Thursday, May 17, 2007

Norco Judges Want to Party Like it's 1999!

So tonight we gonna, we gonna (Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999)!

$20,000. That's who much the men (and women) in black want from lawyers who appear in front of them regularly. Northampton County judges are macing the local bar for this obscene sum so they can dedicate the courthouse ... again, and have a private little shindig. They plan on inviting DJ Chief Justice Ralph (we need more dough) Cappy, too!

Isn't that nice?

In the meantime, courthouse workers still have no cafeteria.

One lawyer I know was wondering through a hall muttering, "$20,000! I could invite 250 people for a dinner at the Saucon Valley Country Club and it wouldn't cost that."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, in the meantime, our same county is suing the union over the residual contract,..........which that means that these people have to wait even longer for a raise?? Huh?? Come on out to the meeting tonight, I'm sure many employees will be there wanting to know why our county can throw money away wastefully on council chambers' renovations that don't even need renovating, and on other frivoulous and wasteful "things", (like paying rent on property not even being used) but they still want to find ways to keep "certain" employees working at pennies and nickels.............I just want to say that I am sick and tired of doing "ton loads" of work, bringing in council members' paychecks, constantly hearing how other county employees are getting or at least deserving 20-30% raises, yet being severely unappreciated and ignored---no one deserves to be treated so inadequately and below human, while slaving away making money that ends up being thrown away by some dirty politicians' hands!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quit whining Anon. How can we expect judges to dispense justice in rooms that aren't renovated yearly? Private toilets give them time to consider their decisions undisturbed by the common rabble.
Some day they will build a monument, and coat that toilet in Gold, In memory of all the great decisions "passed" by the occupants while on that throne.
Now that's a great use of taxpayer money, don't you think? If I had a choice between funding a cafateria for low level servants and a gold plated toilet to honor the wisdom of our jurists, I think you know which one we "Should" choose!- CC

Anonymous said...

Truth is, if it's done with private funds, we "Apples and Oranges" here.

So this has nothing to do with public funded projects like residual contract negotiations, or employee cafeteria's.

Anonymous said...

curious. if you folks are so underpaid, perhaps you should venture into the private sector?

Bernie O'Hare said...

True, it's bar association money. But it's also another unnecessary extravagance that tends to piss off workers who've had no raises for nearly four years. And a lot of them do leave. That's becoming a problem.

Anonymous said...

\"True, it\'s bar association money. But it\'s also another unnecessary extravagance that tends to piss off workers who\'ve had no raises for nearly four years. And a lot of them do leave. That\'s becoming a problem.\"

You\'re losing any credibility you had. What does a private association\'s choice to spend its funds have anything at all to do with public workers not getting a raise, when those workers\' salaries are not paid, set, or funded by the private association? Oh wait . . . it probably has to do with you hating judges and lawyers because you couldn\'t cut it as a lawyer. Now I get it.

Anonymous said...

In response to: "that tends to piss off workers who've had no raises for nearly four years."

What bothers me is that at 1 year, I would be pissed, but 4????!!!

I hope to change this inattention, and apathy towards the hard working members of our county government that keep it 'functional'. I know we [Northampton County] take a beating (in newspapers, blogs, news, etc) about our county government, but these people continue to do their jobs and keep hoping for management to at least come halfway and get the proper wages they deserve.

As for the judges... they seem well represented, and I can't tell them how to spend their own money.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 4:19!

Looks like I struck a nerve!

The funds are private, but it's an ostentatious display of wealth in front of low-paid workers. And in a courthouse? If they want to have a ball or prom or something, do it like everyone else. Don't pervert the courthouse with a private party for the "haves" while the "have nots" are looking through the window.

It's also a shakedown. These judges know damn well that lawyers have to appear in front of them, and those lawyers know damn well that a judge can make their lives very difficult.

In answer to your accusation that I hate lawyers and judges, I like most lawyers I know and admire the legal profession. They are good people. I've always maintained that belief. Lawyers get an undeserved bad rap, thanks to people like me.

I've become disenchanted with judges, but that is relatively recent. They've grown increasiingly isolated and pretentious, and tend to assume they have God-like qualities. Although they're supposed to be nonpolitical, they tend to be the most political people I know. They abuse their authority, and have assumed the role of the executive branch in county government far too often. They work other jobs when they should be in court, and you rarely see one in the afternoon.

