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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Long Live the Queen ... and Princess

Queen Elizabeth turned 90 today.I'm still waiting for her to Knight me or at least make me a Count or something. Below is Princess Madison Dietz, who took over the reins of Northampton County Council yesterday.


Anonymous said...

The Hell with her Bernie, you are my favorite Queen!

The Bear

Anonymous said...

Hokie Joe says:
She may knife you, but I don't think she would knight you.

chilio said...

No one will truly rise to the occasion like The Queen Mother, who declared (when Buckingham Palace was strafed by Luftwaffe planes during the German Blitzkrieg of World War II):
''I am almost glad we have been bombed-now I feel I can look the East End in the face.''

Anonymous said...

I thought Elton John was the Queen of England?

Anonymous said...

Elton John is the Queen of England just as Bernie is the Queen of Northampton County.