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Monday, April 04, 2016

Bath's George Wolf Elementary Vandalism Includes Bomb Threat

Over the weekend, George Wolf Elementary in Bath was vandalized with a large number of vulgarities.The school has decided against informing parents, claiming that all of the graffiti has been buffed out. According to one of my sources, however, they were still present on Sunday afternoon, and he sent pictures.

The one I find most disturbing announces, "I am gonna bomb this school next year 2017."

I am informed that Colonial Regional Police are investigating.


Anonymous said...

Trashy hillbillies.

Anonymous said...

Do people that actually intend to bomb a place ever call it in or announce it in advance? I understand you have to be careful sometimes, but why must we overreact to every bomb threat anybody ever calls in or announces in this country? I am unaware of any bomb or explosion that went off where somebody called in advance and said it was going to happen.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The answer to your question is Yes. Groupps often do announce their intentions in advance. As for over-reacting, I don't consider this a credible threat, especially since it is about something that won't occur until next year. But I also think people have a right to know. Hence my story.

Anonymous said...

This is the equivalent of sending out a public health warning because of the outside possibility of contracting AIDS from chewing gum found under the desks.

This is just some lead-brained kid making a naughty, then they'll stop and stare, seeing if someone bites.

It more "vice principal" than "Terrorist Task Force". No need to break out the "Stingray Device" or check on cell availability at Gitmo.

kristi decker said...

Whoever you are making these comments do you have children. Now a days things that you wouldn't think we're threats or something to worry about are the things that actually result in happening.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Kristi, I felt you had a right to know, even if this is just a bunch of kids.