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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

More Beer For Bethlehem Tp!!

Nancy and Marcus Dixon, With Beer Barrister Erich Schock
Last month, Bethlehem Township's strict Zoning Hearing Board shot down Marcus Dixon's dream of establishing a small retail beer distributor business at 3801 Nazareth Pike, just outside the K-Mart Shopping Center. Chairman Stephen Szy, speaking for the board, denied a requested variance, a zoning remedy that enables zoners to vary slightly from the strict requirements of a zoning ordinance. "The law is the law," declaimed Szy.

But Dixon might get his wish anyway. His attorney, Erich J. Schock, pitched the project to Commissioners at their February 4 meeting, explaining that the property existed long before the shopping center that surrounds it. "Please let us catch up because you let everything else build around it," he explained. "Every retail use in the world is allowed."

Commissioners urged Schock to move ahead with a petition for a change to the zoning ordinance, promising to keep an open mind.

President Paul Weiss, who had attended the ZHB meeting the previous month, explained that zoners felt compelled to deny the requested variance because they do not set policy. "The policy makers are the Board of Commissioners," explained Weiss. "I thought it might be something to take a look at and consider."

In other business, mother and scout leader Jennifer Wooley raised concerns about a DUI center proposed at the Township's Coolidge Building, where her scout troop and other community organizations regularly meet. She was concerned that the 20 children in her care would occasionally be exposed to drunk drivers.

Manager Howard Kutzler explained that the building will be partitioned and that there would be separate rest room facilities for the DUI center. He added that there will even be a separate parking lot and a privacy fence.

After speaking to Police Chief Daniel Pancoast, Wooley stated that her concerns were addressed. "I'm just being a parent," she added. "I just don't think children should see that."


Anonymous said...

I won't be sending my two kids to comer park this year for the summer program.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the township fight Mr. Atiyeh over putting a prison/rehab center in the industrial park & now they decide to put a DUI center in a township park?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the rent is not tied to the head count of DUI arrest's.

That my friend, would be a money maker...

Anonymous said...

To the mother who was concerned about the DUI Center. Why shouldn't children see that. It's not like these people are drunk while they are there. They are trying to fix their lives (some of them at least). Why is it ok for Mommy and Daddy to drink and or get drunk in their own home, but you have an issue with seeing drunks in a different building. Come on people. REALLY!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

The mother who went to BT to complain about the DUI Center put her name out there. You should giver her the same courtesy. The best way to make her feel better is to let her come and speak her mind and then address her, as Chief Pancoast did.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous 9:23 you stated " It's not like these people are drunk while they are there. "

Why would they be at DUI center if they are not drunk? Hello...... they are there because they are being processed for DUI. and no i wouldn't want my 8 year old daughter seeing this. You should rethink your post

Anonymous said...

I don't know why that guy bothers.

If the state ditches the state store model, he'll be out of business in six months.

He'll spend all this money and time on an obsolete business model.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Some of Ohare's posts get a 100 reponses. This gets 7. Real news real issues. Yawn.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:24, Obviously you do. You not only read the post but left a comment. Haters gotta' hate.