Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cindy Greene Condemns Sleaze Politics in Williams Township

Mini-judge hopeful Cindy Greene has joined her opponent, Dan Corpora, in condemning the mudslinging directed at Brian Monahan in two anonymous mailers. I'll have more to say about this campaign tomorrow, but want to post Cindy's comment as a separate blog.

My husband also received the negative mailer about Brian Monahan. Researching permit #172, it is not only Pat Vulcano's but a Democratic user permit number. I am a Republican and Pat Vulcano can attest that I did not request to use this permit or anyone associated with me.

Having met both candidates at the two "meet the candidate nights", both Corpora and Monahan seem to be very nice individuals. When I ran for Supervisor in Williams township two years ago, I also did not engage in negative campaign tactics. I also agree with Dan Corpora and do not promote negative campaign tactics nor do I bad mouth either candidate. I am busy going door to door working on my own campaign in a positive manner.

What's most important is that voters get out to vote on May 15th for the candidate they feel will serve and better our community for the future.


Anonymous said...

Cindy Greene not negative??? now thats a joke...

Anonymous said...

anon 12.22 am

YOU ...?? Not negative???

welcome to class: Inuendo 101.

Or, are you instructing today?