Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BASD Finishes its Whitewashing

Bethlehem Area School District paid a bunch of lawyers (Whitewash & Williams) to write a fancy report exonerating everyone at the school district from any responsibility over its drug-dealing middle school principal. He was literally caught with his pants down while he watched porn in his own office.

The report itself is private. In fact, the school board prez attempted to impose a gag order on everyone from even speaking about it.

Do I have this right? The dude loses a business, a home, files for bankruptcy, is frequently tardy or absent, somehow brought porn films and sex toys into his own office, and makes a drug deal in his own school office. Nobody had a clue?

Can you spell B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T?

Bethlehem has just been ranked 14th of 17 local public school districts by Pittsburgh Business Times. It likes to look down its nose at Allentown schools, but it's not ranked much higher here in the Lehigh Valley. Sadly, it's number 354 of 498 public schools statewide. With a school board and teachers that seem to be looking out for themselves instead of their students, I can see why.


Anonymous said...

The fact that BASD appointed William Heske to its board after he was rejected by the voters while passing over at least one highly qualified Hispanic candidates speaks volumes.

BASD set the stage for Norco council's appointment of two electoral losers, Lamont McClure and Tony Branco, to that august body, bypassing a quaified Hispanic, Tim Cuevas, and Bruce Gilbert, an African-American.

To borrow the word you use in your latest posting, this is unadulterated "bullshit."

And yet we have all these hypocrites screaming about ethnic and racial bias against minorities.

PA progressive said...

Correction Bernie: he wasn't caught with his pants down. He wasn't wearing any pants, or shirt, or underwear, or....

Anonymous said...

Didn't the teachers union claim they tried to tell the administration about him? Yet nobody knew, and he was no danger to the students. I believe "effective and productive"
education were the terms used.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think you're probably right. I don't like that teachers refused to be interviewed without lawyers. But as I reflect on it, it's pretty clear this "investigation" was baloney, and teachers were probably concerned that board memberds might try to scapegoat them instead of determining what really happened.

Anonymous said...

Bernie-You of all people should respect the right of anyone to have their attorney present. Lewis and the board want scapegoats. I would never get close to their investigation. The Board is worthless and as you know most school boards are puppets of the Sup. Bethlehem is really appalling. Lewis is a disaster do some checking on his last assignemnt. By the way I hear his daughter works for the DA. Don't know if its true but Lewis may feel safe. This isn't the first disaster in the District its just the absolute worst so far. As a guy who hangs around the courthouse you know you can smell the air of rumors. This guy left a stink trail that would make Jim Hickey blush, and no one knew a thing.

Anonymous said...


"He was no danger to students."

1) He was DEALING meth from the principal's office;

2) He was SMOKING meth IN the principal's office;

3) He was sticking a dildo bigger than a golf club (with spring attachments!) UP HIS ASS in the principal's office; and

4) He'd STRIP NAKED from the waist down to jerk off to homo porno IN the principal's office.

BUT, none of that aberrant, sick, and twisted drug-induced, homo-erotic behavior posed ANY threat whatsoever to ANY of the students.

Obviously, it's completely acceptable for a principal in the BASD to be severely stoned out of his mind, half-naked, and horny for homosexual sex while having a "Big Bertha" up his butt at the same time he's doing a drug deal in school...

No threat, no problem. Everything was under control. Perfectly fine and standard operating procedure. Really, no need to worry. He kept it in the principal's office and away from the kids, so you gotta give him credit for that... I mean, everything was perfect until those silly police got involved!!!!



Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:52,

You're right. After posting my blog, I began to think that teachers could easily be scapegoated by an admin looking for someone to blame.

Thanks for your hints. I'll look into it.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Well said!

Anonymous said...

Last anyone heard, there has been no trial yet.

But that doesn't stop the totalitarians from pronouncing guilt.

There can be no FAIR trial now, thanxx to this premature report by all the busybodies.

Anonymous said...

Dear r.fact-fellow:

What was posted here was already printed in the Morning Call, based on the police report and interviews with the officers involved.

I can also tell you that some of the reporters close to the story shared additional details with me (that came from the officers on the scene) that were not fit for publication in a family newspaper.

If you know something that positively disputes these facts, you should present your evidence or forever shut your fucking mouth.

The "Totalitarians" (that only exist in your mind) did not conjure up this drug bust because they were so bored they had nothing else to do!

The police have him on surveillance video, they have him recorded on the informant's wire selling meth, and they have the marked cash and the meth on his desk in his principal's office in the school!!!!

Now, please... enlighten me and explain how that evidence is not "fair" for any jury to hear?

And why do you think he will not get a fair trial????


Anonymous said...

Forget r.fact fellow. What about the spring loaded part B.T.N.P. I will say one thing for r.fact, I think Accerra may be a real sicko but the spin the District is trying to put on this is really crimminal. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, even if it is spring loaded.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's try it again:

1. it's innocence before guilt in this country.

2. A defense of diminishment is quite possible.

3. Media coverage of an arrest has to radically change if we reaaly believe in No.1

(remember the "when they came for me" illustration?)

If you know something that positively disputes these facts, you should present your evidence or forever shut your fucking mouth.
But, thanxx, mr. anon, for your reasoned, calmative approach.

That's a good example to show your kids.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mr. Moshki,

Innocence before guilt. My article does not address the principal who was caught in flagrante delicto with ... himself. It addresses the whitewashed report of the incident.

Anonymous said...


I did not read it word for word so in that regard, am at fault.

But anon has already crucified the guy so am not gonna take any of that back.

Am presuming you are withholding comment on this latest Jolly/Angle divorce-won't get fooled agin'.