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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No Excuse For Child Abuse

Unfortunately,I was busy searching titles on Monday, so I missed the annual observance of Child Abuse Prevention month held by Northampton County's Department of Human Services at their Bethlehem Township offices. The purpose of the event was to bring both awareness to child abuse and to acknowledge the staff who have a direct impact on the families they serve.

According to Director of Human Services Allison Frantz, there has been a significant increase in abuse referrals from 2014 to 2015. It is important that we acknowledge the vital role the Department has in protecting our youth. During the state budget impasse, Brown proposed and Council adopted a $50 million line of credit to continue providing these services, though it was never used. "Without the Administration's effort services would have been in jeopardy," says, Allison Frantz, Northampton County Director of Human Services.

"The Northampton County Children, Youth and Families Division works with families to provide education and support for families in need of counseling with the goal of preventing additional abuse," said Paula Kenderski, Northampton County Casework Supervisor. "We work hard on a daily basis for these families and leverage all available resources to provide support."

According to Director of Administration Luis Campos, 200 pinwheels where placed on the lawn by Human Services staff. "The purpose of the pinwheel is to remind all of the youthful energy that children display," said Case Worker Kimberly Lara.

That's Northampton County.

But across the river and in The People's Republic of Lehigh County, Judge Jim Anthony sentenced a woman who systematically tortured her son (according to a medical examiner) to just 12-25 months in County jail. A WFMZ-TV69 account claims that the mom displayed no remorse and denied her minimized a pattern of abuse that included strangling her son until he'd pass out and scarring him. Judge Anthony found even more excuses for her, claiming she was "overwhelmed." According to the Morning Call, it's possible she'll be out in a little over nine months. Lehigh County prosecutors have asked Judge Anthony to reconsider, and he really should or be "overwhelmed" himself when he seeks retention next year.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Franz is over her head and everyone knows it. As to fearing the budget, the emergency state contingency was in place and now the money is there. Never a danger, just a political speech for her boss.

The place need s a real Director not a Brown cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

The Lehigh County DA enters into a plea deal with the "child abuser" mother, allowing her to lead guilty to "child endangerment" -- not child abuse -- and allows her to avoid the more serious "aggravated assault" charge against her. Then the DA gets shamed when the judge sentences her per the guidelines for the endangerment charge. Then the DA's lapdog blogger criticizes the judge who sentenced Mother within the state law's guidelines and ignores the question why the DA agreed to a plea deal which invites just the type of sentence the judge handed down. The DA's office wants it both ways.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh Gee, I see. The poor judge "shames" a DA by refusing to sentence appropriately a mother who tortured her child. I thought he sat on the bench to uphold justice, not shame DAs. It is an outrageous display from a judge you just accused of using the criminal justice system to play games with the DA. And you should know bc he is, after all, your cousin, Blog Mentor.

Now I refuse to believe that the judge is insane like you (He can't pick his relatives) or that he plays these kinds of games. But his sentence was poorly conceived and a do over is more than warranted. Should he refuse, the people of LC should vote against this judge's retention next year.

I'd also like to know what involvement he had with the defamation of DA Martin on WAEB.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy, I'm 5:55 and I'm nobody's cousin. Quit looking under the bed for monsters. And the DA got shamed by his own plea bargaining, not by the judge. Oh Gee, you see conspiracy theories everywhere.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is very clear who you are. Tell your cousin to stop playing politics, as you have suggested he is doing. He does not sit on the bench to "shame" the DA.

Anonymous said...

Pinwheels? Really? "to remind all of the youthful energy that children display."

Didn't we just have a reminder "of the youthful energy that children display" at George Wolf?

The People's Republic of Lehigh County will have a sitter available in 12 to 25 months if Colonial Regional Police need her.

Anonymous said...

How criminal is it for a master as well as a judge to instruct one party as well as the soul sale sector that use to steel innocent indigent children from maternal as well as paternal yet now there entity is after there souls as these are a insurable peril under cover under colour of PA law as a Browne hole?!
More details to be ReVealed, ReVued and brought?
redd registered Republican
patent pending