Monday, May 14, 2007

For Nazareth District Judge - Anybody But Falcone

"You're going to say nasty things about me. ... No, I'm just kidding."

That's how Yvonne Falcone ended her conversation with me at a candidates' forum for five mini-judge hopefuls at the Nazareth News Agency a few weeks ago. I had asked her some pretty tough questions, and was impressed by her answers.

Actually, I was impressed by all of them, and said, "We're very lucky to have such a fine group interested in this very tough and important job. Each would be outstanding." When I told you about their campaign finance reports on Friday, there was nothing unsavory about any of them. In fact, I complimented Falcone for shunning the easy temptation of money from other lawyers.

But on Friday, Falcone finally showed her true colors. She lacks judicial temperament.

Someone, posing as a concerned citizen, popped on this blog to tell us he checked the finance reports, too, as well as Falcone's ethics records and even her Moravian College transcripts. "She checks out well."

This is Nazareth baloney. First, nearly all disciplinary actions against attorneys are private matters - there's simply no way to check private reprimands. Second, colleges won't release transcripts without the consent of the graduating student. It violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Finally, other than reporters and the candidates themselves, very few citizens have the time to look through campaign finance reports. It's clear to me that this "concerned citizen" is someone closely associated with Falcone's campaign.

That would have been fine with me, but this "concerned citizen" had to take things to the next level by unfairly trashing Norco prison boss Todd Buskirk and dismissing the rest, all good men, as politically connected nitwits who just don't know the law.

My response to this concerned citizen? "Who the hell do you think you're kidding? You're obviously in Falcone's camp, and might even be the candidate herself." I asked Falcone to condemn the disparaging remarks about other candidates.

Falcone responded by telling me these kinds of things.

(1) "[A]s I said at the candidate's forum, I knew you'd come back to say nasty things about me." (Looks like she wasn't kidding after all. And incidentally, she prejudged me, not the best quality in a judge).

(2) "I have not spoken unkind words about any of the candidates and neither has any of my supporters to my knowledge." (All she has to do is look at my blog to know that's untrue.)

(3) "I also see they accessed your ethics record too so there must be some public access." (Now she attacks me personally- very judicial).

(4) "I graduated from Moravian College ranked 10/365 with a 3.88 GPA. ... I cannot denounce a good scholastic record. I was also ranked 5/118 at Pen Argyl High School. Academically and in legal qualifications/experience, I far surpass my opponents." (Well, la-de-da! Aren't we full of ourselves? Not much humility here. Not much reality, either. No jury ever asked me how I finished in high school ... or college ... or law school. There's very little correlation between class rank and intelligence. Some of the brightest people I know never went to school.)

After hearing from the real Yvonne Falcone, I could never support her for judge. She's a braggart who looks down her nose at the other candidates. As a judge, she'll look down her nose at you, too.

Colonial Region police detective Gary Hammer, Norco warden Todd Buskirk, Upper Nazareth top cop Alan Siegfried and deputy sheriff John Capobianco, the remaining candidates, would each make a fine district judge. Unlike Falcone, they have enough common sense to avoid mixing it up with a blogger.


Anonymous said...

wow, i'm a pretty bright guy, post graduate work, some vague honors, etc. but i have NO recollection of where i graduated in my high school class. that she does sets off a bunch or sirens in my head.

Anonymous said...

My sister's brother's kid goes to preschool with Ms. Falcone's children. One day she came in to tell the kids what wonderful community helpers lawyers are, and she sent them all home with little goodie bags of campaign materials. Those three year olds were mighty impressed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 5:33,

I have the same concern.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:00 a.m., your sister's brother's kid....Isn't that your brother? Huh? You want to slam Falcone but you cannot even state a familial relationship. Maybe you should sit in on the preschool class and learn about the old family tree.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:20!

His sister's brother's kid could be a reference to his nephew or niece. He could be talking about his brother. But he could also be talking about himself. If the commenter is male, he could mean himself.

You see, I went to college. And in high school, I graduated 248 out of a class of 126.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bernie. You get it.

