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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Opinions Online, 4/2/16

Blogger's Note:Opinions Online is a regular Saturday feature. If you'd like to express your opinion on any topic, click on the Opinions Online button on my left sidebar. You can also call 385-325-2564. In addition to these submissions, I sometimes highlight comments from throughout the week and re-publish them here.


Way to go Bernie on your press awards. Keep up the good work.

G. John Bryant, Jr.

(Blogger's Reply: Thanks, John, and I hope Mary is doing well).


allentown state hospital shood be converted into affordable senior housing With baby-boomers now at that age we have a shortage of low income senior housing Many cant wait for the 2yr waiting list!


Holy Smokes, Upper Macungie has gone bat sh*t crazy.... now they want to build a community center that breaks even cash wise? good luck with that... why not put that construction cost and million dollars in expenses on a ballot referendum like the parkland library tried a couple of years ago, bet that it would get defeated just like the library was told to go pound sand for their "starbucks library"


Ron Beitler: Question for Trump supporters:

More alarming than constant flip flops and seemingly endless changing of stances on many issues sometimes daily is Trumps basic lack of understanding when it comes to what it means to be conservative.

If you consider yourself Conservative and a Trump supporter how do you feel about Trump saying that 2 of the 3 core functions of Federal Gov't are healthcare & education?

If you are conservative isn't it generally accepted that the federal gov't should have LESS of a role in those two areas? Not more?

So, do you just ignore this? Do you agree? If so, how do you reconcile that with identifying as a Conservative? Is not rolling back the role of the Federal gov't out of these two specific areas sort of what we're all about?


Bernie: Amen on Morganelli

G. John Bryant, Jr.



Anonymous said...

March 15 Nazareth Police pursuit at 70 mph over a stop sign? wow I just saw it on the express times

Bernie O'Hare said...

My experience from living in Nazareth many years is that it's a beautiful town with nice people. But behind the wheel, everyone thinks he's Mario Andretti. The speed limit on Main is just 25 mph, but most people ignore it. I've actually been hit by a car twice while walking or running, and that was BEFORE I started blogging. The one dude ran right over my foot. But for some reason, it did no damage. That was my fault, too, bc I was crossing the street and not paying attention. The fellow doing 70 had a suspended license and would be facing another suspension if caught. In addition to eluding, it sure sounds like the driver recklessly endangered lives.

Ovem Lupo Commitere said...

I have heard people say that all that they ever need to know about a candidate is how they feel about "life", whether abortion or Terri Schiavo. While I personally believe that there is a difference between ending a life for birth control purposes (playing God to artificially end a life, usually for convenience), as opposed to playing God and using modern medicine to keep a person artificially alive beyond God's natural design (usually easier when one is not personally responsible for the years of real, but artificial QOL medical costs), how does one "evolve" from Trump's position of supporting partial birth abortion to saying a woman should be personally punished for having an abortion? How does one "evolve" on such a core personal moral value ... if one indeed had core personal moral values? ...

"TRUMP: Well, look. I’m very pro-choice. I hate the concept of abortion. I hate it, I hate everything it stands for. I cringe when I hear people debating the subject. But you still — I just believe in choice. And again, it may be a little bit of a New York background, because there is some different attitude in different parts of the country, and I was raised in New York, grew up and worked and everything else in New York City. But I am strongly for choice, and yet I hate the concept of abortion.

"RUSSERT: But you would not ban it.


RUSSERT: Or ban partial-birth abortion.

TRUMP: No, I would — I would — I am pro-choice in every respect, as far as it goes. I just hate it."

Trump is either a hypocrite, a fraud, or a demagogue trying to get elected. I do not understand those who feel he is the best candidate for president.

Then, as to national/world security and the homeland of Wahhabism:

"COOPER: Saudi Arabia, nuclear weapons?

TRUMP: Saudi Arabia, absolutely."

Again, I do not understand, if you were to choose who has the temperament, and knowledge, to be the commander-in-chief of the US military and nuclear arsenal, chief/head of state, and chief diplomat. How does one decide that Trump is the best person in the land to represent the United States' bests interests in the world? And for the record, he added South Korea and Japan to nations who should also do what they need to defend themselves.

