Monday, May 14, 2007

McClure's Sleaze Campaign Designed to Chill Boscola's Congressional Aspirations?

A student of local politics tells me why McClure's smear campaign was launched. It has nothing to do with Will Power and everything to do with state senator Lisa Boscola! Here's the theory.

1.) We all know [Norco Dem boss] Joe Long would like to see Sam "0 for life" Bennett be the Dem nominee in the 15th Congressional District. As one county Dem on the ballot put it to me, "Let's face it, Sam's been more loyal to Joe than Lisa."

2.) McClure, in his psychosis, believes he will one day be Congressman McClure, so he wouldn't mind seeing Sam run and lose to keep the seat away from more prominent Dems (Lisa, Jenn Mann, Callahan).

3.) "Boss Long" believes he is making his point with the Stofkos [Lisa's family] to convince Lisa to stay out.

4.) McClure believes the same.

5.) One of the big hang ups for Lisa about running is that her family believes a run will be stressful. By decimating Will, "the machine" folks are proving their point to her. This is what lies ahead of her.

Sounds sexy. Personally, I think McClure is just a bully.


Chris Casey said...

The "Godfather" movies were on yesterday, and I remember that chilling line about how your enemies won't come at you directly, but through the ones you love.
Funny thing, but I don't see or hear Sam Bennett or Joe Long condemning this act by Lamont, or the NCC political machine.
It's not hard to condemn this heinous attack, unless you wish to offer the illusion that you condone it.
Love him or hate him, Joe Long has been the leader in NC Dem circles exactly because he is a strong leader, and knows how to lead. Some might hate where he's leading them, but they haven't gotten off their asses to do it, either. I want to hear what he and Sam Bennett have to say about what Lanomt McClure has done in attacking Will Power. Clear the air, and do it publicly. They've come on here before, I say let them speak up here again.

Anonymous said...

By strong leader you mean he likes the free shrimp and cocktails?

Chris Casey said...

I didn't much care for Saddam Hussein either, but he was a strong leader!

Larry Kisslinger said...

Chris Casey,

Like some others, your definition is Hitler was also a great leader!

I pray you must have commented in jest, about "strong leader" Long!

Joe Long has zero clue how to lead anybody to do anything. He merely needs a dunce to do as he "tells" them to do. That is not leadership by any stretch of the imagination.
Anybody stands up to his stupid views is my friend! He's a bull in the China shop and might as well carry an AK-47 as he rumbles around the Lehigh Valley touting his power. Facts are: I've spoken to many public servants, and regular folks, he is not the King maker he thinks he is, but most don't want, have the balls, or want the aggravation of trying to deal with him. Joe Long is a loser of the highest order and a disgrace to public servants everywhere. "You can fool some of the people sometime, but not all of the people, all the time". He fooled me once, shame on him! He can't fool me twice, if was so, shame on me. He didn't and won't happen with me. My advice for Mr. Long is to resign from Bethlehem Housing Authotity "and" NC D Chair position and spend quality time with his family and his Yankees. He is way over his head in his current positions of power and is detriment to his Party and Community, is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Larry expanded on my brief albeit poor attempt at humor. The Boss is known by those in the know to be no leader, far from strong and mean as hell when you cross him. Once again Larry K. hit the nail on the head.

annon. 12:56

Chris Casey said...

sorryu, I forgot to turn my sarcasm light on!LOL!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:56, Chris and Larry!

Say what you will, I love Joe Long. In fact, I'm going to have him for dinner ... with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Billy Givens said...

Joe Long kinda brings to my mind Upper Saucon Township, a carpetbagger newly arrived there from his native P'Burg.

When Mike was chair of the Warren County Democratic Party Committee. treasurer of U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli's campaigns, and a law partner of the law firm that includes the former chief-of-staff to former Governor James McGreevey, the State of New Jersey Democratic Committee gave Mike a rating of "D" for is effectivenss in that position.

Yet look at how Mike wound up gettomg his hands on the 70-acre tract on P'burg's Delaware River that the taxpayers of the Garden State, Warren County, and P'Burg had bought as the site for the state's Railroad and Transportation MUseum.

And this is no isolated instance. Look also at how he managed to get his glombs on the 126-acre Sands BethWorks Gaming LLC on the still-toxic former Bethlehem Steel Corporation in South Side Bethlehem - something he could never have done without the help of our own Gov. Ed "Fast Eddie" Rendell, Lisa Boscola, her former colleague T.J. Rooney, now a lobbyist like Pennsylvania and New Jersey AT&T President J. Michael Schweder (and Pres. of Bethlehem City Council) Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, a split majority of the Christmas City's Council, Joe Long. and a host of other Democrats.

Anonymous said...


I got the same e-mail you did today from our mutual and mutually admired friend.

If anyone else had sent me that kind of connect-the-dots political analysis, I would've laughed, dismissed it, and deleted it.

BUT, our friend is very smart and very well-connected to the major players in so many political circles.

He's also very methodical in being able to strip away the fabricated public veneer and expose the cold, hard political truth that lies underneath.

Therefore, I take it seriously.

Looks like it's "a whore's game" that's being played. Out of fear and desperation.

Better poker players would fold instead of bluffing with a hand that bad. But, we're talking about a bunch of amateurs here who've never risked OR won a big pot in their entire lives.

I just have 1 thing to say to them:

Come on . . . bring everything you got . . . scrape it all together . . . go "all in" . . . and then we WILL dance. And then you WILL lose.

Trample the wounded, hurdle the dead,
Bernie Takes NO Prisoners

LVDem said...

every time I read BTNP's closing line, I think it says "hurrle the dead". I see dead bodies flying through the air each time he signs off.