

As a Democrat, I lean towards Corpora, an affable and soft-spoken Easton leader. But there's no doubt in my mind that Monahan is by far the most qualified of the three. He's the only one who can hit the ground running. The other two have not been certified.

And I deeply resent an anonymous outsider's last-minute sleaze attack at Monahan. Looks like Monahan offended some pretty powerful people, probably by doing the right thing. We need people with that kind of integrity on the bench.


Anonymous said...


How do you go from "I don't like him" to having integrity?

When will we find out who the anonymous mailer is? Even Phillip Lauer acknowledged this is a criminal act.

Who knocked on your door?

Anonymous said...

Due to my job I will remain annon. I don't go on blogs or really care much for them. I like you but you are a self-righteous jackass. As for Mr. Monahan I am not in his district, I am not in his campaighn, in fact I am a Democrat. I have heard my party members say many disparaging things about him in the past but I have always found him to be a conscientious gentleman. My biggest complaint is to use his position as a public defender against him. In our 'hang'em high' society there should still be a place for legal representation. I am still in that minority of americans who believes you are innocent untill proven guilty. Dispite what the police and the DA says I presume innocence. Mr Monahan had a job to defend people and he did that job. To hold against him the very pillars of the Constitution that prevent a police state is just plain wrong. Even Angle deserves legal representation.(maybe not Bernie). Vote for who you want but I think Mr. Monahans PD service is an asst not a liability.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Whether I like Monahan or not has nothing to do with his integrity. He's simply the best qualified of the three candidates running. He's the only candidate who could actually be a district judge right now. The other two would have to be certified first. And over 50% of the students for certification fail in their first attempt. I don't mean to diminish the other candidates, and if you like one of them better, you should support that candidate.

You will learn the identity of thisd anonymous mailer, but it won't be untill after the election. That mailer, and the way Monahan handled it, also impressed me. Instead of wildly pointing fingers at his opponents, he quietly denied the accusation. That's a very good reflection of judicial temperament.

And I still don't like him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Self-righteous jackass? Geez, you must be a judge! Your honor, I'd prefer "opininated asshole" or "miserable bastard."

If you read my post again, I believe you'll see that I said Monahan was the best choice for DJ. And I pretty much share your sentiments.

So calm down.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad for monahan. Bernie's endorsement is the candidate kiss of death. he has said so himself. Hope not-Monahan deserves the job.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh shit! You're right! I should have endorsed McClure!