This is real world. Real life. I voted for Reagan, Bush I, Dole, Bush II (1st time; 2nd time holding my nose, but uncomfortable at the time with changing Commanders in the middle of two wars). I supported Obama in 2008, and wanted to vote Romney in '12, but he seemed so spineless to move so hard to appease the Tea crowd/hard right rather than defend a center-right position. 2016: Trump? Really? Why is he so popular with the GOP rank and file??

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise. Trump is the logical extension of over two de3cads of hate and ignorant right wing radio and TV. The Republicans nurtured all the hatred and anger people have over the global economy and the great wealth disparity by pointing out the "bad" people with their "evil" political views as targets of hatred.

You guys get a candidate that appeals to the very thing you have been blatantly pushing to get cheap votes and now you are shocked.

As said in Casablanca, "I am shocked there is gambling in this establishment".

You guys are two much maybe you should rethink your tea party and birther movements and stick to bowel movements, they are safer and more sanitary.

Anonymous said...

no need to worry about trump. He is self imploding.

Anonymous said...

You folks are expecting too much from Trump. He's not a slick politician who carefully chooses his words like others who have first practiced and analyzed every detail for political correctness. He doesn't look over his shoulder before responding. Doesn't first see who's in the room because he fears someone might be there who pays for him to espouse certain opinions. STAYING in office is not a major concern.

Donald Trump is a leader. He's decisive, a doer, even a fighter. Despite being highly educated one of the world's most elite business schools (Wharton) he knows what pieces are necessary to get things done and surrounds himself with the best people to bring it all together.

Trump is also a true New Yorker with all the skill and bravado required to be successful there, a place bigger, more powerful, more significant than many countries of the world.

Best of all, Donald Trump places the interest of a strong America first. Reflect on that as you watch what's happening around the world.

Looking at the field of candidates on both sides, he's ABSOLUTELY the best choice at this time in history. Don't agree? Name YOUR first choice and list his/her unique strengths. Tell us why he/she will do a better job for American citizens, and do that quickly enough to stop our nation's decline.

Label me however you like. Doesn't matter. I'm still planning to vote for Trump, IF the slimy political elite class doesn't steal the nomination from him.

Fred Windish

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Americans have been trained for the career politicians, and expect them to have perfect answers to all the questions, Trump has made himself available to all comers and has tried to answer all questions, he has made mistakes, abortion and gay marriage have now become irrelevant in presidential politics, All politicians would be smart to not talk about these issues except to state if they approve or not, period, they have no power to change any of it. A president is a ceo, who is at the head of a very large enterprise, A president needs to select qualified people for the job, not a black, a gay, a black women a Hispanic or political sensitive person just because they need to have 1 of each. They may be any of the above if they are the best. Then use them to make the changes needed. We are in the habit of electing the perfect who has memorized, focus grouped and practiced to say all the right things. Question, Is the united states on a path that will take us to a better life or not? If you want everything to stay as it is, then elect Kascich or Hillary who will manage the slow decline of out country. there will be no change of direction. This is what Washington and all the politicians and lobbyist want, statis quo, until they can collect the big pension and retire to the ranch. the media is part of that enterprise and lives off of the statis quo, they go from being reporters or news personalities to working for administrations and back. They believe they are part of the ruling class. We think nothing of electing slick wordsmith lawyers with no practical experience other than bull shit. because of their appearance and saying all the right things. Do you think we can really afford to police the whole world? Is it right to put more and more working class Americans of benefits and food stamps to keep them under control while Trillions are made in the import business by every corporation. If you do vote for Hillary or the phony Senator from Texas who has put on a 7 year theatrical event. Who has been connected to the bush boys ever since he started in politics. Personally I am retired and can live out my days on the money I have saved and should really not give a crap who is elected. But I just cant do it. I am still on board for Trump, I am willing to take the chance that maybe things can be directed in a different direction.

Anonymous said...

For this veteran, Trump was on thin ice just for being a draft dodger.

The ice cracked a bit when he couldn't even remember what it was that kept him from serving, which he found to be unbelievably amusing.

The crack got MUCH bigger when Mr. 'I didn't have the balls to fight when it was my turn' started advocating sending the military off to fight in every corner of the world.

The ice completely opened up and swallowed the bloated, cowardly windbag when he mocked John McCain for being a POW.

Donald Trump places the interests of Donald Trump first. His place as a candidate isn't nearly as disgusting as the fact that there are actually people who buy his BS and support him.

