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Friday, April 22, 2016

Drug Court Lauded by Drug and Alcohol Administrator

Judge Craig Dally at Drug Court Training
Tiffany Rossanese, Administrator of Northampton County's Drug and Alcohol Program, updated Northampton County Council on April 21 concerning the Drug Court, which meets every Thursday afternoon. This is a post-conviction court that usually includes probation violators.

Rossanese reports that there are 16 participants right now in all phases of a four-phase system, with five pending applications. The drug of choice varies, from alcohol to heroin. The majority are heroin addicts.

"Honestly, I think it's a great thing," she said. "I'm very happy it's there." She is part of what she calls "the treatment team." Many of the Defendants who enroll receive medical assistance. "The successes we're seeing speaks volumes about how great this program is," she noted. She praised Judge Dally and his commitment to the program. Though it is too early to produce hard evidence that this works, she believes that the data will show that drug court "is a huge benefit to the County."


Anonymous said...

The drug court will not and hasn't fixed the real problem. 16 candidates out of how many?? The real problem is getting quality treatment for those offenders to use before they offend and not after. My opinion this is just another way to create jobs for county employees. If the county would spend money on drug treatment programs for offenders they wouldn't have to have a drug court. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

No, mention to the nonexistent addiction that these faculties are treating the very drug dealers peddling the poosion to our youth?! Than there is the fact that every corner store and said most grant grab get to give entity still has stock of k2 and other rendering of this under the counter?!

This is all part but not limited to a circus created to look like justifiable commerce as well as cover one another's ASSES?!
redd registered Republican
patent pending