Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nazareth Mini-Judge Race is Very Close

Someone from Falcone's camp contacted me election eve to tell me, "I for one am shutting down my computer. I will turn it on again tomorrow evening to catch the results and see Falcone as the new District Judge."


The Morning Call reports that Yvonne Falcone clings to a thirty-one vote lead over John Capobianco for the Democratic nomination. And Capobianco has convincingly sewed up the Republican nod with a 180 vote lead. If you combine both parties, the results are as follows: Capobianco - 878; Falcone - 729; Siegfried - 470; Buskirk - 381; and Hammer - 200.

The county's unofficial results, with 85% of the votes tabulated, correspond roughly with The Morning Call.

Will there be a recount? Contested general election? Gee, I hope so! Especially now that the real Yvonne Falcone has revealed herself. Stay tuned!


J. Falwell said...

I expected Capobianco to score well - based on what Bernie told me one evening in the courthouse.

I was very surprised to see Falcone at the top of the D's list. I was also surprised to hear somebody whose opinion I once respected say "She's a woman - that's all it took for me."

I remember using the same justification to vote for "What? Me Work? Harhart" a decade ago.

...btw, I was wrong about all that other stuff Iused to preach about

Bernie O'Hare said...

J Falwell!

Sorry to hear about you going heads up.

She has a very small lead among Dems, and those absentee and write-in ballots need to be counted.

I can't fault people for giving her a shot. I din't learn what she was like myself until a few short days ago. Between now and the general election, we'll get to hear all about how well she did in her sixth grade science project and how she "far surpasses" poorly educated John Capobianco.

But she's given me plenty of reason to work hard to insure her defeat.

I especially love that someone from her camp reminded me that I was going to have to appear before her for my future parking tickets.

I like when she slammed me over my legal suspension.

She's mean-spirited and has done her best to hide it. That only came out towards the end of the campaign. She's disparaged the other candidates as idiots who can't count to ten. She thinks she's entitled to the job simply because she's a lawyer. But like most lawyers, she has no common sense. She came onto this blog and tried to argue with me, a very foolish thing for any candidate.

Anonymous said...

You are not mean spirited and have common sense?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:13,

I'll readily acknowledge I have no common sense. And you can call me mean-spirited if you like. But I'm not running for anything, am I? I'm not trying to be your pal. I'm trying to tell you the truth. And I'd never claim to have a judicial temperament. But neither does Falcone, as she demonstrated herself by her own comments on this blog.

Falcone has paraded, of all things, her high school record as proof she'd make a good judge. How about her law school record? Was she a member of the law review? Did she graduate summa cum laude there? Since she's made her education an issue, why has she failed to mention those matters, which are just a little more relevant? Did she work as a public defender? How about assistant DA? How many jury trials did she ever conduct?