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Friday, February 08, 2013

Lynch Mob Tries, and Fails, to String Up Stoffa

Phony Preacher Mario Martinez
Earlier this week, I warned about the danger of government by lynch mob, in which a tyranny of the majority can step all over someone's rights in the name of some higher good. At the head of every mob is a demagogue, who will whip the crowd into a frenzy while pretending he is something he is not. Here in Northampton County, we have a lynch mob led by a demagogue. But they failed last night.

In Chattanooga, a 1906 tyranny of the majority decided that the honor of a white woman meant more than the guilt or innocence of some black man. So while the local Sheriff looked the other way, a gang broke into the County jail, and dragged an innocent man into the night, where they hung him and riddled his body with bullets. Not long after that, demagogue Joe McCarthy ruined careers and lives in a witch hunt for those deadly Commies. More recently, Fave Rev Jim Jones, another demagogue, led over 900 people to their death when he had them drink the kool-aid.

In Northampton County, the lynch mob has been a small collection of so-called Gracedale supporters, who actually first formed in an attempt to get an employee fired. They are not County employees or union members. With one possible exception, their Gracedale family members have passed on. At their head is Fake Rev Mario Martinez, who likes to refer to himself as "We the People" and thinks he speaks for them and Jesus Christ.

Although they've won their battle to keep Gracedale in County hands, that was not good enough for the Fake Rev and his minions. They had to make Executive John Stoffa, former County Council member Ron Angle and yours truly, pay. You see, we had the temerity to challenge their referendum in court, and nearly succeeded.

Witch Hunter Larry Otter

Their mouthpiece, Bucks County lawyer Larry Otter sued for attorney fees as the successful party and lost. Then he sued again based on "new evidence" that County funds had been used improperly to fund the referendum challenge. He also attempted to surcharge the County Executive. For week after week, I was called a criminal. Larry Otter told WFMZ that we could be going to jail. On several occasions, he demanded the District Attorney to investigate. At the same time, he'd tell us he'd go away if we paid him off.

We refused.

John Stoffa had to hire his own lawyer to represent him because he had been accused of personal misconduct. Amazingly, he was somehow dragged into a lawsuit in which he was not even a named party. I was accused of perjury. We were all called liars.

Eventually, the matter made its way to Judge Stephen Baratta. Uh oh. I had just argued, the previous year, that voters should not retain him as a judge. I'm sure that crossed his mind because it certainly crossed mine. Judge Baratta had just ruled against me on the referendum, and ruled against the County in a separate lawsuit. I disagreed with him, but his rulings were well-reasoned and withstood appeals.

He dismissed this second attempt at attorney fees, as he had the first.

Otter appealed Baratta's ruling to the Commonwealth Court and eventually to the Court of Final Error, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He lost along every step of the way.

But the witch hunters were far from finished.

Witch Hunter Steve Barron

Controller Steve Barron decided that he would now open his own investigation. He told Council he might need their help in getting subpoenas.

On December 5, in a written memo to Council, Barron closed his inquiry. Although he slimed us by suggesting that criminal charges have been filed in other cases, he was magnanimously agreeing to take no further action. Along the way, he claimed that some private law firm told him they had spent one or two hours working on the case, and charged the County. That firm was doing exactly what it had been authorized to do by a County Council resolution. They could have spent 1,000 hours and it would have made no difference. Their work was authorized by Council itself.

After Barron disclosed his findings, I challenged him to do something. If he was so convinced that criminal charges were warranted, why was he not running to the DA as Otter had done? In fact, I suggested he do just that. But he sat there silently, staring at a wall.

It was never anything more than a witch hunt. His goal was never to convict us, just convict us in the press and appease the lynch mob.

Witch Hunter Mario Martinez

But the lynch mob wanted more. Fake Reverend Mario Martinez began haranguing Council, week after week, to do something. He began threatening individual Council members on his blog that "We the People" would make sure they were never elected again. Lamont McClure, who would like to remain on their good side, bent to the mob and suggested to Executive John Stoffa two weeks ago that he should cough up $700. Stoffa, who was trying to discuss a human services lease, said he'd give the County $700 if that would make McClure happy.

