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Thursday, February 07, 2013

DA Asks Victims of Facebook Rapist to Come Forward

David Martinez: The Facebook Rapist
By his own admission, David Martinez, age 20, is addicted to sex. He's told police he's "completely unable to control himself" around woman. They are "just unable to say No to him," he tells Bethlehem investigators. Martinez faces rape and other charge after using Facebook to befriend two young females, after which he lured them to his Maple Street apartment in Bethlehem.

Last September, Martinez met a 17-year-old Catasauqua girl on Facebook. After exchanging picture and text messages, he arranged to meet her and take her back to his apartment. Once her got her there, he allegedly forced her to have sex with him.

Then, on February 1, he picked up a 14-year-old Bethlehem girl from Liberty High School and raped her at his home after befriending her on Facebook.

When questioned by police, Martinez admitted that "his hormones were out of control" and that there are "other incidents involving similar situations."

Northampton County DA John Morganelli called a news conference on February 6 concerning Martinez, whom he considers "a person of danger" and "possible serial rapist." Morganelli states that Martinez told police his Facebook behavior was a "daily routine," so the DA is concerned that there may be other underage victims. "I see him as a serial rapist and someone who is preying on young girls," stated Morganelli.

"The Internet is a wonderful place," said Morganelli, but cautioned that teenagers often lack "common sense" when dealing with strangers.

Martinez is in Northampton County jail under $100,000 bail.

Morganelli is asking anyone who has been contacted on Facebook by Martinez to call the District Attorney’s office at 610-559-3020 or Bethlehem Police Detective Moses Miller at 610-997-7674.


Anonymous said...

Yunno, I remember being so horny when I was 20 but I never wanted to fuckin rape a chick... or several ones...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Martinez claims he's unable to control himself. He actually feels sorry for his behavior. I am not making excuses for him. He is clearly a danger, especially to young women.

Anonymous said...

His own words should convict him and he should be chemically castrated!

Aleister Crowley said...

Chastity belt?