Our Founders would have tarred and feathered him.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Opinions online went very national today. I think the 5 cable news and Sunday network shows have bashing Trump and ignoring Kasich covered. Let's keep it local here.

Anonymous said...

Trump has identified most of the right problems. But his solutions run from ludicrous to frightening. I'll vote for him because a vote for Trump is a vote for gridlock. His ardent supporters like him because he's a "go in a break things" candidate, even though he won't be able to enact any of his ever changing plans. That's a good thing for Americans, regardless of the president's party. The system is built to stall when public opinion hasn't settled on controversial issues, or when the political pendulum swings too far in either direction. It's a beautiful thing, actually. And the usual claims about the horror of gridlocked, day-to-day government are absurd, given the sheer size of the machine that it is.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, I have many things in common with Mr. Nemeth. I appreciate his courage for actually naming who he now prefers for President and then put his name behind his thoughts.

Like Mr. Nemeth, I am retired and in secure financial position. I make NO apologies for that and hope to stay this way. Globalism, open borders, weak adherence to the Constitution, our ever-growing welfare state, political correctness, and attempts to diminish the voice of the citizen electorate (now happening) all threaten to change our way of life in a negative way.

Of the five remaining choices, Donald Trump is most likely to halt the downward spiral I see. The importance of this election goes well beyond political party preference. Think!

Fred Windish

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Thank you Fred, it seems that the country has viewed elections as a beauty contest, the thing that most politicians have in common, is that they have never had a real job in the private sector. They have spent their life in so called public service, starting by going to school, working for some politician, becoming adept at fashioning an image. talking about caring for the poor or the middle class, in most instances it is just so fake. It is a life long career that is sustained by providing for the money supporters, while bull shitting the voters that they are looking out for the best interests of the country. The establishment of both parties are the same, they really do not care about immigration, gay marriage, abortion, gun control, it is just the vehicles used to get volunteers, donations, votes, it is really just a distraction while the pockets are lined from on both sides of the isle. It has become one big dog and pony show. Big republicans often vote for their democratic friends if it will sustain their position. Our foreign policy never changes no matter who is in power. Our trade treaties are not enforced, borders are not controlled, drugs come into the country by the tractor trailer, But watch, if someone comes out to change policies, all hell breaks loose, If the big republicans would have put as much effort into defeating Obama as they have to stop Trump, they might have won. They are actually happy with the policies of Obama, it is just that they would be more happy if they are in charge. The democratic establishment is the same , if Bernie Sanders would threaten Hillary, they would come out to crush him, They have their allies in silicone valley that provide the government with their technology, most made in china, Clinton and their cronies have been taking money from every foreign country for years, they are experts at money laundering, they are the best the world has ever seen. While Trump may not become president, it will never be the same. because any one paying attention has watched as the politicians and the media has been smoked out, I watch in amazement as the froth rolls of their chins in rabid hatred and disgust that their hero's are challenged. That conventional wisdom, that is destroying the country is being challenged, we all know Trump is inarticulate in many ways, but his general analysis is correct. He has done a service to the country.

Anonymous said...

Count, if we can, the groups working to flood this country with illegal invaders. From Obama to the teachers unions. How many of the students in the Allentown system are illegal? More illegals more teachers. Enough. Fear Trump if you are in the invader industries, welfare, employers, teaching, politicians. The left wing media ask Trump how he will deport the invaders. The answer is one at a time! Are you the one?

Anonymous said...

.More illegals more teachers'-YOU SAID IT. EASD is spending 20 million on a building that will close -if they have to go back,and they committed to the work before they know the political outcome in November. The cars evan come across the bridge in the morning to drop off kids here ,and they still look the other way. Evan ACA is being violated at tax payers expense in treatment to illegals and the people that published the rules are breaking it,looking the other way. If your on SS- medicare and your paying more than 2 years ago this is where your money is going.

Anonymous said...

Vive la Raza. If only you had not threatened us, if you had not said that an American could not be elected without the Spanish speakers,if you had not flooded our country and drained it dry, if you had assimilated. But you did not and the time has come, the white politicians cannot save you, they will be trying to save themselves. The date 1/20/17 PM.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Fred, Ray has a blog, and I link to it. He has made no secret of his admiration for Trump, just like you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Boy, Opinions online went very national today. I think the 5 cable news and Sunday network shows have bashing Trump and ignoring Kasich covered. Let's keep it local here. "

Although I prefer local discussions in which the readers might have a some special insight, this is not my call or your call. Opinions Online is for any topic and any opinion.

