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Monday, April 25, 2016

Nazareth Jazz Festival Should Be Blues Festival

The 3rd annual Nazareth Jazz Festival will take place this Saturday from 12pm - 5pm at the Nazareth Boro Park.

Considering the recent arrest of its Mayor on theft charges, his refusal to resign, a completely clueless Borough Council and a top-heavy police department, it should really be a blues festival.

Maybe Mayor Carl Strye will roll out a few poker machines and instruct cops to look the other way.


Anonymous said...

Will the mayor be signing autographs? Placing bets? Or be on vacation?

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly❗ it's not bets it's Boots he will be place in BOOTS on wheels man. That's the sure bet. This way he will tell everyone,of you none believers,of his illegal crimes. He will say you illegally parked,farted,looked cross eyed,your to fat from eating to much cupcakes,accidentally dropping stamp size impeachment of Mayor Dinkle pussy Strye. Which I'm willing to donate money for. So remember if you see FUZZ NUTS MILLER,walking around with a smile on his face run, run fast because you just the boot. Cha Ching cha Ching,goes the Mayors pockets. Good job PARTNER, god dam,Dinkle pussy. I told you before about telling everyone that were partner's.yea FUZZ NUTS,you remember who brought you into are little circle asshole. Nazareth could have a hired 2 cops for the price were paying you. Don't worry people of Nazareth are not smart enough to know that. Are you sure. Just look around, do you see me kicked out of office yet. Unknown to them Batman,Freddie,Robin,and Bernie taped this whole conversation.Bernie said we have to go to the police about this. Robin say's the police. That's right the police. Theirs only one officer we can trust. Said Freddie and Bernie,who's that.Officer --------❗

Anonymous said...

Because nothing screams jazz like Nazareth. The least jazzy place on earth

Anonymous said...


Sanders, not O'Hare.

alfonso todd said...

Lol! Thanks, BH..

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

The mayor was at Southmore Golf Course yesterday, cheering on the Flyers. Like him they are losers!! Don't look like he has a bit of remorse in him. Cocky SOB!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

He waved his preliminary today, which is not what an innocent Defendant does.

Anonymous said...

He'll be there with his entire community of friends. You know, doing that Jazz thing. Talking to Larry about the ARD gig and his next run for mayor. His partner has been instructed to take notes on the behavior of his men. See if the rank and file can be thinned out by at least one more. Leaving only one.

Geez,can't wait. What a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope it's a beautiful day for the Jazz fest.

Anonymous said...

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