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Monday, February 18, 2013

LWV: How To Run For Public Office Handbook

From my friends at the Lehigh Valley League of Women Voters:

Thinking of running for local office this year? Circulating a petition to get on the ballot begins this Tuesday, February 19. To many, running for local office can be a daunting task.

In order to assist candidates through this complex process, the League of Women Voters of Lehigh and Northampton Counties has created a Running for Local Office Handbook. It is designed to give someone thinking of running for local office, or working on a friend’s campaign, an understanding of how to qualify for local office and how to manage the campaign.

This “How To” handbook contains essential information designed specifically for candidates in local elections in Lehigh and Northampton Counties, including:

1. Instructions for Circulating Nomination Petitions
2. Local Elected Office Job Descriptions
3. Important Election Dates to Remember
4. Signature Requirements & Filing Fees
5. Sample Financial Interests, Petition, Political Committee Registration, and Campaign Finance Statement forms
6. Campaign Planning, Tactics, Organization, Finance, and Tips
7. Working with the Media

The cost of the Running for Local Office Handbook is $35.00; it can be obtained by contacting Ann Bartholomew at (610) 967-3653 or lwvlvehigh@yahoo.com .

Lehigh Valley offices up for election in 2013 are:

County Offices
Mayor, City / Borough
City Council
Borough Council
Township Supervisor
Township Commissioner
School Director
Magisterial District Judge


Ron Beitler said...

LWV also holds seminars. I attended one at NCC a few months ago. Had a half dozen elected officials, party folks and election officials in attendance speaking on various subjects. It was a great program. The companion booklet is essential if your considering running for something.


I was there and learned ALOT!

Alfonso Todd


Anonymous said...

Running for office is a piece of cake: have those in power endorse you. Otherwise, have lots of money, and work like hell. It's a laundry list of steps. Anyone can do it. Not that difficult. That ultimately is the problem.

Anonymous said...

What's the money for --- buying all the votes it will take to be "successful"?

"Not that difficult" is about right

Anonymous said...

What happens if you don't have any money --- you CANNOT be a politican?

That does not sound like a "Fair Shot" for EVERYONE, does it?

What would Obama say???