And incidentally, a lot of lawyers think this little shindig is bullshit, too. As I understand things, the matter had to be tabled because the proposal to spend this obscene sum of money to pamper the judges was headed to defeat.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow NorCo employees. Boo frekin HOO! Some of us warned you about the great pretender. You know what I mean. He came to the corr. off. meeting promised a contract or arbit. and guess what neither. The great Stoffa taker of the Repub. wealth coned you like he did others. Don't expect sympathy or even objectivity here. Bernie, Angle and the paperts so quick to yell about employee concerns won't write a thing about King John. Stoffa suckerpunched us all. Some of us were leary. But while we bemoned Reibman, I think incompetence may be better than deceit. No, our normal defenders are to busy covering Mr.S's ass. Also Our Personnel chair on council got her healthcare company so she's happy and has done nothing. So hang in there because for the next two and a half years we are screwed and no one cares. To my fellow empolyees who kept pissing and moaning about the last bunch thanks alot. At least I believe the guy that ran my area gave a damn now they all strut around like no one can touch them. Because no one will. Turn off the lights on the way out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:58!

If I thought for one second that Stoffa was the cause of the problem in the residual unit, I'd say so. I don't. But it appears to me you had made your mind up about Stoffa before he ever got here, and accuse him of all kinds of dastardly things without any facts to back them up.

Now let me give you some facts. 1) Tonight there was a county council meeting. 2) About 15 county workers attended the meeting. 3) Patsy Hebor, a member of the residual unit, spoke during courtesy of the floor. 4) Patsy is the only employee who chose to address council, and appeared to be speaking for the group. 5) In a brief statement, she told council the exec office and residual unit union appear to be close to resolving their differences.

You despise Stoffa, and then start smearing both Angle, the print media and me because we don't jump on your anonymous "I hate King John" bandwagon. You're full of bile, but you're short on one thing - facts. And whenever I ask you to produce them, you dance around and the end result is always the same - nothing more than insinuations. Just like your post tonight. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. I think you're letting your hatred get the better of you. I know things are tough for you, and you obviously care. Just do me a favor and think about what I said, if only for a few minutes. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. If you know me, you know how often I can be wrong. But I just don't see things the way you do. And I'm not covering for John. And Angle is a Stoffa bobblehead? Give me a break. They agree on some things but disageree on many others. And there are at least three members of council who'd like to stick a knife into Stoffa and twist it (figuratively). If there were a scintilla of truth to your poor opinion, those sneaky bastards would get the word out.

Anonymous said...

\"Looks like I struck a nerve!\"

No. Looks like you have alot of nerve--using the county workers you profess to protect to illogically advance your agenda of hatred for lawyers and judges. I was just pointing out that your argument makes no sense, which probably explains why you couldn\'t cut it as a laywer (let alone a judge)!

Anonymous said...

Anon, 7;26, what are you crying about? Your agenda hes been rejected? Boo Hoo to you! Just so I understand, to further your agenda for employee pay raises, ytou attack one of your advocates.
S-T-U-P-I-D!!! Here's your sign!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:26!

Once again, let me make clear I admire and respect the legal profession. Individually, I admire some judges. AS a group, I'm disugusted at what's happened to judges in recent years. And I am far from alone. Many attorneys share my views. Your argument is just a cheap personal attack, further evidence of what has happened to the bench and its advocates.

Ten years ago, judges would have enough sense to realize you don't use a courthouse as an excuse fro a party. You don't dedicate a courthouse that has already been dedicated. And $20,000 is an obscene sum of money. But thoise days are gone. From folks like Cappy all the way down, you're a pretty greedy bunch.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to anon 9:58. During his campaign John and his folks made a lot of promises. Now there are lawsuits and foot dragging. Patsy was a big union and John person so her rep. is on the line. I think anon's anger is extreme but it is not isolated and behind the scenes many employees are disappointed in the new admin and don't see the same scrutiny or outlets that were here a few years ago. I agree you should get facts but I think some may feel nervous about exposing themselves even annon. since someone may recognize and out them. There really is a sense of who can I trust around here.