Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hizzoner Mike Fleck Goes to Court

Mike Fleck moved at lightning speed through the courts when trying to knock witwit Pat Colicchio off the ballot. But today's story is about a different kind of lawsuit, the kind in which Mike is a defendant.

Yesterday, I grabbed my machete, and headed towards Easton. Hacking my way for hours through all the campaign signs littering Easton, I finally made it to District Judge Gay Elwell's office, located in the heart of the city.

A woman is what motivated this Easton safari. I've never met her, and doubt seriously our paths will ever cross. But the story of Pam Haus' lawsuit against Easton mayoral aspirant Mike Fleck, made me curious. Why did she claim Fleck owed her $5,389? What happened? Did it have "no merit," as Fleck had claimed? Would it be settled quickly, as Fleck had told The Express Times? And why would Fleck settle a matter that had no merit?

Once I finally arrived in Magistrate Elwell's office, I learned to my dismay that the case had been transferred outside of Easton. There was no real file for me to examine. So I sharpened my machete, and began hacking my way through Mike Fleck signs once again. I finally made it to District Judge Litzenberger's office in Palmer Township as it was getting dark. Fortunately, I was still able to look at the file. This is what I learned.

Fleck was sued last November 6 in a complaint prepared by Pamela's attorney, Glenn Roth. According to the complaint, Pam had borrowed $5,389 in her own name, and then gave the money to Fleck, based on his promise to pay her back. That didn't happen, so she hired a lawyer and sued. It cost her $123 to file the complaint and the complaint was sent to Fleck by certified and regular mail. A hearing was scheduled for January 24, 2007.

Fleck, who has been portrayed in some comments as a responsible businessman, never bothered to pick up the certified mail. It was returned "unclaimed." Finally, just two days before the scheduled hearing, Fleck appeared with a written request for a continuance. Reasons? "I did not receive notice." and "I just found out Friday who my counsel is to be."

Excuse me, but if Fleck had no notice, how the hell did he know to request a continuance?

Well, Elwell's office granted the continuance, and the matter was rescheduled for March 8. But again, just two days before the scheduled hearing, Fleck's lawyer wanted a second continuance. This time, District Judge Elwell reviewed the file. Seeing Fleck's name, she immediately transferred it out of Easton.

A hearing was rescheduled in Palmer Township for April 12. But guess what? Fleck requested and obtained his third continuance. A fourth hearing date was set for this Monday, April 30. Finally, late last week, Attorney Glenn Roth called to say that the matter had settled.

I tried calling Pamela. No answer. I even tried calling her lawyer. "No comment." Their silence has obviously been purchased.

Although I can't tell you how much Pamela was paid, I can tell you this. Fleck broke his promise that this matter would be resolved quickly. He instead sought three continuances. It took him nearly six months, a very long time for a civil case to linger in district court.

As I pointed out yesterday, the new Mike Fleck sounds a lot like the old Mike Fleck.


Anonymous said...


Is that the same machete you and your inflatable girlfriend use to shave your legs?


Bernie O'Hare said...


Why yes. She's been speaking to you again, I see. I must punish her.

Anonymous said...

this seems like a bit of a stretch. from 3 continuances, and what i'd guess was a settlement, with no further info, you conclude "something evil this way comes." come on, now.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Fleck did not settle this case quickly as he claimed he would do. His claim he had no notice, is baloney. Those seem like two false statements to me. They are not big deals. I'm not saying, "Evil this way comes." But they are consistent with a person who embellishes his work history and education. I believe the new Mike Fleck is the old Mike Fleck.

Tom Foolery said...

Enough about Fleck already..We need a new subject..

Bernie O'Hare said...

Your wish is my command.

Anonymous said...

enough about Fleck? Sorry Mike but you threw your hat in the ring and the voters need to know the person you are. Judging from your "lack of integrity do anything to win" mentality I expect your campaign to start looking like you -- desperate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I will post more about Fleck later, especially after I look at campaign finance reports. It's such an easy subject. But I have loaded up a lot of posts in a very short span. I've given poor Fleck a lot of flak.

Tom Foolery said...

Who the hell is anonymous addressing? Playing with his bippy too much, I guess..

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tom, I suspect Anon thought you might be Fleck. I know that's not so. But I must warn you I'll be talking about campaign finance reports tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

In this matter regarding Mike Fleck, I can tell you, Everything this Bernie guy is saying is 100% true. It is not a "stretch" or "exaggeration" AT ALL!