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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Biekenstocks Backtrack on Fetterman

On Monday, I told you that Lehigh University's Birkenstocks, who call themselves the South Side Initiative, were improperly using university resources to tacitly endorse John Fetterman's campaign for the US Senate.This is a clear violation of an IRS ban on political activity by 501c3 nonprofits. Given that most of these professors teach political science, they really should know better. But in their defense, they've been busy pretending that they're experts on urban planning

Yesterday, to her credit, Breena Holland apologized for improperly passing on news of Fetterman's Bethlehem visit.
Dear Friends of SSI: 
It has been brought to my attention that a recent SSI email passing on information to you all about John Fetterman's visit to Bethlehem could imply an endorsement of his candidacy for US Senate by Lehigh University. Neither the SSI nor Lehigh University had any involvement in inviting, organizing, or funding Mr. Fetteman's visit to Bethlehem. While many people in the community and at the university have in the past discussed bringing Mr. Fetterman to Bethlehem to speak about urban revitalization, his opinions are neither those of Lehigh University nor sanctioned by Lehigh University. 
Please accept my apologies for not clarifying this when I originally passed on the information about his visit to Bethlehem. 
(SSI Director)


Anonymous said...

Well done B.O. You took on the GREAT, INTELLIGENT UNIVERSITY types and beat them. These all knowing professors need to get real. Get a real job, start teaching and stop preaching!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Bernie. And I have to give Breena Holland credit. It's very unusual for a liberal intellectual to apologize for anything. I still disagree with her politics but do have newfound respect for the person.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Tempest in a teapot. Yes, the academic elites need to find jobs, and be kept away from microphones, but we have other work to do. Crazy Old Lady

Z Man said...

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I invited Fetterman. My invitation doesn't even mean I "endorse" him. I'm undecided as for whom to vote. It did give him the opportunity to meet with would-be supporters & explain his positions. Many press people were there: Channel 69, the Morning Call, the Bucks County Herald, the Elucidator (Easton magazine). I don't consider the fact that they are covering the event & giving space in their publications for Fetterman a tacit endorsement of his campaign. Therefore, I don't consider the Lehigh University publication of the event an "endorsement" either. I believe that was Breena's point as well. Of course, you are free to believe whatever you wish.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gee, thanks, comrade.