I think it functions best when someone has a very specific local concern that i just have never covered, like the use of the old state hospital.Also, I am not going to allow it to be used to defame someone. But other than that, I like hearing what people have to say on any matter, including the Presidential election. People know I consider Trump the worst possible choices among many bad choices, so I like that Ray Nementh and fred Windish support him and are willing to come on this blog and do so.

Jamie Kelton said...

Actually Hillary Clinton is the worst possible choice Mr O'Hare.

Jamie Kelton said...

Ok you asked for a local discussion. For the past few days, our quaint little local newspaper has been running some articles about the Lehigh Valley Mall expanding to add "upscale" outdoor shops.

I really hate to tell them that the Apple Store, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma are NOT "upscale" stores, but I suppose to those people who think that going to Wal-Mart or K-Mart is an adventure, or believing that going to Red Robin for a night out is an adventure, they might be.

I just believe there is so much dismay at sixth and linden that no one wants to go to those stupid stores that were built on Hamilton Street, they don't know what else to call them but "upscale"

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks even Hillary Clinton is worse than Donald Trump is either hopelessly filled with partisan political hate or just plain nuts!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks even Hillary Clinton is worse than Donald Trump is either hopelessly filled with partisan political hate or just plain nuts!
You just described Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

"I'll vote for him because a vote for Trump is a vote for gridlock."

We've had gridlock for 7 years because the dumb-ass conservatives have had a chronic Obama problem since day 1. I'm sick of this crap, and won't vote for "gridlock". I switched my affiliation to Democrat.

Anonymous said...

"Looking at the field of candidates on both sides, he's ABSOLUTELY the best choice at this time in history."

Absolutely disagree. Forget about "who else" is running. This is not the time to raise barriers between countries, to promote clashes between races, to make a woman's choice about her body result in legal penalties against her. There is no making America Great Again by Trump's definition - which is that your street and your child's classroom will be full of Caucasians. That course was set when the Constitution was signed.

Anonymous said...

White 77.7 %

Anonymous said...

Wake up!! Trump is working for the democrats.

Anonymous said...

8.45 just described the 7 years of Obama

Anonymous said...

10:22 -

I had the same thought about 8:45's message. Oh, well. Also would have been nice to learn who 8:45 would vote for if the election was held today. Maybe his/her choice IS better for America at this point.

To me, Trump represents an immediate halt to the path we are taking. This nation needs to switch course or we'll soon see what's going on in the European Union happening right here. Countries like Belgium, France, Germany and England are being dismantled by globalist policies.

Fred Windish

Jeff Van Fleet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ray Nemeth @ 9:34am, well put.

"More illegals more teachers" True, and something I hadn't even thought of before.

Bethlehem school tax increase...with all of these students going to charter schools at increasing rates...shouldn't the district need fewer of its own teachers, administrators, etc.? Shouldn't that lowered cost offset the payments to the charter schools? If you own a 4BR 2.5BA colonial type home in Bethlehem city, you are already paying Jersey property tax levels. Looked at one for sale the other day. $9,000 a year on a $285,000 house. Unreal.

Dave said...

The real story is how Hillary Clinton (and Bill) got the money to pay for $600 haircuts and $1400 outfits.

Yeah, they got a lot of loot for speeches; way more than they were worth. The real secret to their "success," however, is the Clinton Foundation where they have been busy selling influence throughout the world for millions at a pop so if she becomes president, she'll do favors for them in exchange for the money she took from them.

It's a quid pro quo game where she collects the quid upfront and then delivers the quo when she is President, it's just that simple.

She won't have to worry about being "flexible" until her second term either. If she is elected in 2016 they may as well not bother with an election in 2020 because the historic first woman president is not going to be a one-term wonder.

If she is elected and when her benefactors begin coming around to collect, then the "fun" really begins.

Dave said...

on this morning's NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while discussing her position on abortion, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said under our laws currently “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

This is the same person that demands more "gun control" to "save the children".

