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Friday, April 29, 2016

Korean War Boringqueneer Receives Congressional Gold Medal

On Monday,  I was at the LV Hispanic Center in South Bethlehem to cover a well-attended Town Hall with Mayor Bob Donchez. I had no time to tell you the story, but did give you a teaser. Hispanic Center Executive Director Lorna Velázquez, who is like a mother to so many at that center, intoduced me to an elderly gentleman named Enrique Vazquez Vega.

He was a Boringqueneer.

That's the 65th Infantry Regiment, comprised primarily of Puerto Ricans, which made its mark during the Korean War. That regiment earned nine Distinguished Service Crosses, approximately 250 Silver Stars, over 600 Bronze Stars, and more than 2,700 Purple Hearts.

Their meritorious service actually demanded even more recognition, but problems in translation made it difficult for a mostly English-speaking Army to decide what was deserved.  So Congress recently decided to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the 65th Infantry Regiment , the highest civilian honor it can bestow, on the Boringqueneer.

Each soldier who served received a replica of the medallion.

Enrique Vazquez Vega, who served in both the Korean War and in Panama, received one of those medallions.


Anonymous said...

Enrique Vazquez Vega thank you for your service and congrats on the Medal

Anonymous said...

Second 830am's comments. Thank you.

The Banker