Sunday, May 13, 2007

Norco Council Solicitor Rules Against Lamont McMud

Lamont McClure's a nasty man. In a ruthless quest for public office, he's happily smearing Will Power with lies and half-truths about his deceased brother, provoking painful memories. And just a few days ago, he was slinging mud at Ron Angle's refusal to recuse himself from a nonbinding resolution over Portland sewers. You see, Angle owns a few properties in Portland.

At the time, I told you it's no conflict. McClure was just playing politics. And Solicitor Lenny Zito agrees. A public official who benefits or suffers only in the same way other members of the community, has no conflict as a matter of law. If the law were any different, no municiplaity could ever adopt a budget.

This was just McClure McMud. But he's no James Carville. Truth be told, Lamont's no legal whiz, either. He's violated the Sunshine Act ... twice. He's proposed invading the budgetary reserve, a Home Rule Charter violation. And now he'll probably try to get Lenny Zito dumped for following settled law.

While piously condemning Angle, McClure votes on matters involving the DA's office, where his wife is employed. When challenged, he denies it.

On Tuesday, Lamont McMud will be the Democratic nominee. Aren't we lucky?

So much for his so-called Code of Civility.
Update: "If you are voting on something that will affect you one way or another, you should recuse yourself, period." That's what Charles Dertinger told Morning Call reporter Joe Nixon. Under this compelling logic, Dertinger must now disqualify himself from voting on every budget, which will affect his taxes.

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Anonymous said...



Thank you again for being a watchdog on this matter and for and about NorCo government in general. You provide a service and I have learned much from you this year.

An old insight taught to me from a man who was a Mayor at the time some 20 years ago went something like this: "What McMud says about Will says more about McMud than it does about Will". In this race, that wisdom would help any reader of Lamont's garbage find out who he is and who they should vote for. Win or lose, I will be okay with that, as I wake up with my head held high. And I'm a tough guy who has will power, so if I don't win this one, I'll be back to go against Sam Bennett next year and Diane Neiper and Charles Dertinger the following year just to make it harder for the named above and Joe Long.

The harder they push, the more I'll stand up against them... and that's the bottom line.

PS: Please know that I'm not looking for your nor anyone else's endorsement of that mission, for it comes from my heart, and it is true. I really don't care if no one else understands. I just can't stand around and shrug my shoulders and look the other way when our county is going down the drain.