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Jeff van Fleet," If you want to get that personal, you'll have to do it on your own blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The real story is how Hillary Clinton (and Bill) got the money to pay for $600 haircuts and $1400 outfits."

That's the real story? And then you don't tell the real story.

Anonymous said...

Who, if anyone, outside the school administration actually counts the number of students. Some years ago there were in excess of 18000 .now I see around 16000. I hear about teacher layoffs, but never administration layoffs. Have any schools been closed? The charter school racket seems to be growing at an exponential rate. When the possibility of school tax elimination arose our slime ball reps. Dropped it like the teachers union told them. It's for the children.

Anonymous said...

Read this. It explains a lot.


Connolly Victim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
slater fan said...

Bernie, you should "look into" what's been going on for the past year or two at the Capital Slate Quarries near East Bangor. Tri-axle dump trucks from New Jersey & New York have been dumping into the quarry- one after another, from morning till night. If you travel on Rt. 512, you will pass one after another, and no municipal official can give me an answer. Rumor has it, and again this is only a rumor, is they are dumping waste from The World Trade Center, and the owners (one who is a judge), are being paid $1K per load. With all the concerns about lead in drinking water, many people are concerned about contaminating the local ground water.

Ron Beitler said...

@Fred Windish 6:37
"You folks are expecting too much from Trump. He's not a slick politician who carefully chooses his words like others who have first practiced and analyzed every detail for political correctness. He doesn't look over his shoulder before responding. Doesn't first see who's in the room because he fears someone might be there who pays for him to espouse certain opinions. STAYING in office is not a major concern."

As a local official who blogs about issues and positions I get that. Trust me I really do. I understand that by blogging I open myself up to have things I write taken out of context, mis-represented and twisted. Positions evolve. Not everything is always polished. If I ever run for anything else I can bank it WILL happen.

But that's not the case with trump. He consistently demonstrates he has no discernible foundation or framework as to what he believes and why. He changes positions sometimes daily. Heck, sometimes hourly. And it totally changes completely dependent on the audience. He's a total chameleon and creature of opportunity.

Now you could just chalk it up to his stream of consciousness style. I know people who think this. But I'm not sure that's it. I believe every word he uses, every statement he makes is calculated pandering. He know exactly what he's doing. And it's brilliant in a lot of ways. Thought not at all original. Demagoguery has been around a long time. He hits keywords with an almost pavlovian design. He knows exactly what he's doing. Problem with that is no one truly knows exactly where he stands on anything.

Anonymous said...

You do fine job, Mr. Beitler, by actively engaging the public right out in the open. Although I live in Saucon Valley and don't watch governmental affairs in your area, I imagine most of your constituents appreciate your forthright participation.

Our nation doesn't have time to wait for the perfect candidate to come along. We are on the edge, NOW. What we need is an immediate change of direction. From the choices available, only Trump can deliver a "stop to all the bleeding." The others will slowly plod along the same destructive path, Hillary in particular, or merely talk all this out over the next decade. Won't work.

This nation is in financial peril. It has no effective borders and thousands upon thousands of needy persons are coming in for taxpayer help, or to take the jobs of those already here. We have a global oligarchy of banking and corporate behemoths who control our elected officials. Individual national sovereignty, democracy, and freedom stand in the way of their full control.

Corruption is evident throughout Washington, D.C., and our news media no longer operates for the good of the citizens. It has an agenda of lies and deception. Our educational system teaches compliance over history and self-responsibility.

Three "coequal branches of government" no longer exist in America to protect us. Our Supreme Court has been politicized. Our Legislative Branch compromised. Our middle class is being destroyed to serve those higher and lower. The civil society is crumbling. The eight years of Obama have been destructive.

NOW is the time to heal this patient. Some necessary repairs will need to be abrupt.

With conscientious people in Congress, there should be nothing to fear in a Trump, an Obama, even a Hillary. Our system was designed to control the Executive Branch. Unfortunately, our people in Congress have FAILED all of us. They have placed their own career over the health of the nation. Many changes needed there, too.

As far as I know, even you, Mr. Beitler, have yet to state YOUR pick for next President, and what makes that person a better "fix-it" solution. Why not?

If the election was today, I'm voting for Trump without any hesitation.

Thanks for reading!

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Just visited Mr. Beitler's Blog. He is supporting John Kasich.

