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Thursday, April 28, 2016

HOPE at Bethlehem City Hall Tonight

Northampton County Drug and Alcohol Division, in conjunction with the Center for Humanistic Change, will present a drug prevention education program this evening at Bethlehem's Town Hall, 6:30 pm.. It's called H.O.P.E., for heroin overdose prevention education.

What exactly is Heroin? Has it really become the leading cause of accidental death in the state? What are opioids? How do they relate to heroin? What are the signs you should look for when someone you love is using? What are health effects of heroin and opioid addiction? What does it impact relationships and work? Are there any local resources? Where can you go for help?

These questions and more will be answered.

"Educating the public is a key factor in helping to fight the heroin overdose epidemic that we are facing in our County," says Tiffany Rossanese, Northampton County Drug and Alcohol Administrator.


Anonymous said...

Better late, way late, than never I suppose.

Anonymous said...

One county to the west officials work with theses peddelers pander there social issues and arena agendas perpatrated by one in the same?! All sorcery's all colluding to dillude in this massive circus, the ACTivities are suppose to be representative of commerce and a positive for all? There are many of the public that can see this is just one circus all working together under the same bigtop claiming no knowledge of the left hand wipin the ass of all to the left hand all the while the soul sale sector is paying advertismentalists public monies to fake facts of positives when infact the negative by design are all too obvious?
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