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Monday, April 18, 2016

Fed Ed's Federal Campaign Fund Down to $18,944

Allentown Mayor and former U.S. Senate candidate Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski has filed his pre-primary report with the FEC. His year-end report revealed that he had about $100,000 in federal campaign funds with which to pay lawyers to defend him in a federal investigation that is clearly aimed at him. That sum is now down to $18,944. He transferred $75,000 back into his state campaign treasury on January 20.

At the end of last year, Fed Ed had another $83,000 in his state campaign treasury. We know from his state report that he had spent $80,000 on lawyers defending him in the criminal investigation. Those payments came out of the state PAC, which receives far less scrutiny than his federal PAC.

At the end of last year, Fed Ed had a combined sum from both PACs of about $183,000 with which to pay lawyers.

The transfer of $75,000 back into his state campaign fund is a signal that he needs the money to pay for his legal defense with prominent Philadelphia defense counsel Jack McMahon.

Since there are no municipal races this year, it's unlikely that he will have to account for his spending until his year-end report is due. That is not until the end of next January.

In March, McMahon gave interviews to local media, trying the case with reporters. This was an expensive interview for Fed Ed.

McMahon vowed he would stay with Fed Ed "until the end." But at least in Northampton County, "the end" for McMahon coincides with bank accounts.

He no longer represents Gregory Graf, who was convicted of killing his step daughter so he could film himself having sex with her dead body. He no longer represents Rene Figueroa, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after s South Bethlehem gun battle.

When the money is gone, so is he.

He is not a public defender.

Based on this $75,000 transfer, I believe that about half of the $183,000 that Fed Ed had left in his combined treasuries is now in McMahon's pocket. .

Fed Ed's pre-primary report also reveals he has received no contributions, not even from defenders who claim we need to build a statue to him. He did get $1,000 from State Rep Mike "Darth Voter" Schlossberg, but he was returning a donation he had previously received from Fed Ed.

At one time, not so long ago, Fed Ed boasted of $423,000 in contributions.


Anonymous said...

When the money is gone, the bell will ring, and the friends will all be gone.

Anonymous said...

Schlossberg for mayor! Hell, governor!

Send that turd back to NJ! He is a completely pompous loser. State representatives.......what a joke!

Anonymous said...

The clock ticks toward the inevitable.... Mayor Siobhan Bennett's inevitable rise to fame and glory.

God help us all.

The Banker

Unknown said...

I am mildly surprised that the Feds have not yet charged the Mayor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am not. Even the most straightforward white collar case takes a long time to develop and prosecutre. Take a llook at the case against the Nazareth Mayor, which took over a year. I would not be surprised by an indictment this week. I also would not be surprised if it did not come until the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

How is The Mayor disappearing this Cash Cow ? It can't all be legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Both mayors look as one and both and more are collectively working together to destroy dismantel and disperse all pay to play as well as hide and seek grant grab get to give back process of this couple dip pension proCUREment procedures pandered for future allocations not yet stole from the childrens children and any hope of a future not even to mention a belief system of any integrity level?!

Anonymous said...

Please NO SAM BENNETT! Just NO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It would be wise of investigators to hold off while a defendant depletes their defense money. This could explain the strategy involved by such a delay.

Harvey said...

"The anger which is an expression of God’s righteousness. We are commanded in our text to be angry in a way that is righteous, that is a reflection of God." James 1:20

Do not be fooled by the Mayor's calm demeanor regarding this matter, having spoken with him directly I can testify to the extent of his righteous anger directed towards his puerile detractor's such as Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

looks like the Mediterranean Manslab bought a thesaurus.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't think it's him. Meazzacappa and the Blog Mentor also use that name and numerous other sock puppets. The Blog Mentor, in particular, likes to instigate. But he makes mistakes like the one you noticed. Gregory lacks the vocabulary or basic spelling ability in that comment. So does Mezzacappa. My money says it is the Blog Mentor, who really has faded away.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

The Blog Mentor has turned his attention to me and delightful little tactics like continually re-posting my younger sister's personal contact information (a single woman who lives alone and has had at most an hour or so yearly contact with him over the last several years).

Hey, did you hear he's offering a $3.1 Million reward for anyone who can prove he's lied about anything? I'm trying to get WAEB to cover it (maybe feature his check signing live on the Bobby Gunther Walsh show), but for some reason they seem reluctant...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jeff, This is the only comment i will allow. I have not heard and think you are probably the only one who has. Do yourself a favor and ignore him. Everyone else does.

chilio said...

That picture of Fed Ed gets me every time! LMAO!

Now you need to photoshop Darth Voter's face over the real one!