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Monday, February 18, 2013

Five Six Republicans Running For Five NorCo Council Seats

In Northampton County, the annual Lincoln Day breakfast is a pretty big deal for the GOP faithful. Party stalwarts like Ron Angle or Lee Snover are there every year. But many others show up only when they want something. John Cusick, Tom Dietrich and Bruce Gilbert were absent from this Saturday's gathering. That's as sure an indication as you're going to get that they're not running. Five Six GOP council candidates have, however, been identified.

Peg Ferraro, the wishy washy choice. - She has an incumbent's advantage but knows she's in trouble. It's going to be a tough year for Republicans in Northampton County. Because she supported keeping Gracedale in County hands, Ferraro believes she has a shot, and she probably does.

At the breakfast, she reportedly gave a speech praising Ron Angle and his financial acumen, trying to tie herself to him among Republicans. But it is Peg who, two years ago, embarrassed and deposed Angle as Council President, with no prior notice. She had promised Ron her support, and lied to him.

As much as I like Peg on a personal level, and nearly everyone does, I will never support her again. I just can't support a lying backstabber, especially when it is done to someone whom I consider a friend. She might win, but she won't be getting my vote.

Tricia Mezzacappa, the bigot's choice. - According to an Easton police officer's report, both neighbors and a cabbie heard Mezzacappa use the word "nigger" in describing her neighbors. They "should have stayed in the projects," she told one of Easton's finest. Mezzacappa was convicted of disorderly conduct last year, after an outburst at West Easton Borough Hall. Several witnesses heard her state that she wanted to drag Boro Council Prez Kelly Gross to the Delaware River and drown her.

She has also advocated the use of deadly force against a minority 14 year-old Dieruff High School student who may (or may not) have been mouthing off to an Allentown cop. "Too bad he didnt shoot this wildly obnoxious imbecile with a real weapon. One less problem student who will ultimately be a terrible leach [sic] on society, after being trained to think she is above the law. One shot, kersplat, perfect, problem solved."

After fantasizing on three separate occasions about how neat it would be to send a hollow point bullet through my skull, The Express Times suspended her posting privileges at their site. So she now posts under a pseudonym, Pigface817.

Her speech, believe it or not, was about honesty.

I have sued this person for numerous lies about me that, according to a judge, are defamatory per se.

If she gets on the ballot, and it appears likely that she will, she will drag down the entire ticket with her unless they distance themselves from her hate.

She has just sued Ron Angle, claiming that he's stalking her now, too. Apparently, he's my back up.

Lincoln played bass briefly for the Beatles
Mat Benol, the tea party reject's choice. - You might remember Mat. He ran as a conservative alternative to Congressman Charlie Dent a few years ago. After being defeated, he angered tea party extremists by throwing his support to Dent. How dare he be reasonable!! They deposed him as Chairman of their group.

Seth Vaughn, Iraq War vet's choice. - I just wrote about Seth.

Hayden Phillips, the tea party afficianado's choice. - He's a 59 year-old Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine) who is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility. This is his first try at political office.

Updated 10:50 AM: A Sixth Candidate. - I received this email. "Northampton Borough businessman Frank Hesch III spoke at the breakfast and announced his candidacy for County Council as well as those you named. You may want to update your list." I will find out what I can about Hesch today.

Updated 1:50 PM:  Cusick was there. - I am entitled to my opinion, but not my own facts. John Cusick was, in fact, present for the breakfast. Since he does not intend to run, he did not speak.


Shirley Phelps-Roper said...

Mezzacappa is a good candidate, separate your personal dispute with her from the message she brings to the table. She will stand up for pig ownership, gun ownership, high heel ownership, and fiscal responsibility. Her Youtube channel Pigface817 is packed full of well made informative videos that shed more light on her positions. I believe she is also endorsed by the COAF and Christian Louboutin.

Anonymous said...

If this is the best they got, we are looking at a solid Dem council'
Ferraro will win. If cusick is definitely out, they are toast..Seth vaugh seems to be a interesting choice but he'll find that running countwide is a whole new ballgame compared to district wide. Wow..Dem council for sure next year.