A John Kasich-type doesn't work for me in a time of crisis. There's also the matter of George Soros funding the Kasich campaign in a big way. Globalism will destroy this nation. I honestly don't think Kasich would be successful in a brokered convention, either. He surely would not defeat any Democratic candidate, so what's the point?

Kasich is another "go along to get along" appeaser. A career man. He'll present no strong leadership, just push things out for a few more years, form committees, whine, and make excuses. No thanks.

Fred Windish

Ron Beitler said...

@Fred 8:41 - When this thing started I was for Kasich or Rand. Now, April 26th I'll vote for Kasich. However, I'll support Cruz if he's the nominee. If Trump gets it well then I do some soul searching. Right now, I don't see any scenario I vote for him ever. I'd vote 3rd party before him. Just don't like, respect or trust him as a person.

The soros thing is an outright lie planted by the Cruz campaigns super pac. It has been debunked and disproven over and over starting a month ago on many sites.

Ron Beitler said...

"Push things out for a few more years, form committees, whine, and make excuses." is not JK's record in OH. Not at all. And that's why the voters who know him best reward him with a 60%+ approval rating. That's in a time when congress has one in the teens and many other high profile governors have ratings in the 20's or 30's (Christie). With OH voters consistently tell us they are very very pleased with Kasich. I'm a 'throw the bums out' kind of guy but when you find someone who has actually been effective in Government you reward that person with a promotion.

In OH Kasich:
-Took a 6 billion deficit and balanced it.
-Unemployment 9.4 (above nat average) to 4.9 (Lower nat'l average and better than the states of walker, christie and Jindal)
-Criminal justice reforms that have resulted in the lowest recidivism (criminal relapse) rates in the nation.
All measurable 'wins' in terms of JKs stated goals when he ran for office.

His first year in office he took on collective bargaining head-on in a reform effort similar to act 111 reform here in PA. He won that fight only to have it reversed by voters in a referendum where special interests spent 10's of millions of dollars. Though he lost this one at the ballot box, point is he hasn't shrunk from any fight. It's not his nature.

Lastly, most important to me are his small business relief packages. To put it in dollars if my small business which gives pay checks to 10 people were located in OH, Kasich's relief programs would put what equals to a mortgage payment back in my pocket.

The biggest program being a 75% income tax deduction for small businesses. http://www.tax.ohio.gov/Business/SmallBusinessTaxCut.aspx

And you mentioned electability. I'll just post two links:
JK vs. Hillary
Win 8 of 8 polls in the RCP average

Trump vs. Hillary
11 pt loss

Understand, Clinton is no Obama. Obama was a historic buzzsaw as a candidate. No one had a chance. Clinton is a weak candidate. This year we had a deep field of a number of candidates who could beat Hillary in a general and we might just end up selecting the only one who loses to her. And loses to her bad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ron.

I'm already on record predicting the Republican Establishment WILL succeed in defeating Trump at the National Convention. He's someone who can't be controlled, is willing to expose how the "game" is really played, and the career people just can't tolerate any of that, even if it means getting Hillary as President.

The RNC is underestimating the resolve of the Trump supporters. That dedicated support will NOT transfer to another Republican. Not Cruz, not Kasich, not Ryan.

I do believe the Soros/Kasich funding trail exists through the use of surrogates. Front groups are everywhere based on my research. Either way, Kasich has very little appeal, otherwise he'd have done much better to date. He's in just as a spoiler for both Trump and Cruz, I think.

Bottom line, I see the Republican Party destroying itself by not riding the Trump wave. That's fine with me. I dropped my Republican registration nearly 2 years ago.
The GOP leadership group is a phony, self-serving lot. I'll write-in Trump or vote a third party candidate. I am also working against ALL incumbent people in Congress.

We'll know our future better in November, won't we?

Fred Windish

Robert Trotner said...

Bernie, the sentencing hearing for Attiyeh is supposed to be April 14, and I think another Defendant is supposed to plead a week later. Have you heard whether those hearings are going ahead as scheduled or postponed?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll check and report.

Anonymous said...

Have you done your homework on the Justin Simmons voting record Bernie, or are you still having a tough time googling the information? It was handed to you down to the url. Word is Simmons was skewered tonight for stumbling over why he accepted support from a liberal democrat who heavily supported Obama. Not surprising. He's Mr tea party until you peal back the onion.