Monday, May 21, 2007

National Journal Rates Congressman Charlie Dent a Centrist

Tom Foolery yesterday laid out a common Democratic perception about Congressman Charlie Dent. "Charlie Dent, who is a super guy personally, has moved light years from moderation. Ask any Union head. They have his record. He might have been somewhat moderate at the State House but that has long passed. I've voted for him myself the first time around. Can't see it happening again..I'd be willing to bet that he's voted with the White House over 80% of the time. Certainly on major issues..If anyone has data to support anything otherwise, I'd love to see it."

Tom, today's your lucky day! I've got the data, and it's from a nonpartisan publication.

National Journal's 2006 annual vote ratings define where members of Congress stand ideologically. The House's 429 members are ranked based upon 103 roll-call votes. A score of 78 on economic issues would mean the representative was more liberal than 78 percent of his or her House colleagues on key economic votes during 2006.

Charlie Dent's composite score as a liberal is 46.7, and his composite score as a conservative is 53.3. In other words, as I've been telling you, he's slightly right of center. In fact, National Journal labels him as one of the House's centrists. Of the nineteen members in the Pennsylvania delegation, Dent is the 10th most liberal member. He's also the 10th most conservative.

From most liberal to conservative, here's how the Pa. House delegation stacks up: (1) Fattah, Chaka, D-Pa.-2; (2) Doyle, Mike, D-Pa.-14; (3) Schwartz, Allyson, D-Pa.-13; (4) Brady, Robert, D-Pa.-1; (5) Kanjorski, Paul, D-Pa.-11; (6) Murtha, John, D-Pa.-12; (7) Holden, Tim, D-Pa.-17; (8) Fitzpatrick, Mike, R-Pa.-8; (9) Gerlach, Jim, R-Pa.-6; (10) Dent, Charlie, R-Pa.-15; (11) Platts, Todd, R-Pa.-19; (12) Weldon, Curt, R-Pa.-7; (13) English, Phil, R-Pa.-3; (14) Hart, Melissa, R-Pa.-4; (15) Murphy, Tim, R-Pa.-18; (16) Sherwood, Don, R-Pa.-10; (17) Pitts, Joe, R-Pa.-16; (18) Peterson, John, R-Pa.-5; and (19) Shuster, Bill, R-Pa.-9.

The National Journal even breaks it down by category. Dent's liberal scores are as follows: economics - 44; social - 46; and foreign policy - 49.


Anonymous said...

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Could we at least start this cluster F#@& by admitting there is no such thing as non-partisan.

Bernie O'Hare said...


The first thing I need to do is learn how to spell it properly. I'll have to fix that. According to the website, National Journal is "committed to providing publications and services that are nonpartisan, reliable and of the highest quality.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why do I have the feeling I'm going to get nailed? The National Journal does strive to be nonpartisan, although I'll agree that is an impossible ideal.

Anonymous said...

We only nail you because we love you. Angle told someone you were his boy toy is that true?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I dumped him. He kept trying to sell me fish oil and giggles when he kisses.

Tom Dietrich said...

Ha ha ha. :D

Anonymous said...

All you need is pom poms, you freakin' Dent Cheerleader. I'll bet you wear it for Angle when you sit on his lap!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:01!

I've read many comments over the past year attacking Dent's record for this vote and that vote. I thought it might be helpful to produce a ranking prepared by a fairly objective source.

Many Republicans view Dent as too liberal. Many Dems view him as too conservative. The truth appears to be that he's a centrist, slightly to the right of center, at least compared to his fellow House members.

Now if you don't want the facts to get in the way of your opinion, be my guest.

And Angle sits on my lap. Get your facts right, damn it!

Joey Long and the Boys' Worst Nightmare said...

The National Journal is unbiased? I must have missed that memo. Dent voted for continuing Iraq, for the gay marriage ban, for the Bush budgets, for continuing the Bush tax cuts, and for Bush's various constitution weakening attempts. Sure, Charlie boy voted for raising minimum wage, and whatever other chum he would throw us, but don't be fooled by the sheep costume on that wolf.

With that in mind, there's no way in hell I'd vote for Sam Bennett. This is one of those slots best left blank.

Anonymous said...

Can't we find somebody better than Sam Bennett to run against Dent? She is a nut case with a bad reputation as a sore loser. All the money in the world, which she won't be able to raise, won't help her against Dent. We need someone better, not her.

Joey Long and the Boys' Worst Nightmare said...

They can find much, much better than Sammy. Longy doesn't want a congressman or woman from the 15th he can't control though. So, instead he discourages Boscola, Mann, Wallitsch, whoever.... no wonder that "wannabe legend" hasn't been able to win the seat as chair.

Tom Foolery said...

If I read the info correctly they somehow rate him a moderate on economic issues. Not sure how they get there. I guess further investigation will help there. However, on the major issues of the day (as Joey long stated) he's been lock step with the Bush White house.. Economic issues are only one small indicator. Where'd you get that ifo anyway, from Charlie's office??

Anonymous said...

The national review is probably funded by Pat Robertson, and staffed by Liberty University students

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tom Foolery,

Joe Long sent me the link. It is inconsistent with our preconceived notions. So either we re-examine our notions or we take the course that Anon 2:24 used, just slam the National Journal.

I believe the National Journal is the source for the story about the Bush administration withholding emails about Rove.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to point out that a few of the people on the list aren't in Congress anymore. Dent would be about 13th out of 19th now in the state.
Probably a bit more conservative in the national rankings now, as well.
He's a centrist, but let's not exaggerate just how centrist. The Congress he was in the middle of is missing quite a few members because it was too conservative.
anon 11:51: I disagree. Bennett most definitely is able to raise all the money in the world. Still won't help her.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:45,

You're right. This rating is based upon the 2006 Congress, a pretty dark group. The 2007 ratings might reveal a more conservative Dent, but he seems to be siding more with the Dems this year. My suspicion is that his 2007 rating won't be much different, but we'll see. You make a great point.