Friday, May 18, 2007

Joe Long for Northampton County Executive? Say it Ain't so, Joe!

Around 3 PM yesterday, Ron Angle, the Emperor, stopped by the Recorder of Deeds office just to say "Hi."

He does things like that.

He was on his way to a Finance Committee hearing, which he chairs, dressed pretty much like a farmer. Cigars, pens, papers and dollar bills fell out of his pants and shirt pockets. I'm pretty sure he violated our new dress code, but love his cool "Northampton County Sheriff" baseball hat. He picked up a bunch for $10 each, and tried to sell me one for $20. I turned him down, but they're much nicer than those IronPigs hats Bill White was bragging about.

Angle had just won his primary. He had no opponent, so you'd think he'd be cheerful. But he sounded a little depressed. He slumped in a chair, shaking his head. Suddenly, his eyes bulged and veins popped out of his head as he said this.

"You're not going to believe this. But if you heard this from the person who told me, you could take it to the bank." (Notice how he builds up interest, while not revealing his source).

"Joe Long is seriously thinking about running for county exec."

Me: "Get the hell out! Is he out of his mind?"

Ron (sadly shaking his head again): "It's true. Can you imagine what things would be like with him in charge?"

I have no idea whether this rumor is true.

But I hope so. It would be so much fun!


Anonymous said...

C'mon Bernie, what's the rest of the joke?

Anonymous said...

Stoffa-Long-McClure-McHale-I think they should all run then we Dem's can buy a clown car and at least make a few bucks charging admission.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joe Long. Check out this article on

Bernie O'Hare said...


"The Democrats appear to have a consensus candidate in Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, a local Democratic activist and past candidate for Allentown mayor who heads the party organization in that city, the 15th’s most populous.

Long said he did not know of any other Democrat who planned to compete with Bennett for the nomination, and he said Bennett will defeat Dent in 2008."

Lisa Boscola, Jenn Mann and others will be interested to know we've reached a consensus. We might as well cancel the primary.

Anonymous said...

Joe Long has my Vote!!! He would make an excellent County Executive, Much better then Stoffa. You and Ron are just scared because you know he won't let you run the show like stoffa let's you.

Bye Bye Blogger!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thnak you, Joe.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Anon 8:33 AM has come up with the joke. Great humor. Thanks

Anonymous said...


A friend sent me that link to this morning. The only "fact" in the entire article is that Charlie Dent is very, very vulnerable.

Hey, when Karl Rove puts you on the White House "Pussy Pushover List in 2008," you know your days have been numbered for you.

That's like putting a neon, glow-in-the-dark, barn-size target on Dent's spineless back.

Maybe he'll escape sure defeat at the hands of a Dem by losing to one of Pat Toomey's right-wing Nazi Brown-Shirt Boys in the primary next year.

From what my Republican sources tell me, Dent is an empty suit soon to be shown the door. They just really don't like him . . . personally or politically.

Trample the wounded, hurdle the dead,
Bernie Takes NO Prisoners

Anonymous said...

Yea! Go Joe! You are the man....HaHaHaHa oh HaHa. I'm sorry, I tried but next to Sam Bennet as our Congressional candidate, Joe as the Executive candidate figures. Is there another Democratic party out there somewhere. And O'hare don't spin that Soffa crap on me. We really need smart experienced candidates if we are ever going to be more then a joke at Republican dinners.BTNP thanks for your insights.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:12,

If I've been spinning Stoffa crap on you, I have to apologize and offer you some toilet paper.

I won't be supporting Sam Bennett for Congress ... or anything else. If she is the "consensus" of our local party, then we need electric shock treatment. One lesson from our last congressional race - it takes a first tier Dem to beat a first tier Republican. So the party bosses huddle and produce someone who hasn't won a primary in Allentown, and who also gave drunken concession speech available from WFMZ for the modest sum of $30. What are these people smoking?

There's only one thing local Dems have going for them - local Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I remember that speech by Bennet,it was great. How can someone get a copy of that? I didn't know FMZ 69 sold tapes of their shows. When I first saw that on TV I was with some Bennet supporters, they were sad, I laughed my backside off.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 2:28, All you have to do is ask. A fellow blogger did, and picked it up for $30. I don't like that kind of campaigning, but am apparently in the minority.