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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Allentown Hires Six New Police Officers

Allentown City Council voted unanimously at their April 6 meeting to hire an additional six police officers. This will bring the police force to 216 officers. The City's full complement is 222. One officer is already certified, butthe other five will need to go through the police academy.

"We're getting there," said Council Prez Ray O'Connell.

"I think this is the highest amount we've had for ten years," remarked Juio Guridy. He was pleased to see that one of the new hires is from Allentown and mentioned that looking at the names tells him the City is trying to more accurately reflect demographics.


Anonymous said...

Please advise if the Police walk the streets in Allentown,upon my visits the police never walked the streets.

Anonymous said...

Crime would go decrease if they walked the beat.😎

Anonymous said...

They have both bike and foot patrol.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Unfortunately, most of the foot patrols are up and down Hamilton Street, protecting the NIZ. The bikes, I think, are all over the City.

Anonymous said...

What are Bethlehem's foot patrols doing?

Julian Kern said...

I do know that officers do park their patrol vehicles in neighborhoods and walk around the streets but they probably should do it more often then they do.