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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ever Hear of the Borinqueneers?

Lovely Lorna Velázquez with Enrique Vazquez Vega
Yesterday, I was at the LV Hispanic Center in South Bethlehem to cover a well-attended Town Hall with Mayor Bob Donchez. Before that, he and his staff were walking through the neighborhood as I watched from my air-conditioned car and laughed. I will tell you about the town hall, at which there were about 40-45 people. But that can wait until Wednesday. I want to give you a quiz

Thanks to Hispanic Center Executive Director Lorna Velázquez, I was fortunate to meet a Enrique Vazquez Vega. He was doing Zumba when I came in, but when he saw me, he snapped to attention and saluted.

Must be my Australian hat.

He was a Boringqueneer.

I never knew their story until I spoke to him. I will share it with you on Wednesday, when I tell you about Mayor Dionchez' visit.

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