I have no desire slam Ms. Falcone, (and neither does my sister's brother's kid), but angling for votes among preschoolers makes me queasy.

And I hang out, like, all the time with Mike Fleck and Lamont McClure, so I know nausea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernardo,
I didn't know they put a rank number on a GED.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon, Sorry, I got mixed up there. I think my IQ is 126 and my weight is 248.

Anonymous said...

As someone from Falcone's camp, just wanted to highlight that she was asked specifically by the preschool director to speak and to bring campaign materials. The goodie bags with coloring pages and campaign materials were at the request of the teacher. So sad that her willingness to speak and provide requested documents despite a busy campaign schedule is turned into a negative slight on this blog. Falcone stated that she or her camp never slighted the other gentleman yet you chose a different path. Please feel free to slight her all night long. I for one am shutting down my computer. I will turn it on again tomorrow evening to catch the results and see Falcone as the new District Judge. While you may want Capobianco and are attempting to ruin her with your slander, her support is strong and far-reaching. Since you say you are notorious for parking tickets and coming before the DJ, you're likely to meet up with her in the next few months. You'll see that Yvonne is fair and honest and will treat everyone, even you, with respect and courtesy. She is what professionalism is made of. Yes, I support her for District Judge based on her qualifications and her temperament. The others pale in comparison

Bernie O'Hare said...

Someone from the Falcone camp is telling me I can expect to appear before her in the next few months. I like the veiled threat. It's a nice finishing touch.

Falcone stated that she or her camp never slighted the other gentleman yet you chose a different path. That's right. I chose a different path. It's called the truth. Anyone who read Friday's blog could see the Falcone camp hard at work, trashing the other candidates. This is in addition to what voters tell me about Yvonne in her door to door visits.

Even now, you're telling us that "others pale in comparison" next to her. Two police officers, a deputy sheriff and a prison warden were essentially branded as legal nitwits even though each is educated and three of them are certified. And no matter how I cast my vote, I made clear that I considered each candidate an excellent choice and would be happy with any of them ... except Falcone. She trashed other candidates, prejudged me, launched a personal attack against me and bragged about her high school record. She's got a superiority complex. We already have enough judges like that. No thanks.

Now you shut your PC down while I check your IP and see how it matches up. I'm tired of these games.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne's anonymous supporter wrote:
''I will turn it on again tomorrow evening to catch the results and see Falcone as the new District Judge.

It's late and I'm tired, so perhaps I'm wrong on this . . . but isn't tomorrow just a primary? The race tomorrow will just determine who will be on the ballot in the fall, not who will actually be the new District Judge.


I find it amusing that Falcone's trying to absolve herself by blaming the preschool director. Er, just because she was asked, doesn't mean she had to comply. I'd expect a potential judge to recognize how inappropriate that was, and to demur.

Imagine her using that same logic in response to criminals who might come before her. All one would need to do is say, ''Sorry, your Honor. I was asked to do ___, so I'm really not responsible. The blame should be placed on the person who requested me to commit a crime.''

Yeah, that makes sense.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I guess Falcone, who has crossfiled, expects to sew this up in the primary.

Anonymous said...

checking IP's what are you an agent of Homeland Security? We crimminals will now be less likely to log on.

Bernie O'Hare said...

If that happens most of my commenters will be gone. It's just that holier than thou attitude that gets to me.

Anonymous said...

Well if you, anonymous 7:45, are from her camp, you would personally know that she insulted each of her opponents by sending out a flier stating how she was the only one qualified for the job. The flier also said how no one had any experience. Who is she to judge who is qualified for the job and who has experience. Those right there are NOT the qualities a judge should possess. As far as I know, you dont need a law degree NOR do you need to finish high school or college with any special honors to be qualified. She handled this campaign with a very bad attitude and it will come back to haunt her.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ditto that.

Towards the end of the campaign, she revealed her true nature. ASnd she manages to piss me off with some snide remarks. I'll remind people as often as I can.