Anonymous said...

Good for nothing.

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious! Republican candidates are no worse than the Democrat ones. The election is far away, a lot can happen.

Anonymous said...

she dumped you, get over it.

gruntled said...

Just because Ron didn't see John Cusick, doesn't mean he wasn't there. Get new glasses, Ron.

Anonymous said...

Ron was too busy running willy nilly out the back exit before Mezzacappa could serve him with her lawsuit.

Like a little fairy princess, he bolted, and quickly!

Anonymous said...

You get it wrong all the time. There are 6 running for 5 seats...you left out Esch

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Just because Ron didn't see John Cusick, doesn't mean he wasn't there. Get new glasses, Ron."

I had a second source who did not see Cusick. If he was, he did not speak. But if he was there, I will correct accordingly.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Ron was too busy running willy nilly out the back exit before Mezzacappa could serve him with her lawsuit. "

Crazy Mezzacappa. If Angle is stalking you, as you say, why wouls he run from you?

Anonymous said...

I am a republican Bernie, but this will be a very bad year for the Norco GOP. With the exception of Peg, there is not one person on that list that has a shot.

I think you are right that even Peggy is in trouble. She is a nice lady, but is indeed one of the most wishy-washy pols ever. She has almost no support from those who served on her committee because she was so good at smiling to your face and then stabbing you in the back. She double crossed her own vice chairman over and over and over again. While respected as a great family person and teacher, anyone who knows her well understands not to trust a word she says when it comes to politics. She blows with the wind.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:39, Your assessment could have been written by me. When my father was ill, it was Peg who brought over hoe-cooked meals. She is a good woman with a better heart than most. It rally bothers me, but I can no longer support her. In politics, she becomes a different animal, not the Peg I know and admire. I would do anything for her but give her my vote.

Mezzacrazy said...

It will be an all Democrat council if they don't make it known, in no uncertain terms, that they don't support Mezzacappa in any manner.

If I were running as a Dem, I'd use everything she has said, or done, and paint them all with the same brush. A know-nothing amateur could win, by using her candidacy against them.

Since I seldom think of doing anything first, I guarantee the Dems war room is already planning it.

c said...

Seth has a pretty good shot, he needs to be careful however not to make his religion a part of his platform in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Peg sticks it to people who have helped her along the way. There is no one more two faced than her!

Anonymous said...

Seth has as good a shot as any. He is a vet, knows the issues, and does well with Dems as he didn't get slaughtered in Bethlehem last time. My prediction, him and Peg along with three new Dems are on council next year.

Anonymous said...

Seth served in a comabat zone and he has my respect and gratitude but he better run on more than that. Most of us never got close to a war zone and the only action we saw was in a whore house on the Tex-Mex border. The whole vet thing can be overplayed. It is about what will you do as an elected official.

We will see.

Anonymous said...

Peg will win easily. No Dems vote in Bethlehem in general election..no races

Anonymous said...

Seth shoul come out as the D that he is.
Seth did ok in a race with two unknown candidates but still lost. He could win this time around but he must stop relying solely on his vet record, he was an admin clerk, hardly a combative and his religious zealot position is a noose also.

I wish him luck as they need a kid on council but he needs to stop stealing all of the democratic talking points.

Anonymous said...

They are not going to win because when the Republicans on council give the shaft to Easton and Bethlehem, voters will be reminded in the fall election that it was the Republicans who did it.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Cusick isn't running. He is well respected, knowledgeable, and has worked hard to restore civility on county council. Just shows how a good man can be worn down by the hypocracy of county politics.

Anonymous said...

Cuscik is a coward. He could have told Angle, "Ok, I'm not voting for you because I think you are a prick". No, he played a game and took the weaseally way out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Of all of them, Cusick had the most reason to stick it to Ron. And I say this as Ron's friend. He was always too hard on Cusick. I don't like what Cusick did, but I understand in his case why he did.