Right after this, the lynch mob was in a frenzy. Fake Rev Martinez began demanding Stoffa to resign and wanted a public apology. He was now sure that Stoffa has admitted his guilt..

Stoffa had done nothing of the sort.

Moreover, under our Home Rule Charter, gifts have to be accepted by County Council. So Stoffa sent in the $700 as promised, with this little letter:
By way of a hard copy of this email, I am forwarding a check to County Council for $700 as a personal gift from me to Northampton County. During last week's Council meeting, I made that pledge. But at the same time, I must point out that the accusations leveled against me by the Controller, at least one member of council and members of the Gracedale group are ridiculous. I did nothing other than abide by the mandate at the time to sell Gracedale, and one that was approved by County Council resolution.

This is a matter that has been submitted to the District Attorney. It was the subject of private litigation and an attempted surcharge which required me to hire and pay for a private attorney. It went through the Court of Common Pleas. It went to the Commonwealth Court. It even went to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The charges were dismissed at every level. They are completely unfounded.

The proof of this is Controller Barron's memorandum to you dated December 5, 2012, in which an attorney at a law firm admitted that he did exactly what he was hired to do. After hinting at some type of criminal behavior, Mr. Barron decided to recommend no further action.

In hind sight, we can certainly question the wisdom of authorizing a private law firm to do all things to expedite Gracedale's sale. But to suggest, for even a moment, that this administration was ever interested in anything other than the best interest of the County, is personally insulting.

I am donating this as a gift in hopes that I can use my remaining time in office to discuss more important issues. A centralized human services building awaits your decision. We need to focus on deteriorating bridges, capital improvements at Gracedale and repairs around the Courthouse.

If paying Northampton County $700 will help us focus on these issues, it is money well spent. If you, the Council, can in good conscience take this money for doing what was authorized by your own resolution, please do so. But the Home Rule Charter, Section 202, (10) requires that any gift to the County must be accepted by you.
By a vote of 8-0, Council refused to accept this $700. Most Council members, to their credit, refused to be bullied by Martinez and his lynch mob. McClure voted No because he wanted an act of contrition from Stoffa. Well, he's no priest, and he's not getting one because Stoffa did nothing wrong.

Instead of government by lynch mob and demagogue, it's time for a real government by the People. Those people are the nine members elected to sit on County Council, as well as the Executive. They are not some whacked out fraud who thinks Jesus talks to him through his TV.

Last night, Martinez demanded Council to censor Stoffa and called on him to resign. He repeatedly called the Exec a liar, getting angrier and angrier. Then he said, "God bless you all."

His God must be into whips and chains.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Marshall Applewhite and Heaven's Gate with that Hale-Bopp Comet suicide.

Anonymous said...

Appears as if he proudly posed for your picture? One thing is for semi-sure. He isn't a freakin' vampire. His showed up in your picture. Maybe you can hang it in your attic to keep the bats and mice away?

Anonymous said...

Good post Bernie! Without being provoked they sound like the angry knuckleheads they truly are. They is definitely no excuse for their behavior. I truly wonder if McClure really believes the shit he spews. For that matter, I wonder if any of them believe the shit they spew. If so, I pity their miserable lives. I hope no of them pro-created.

Anonymous said...

"Forgive him for he knows not what he does !"

Anonymous said...

Sound a little bitter there O'Hare. Maybe it is becaaue this band of "evil" people beat down the bullshit that you Stoffa and Angle were selling.

Look at the briught side. The Nortyhampton County Clueless Council is going to bankrupt the county with their multi-million dollar building gift to Stoffa.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No bitterness at all. They had their asses handed to them tonight and it's about time. Contrary to what they think, they are not "We, the People." Those are the folks who elected the 9 people sitting on Council, not that lynch mob.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Appears as if he proudly posed for your picture?"

He did. That one was taken at Callahan's announcement, He tried to pretend he was Callahan's buddy while bashing him just minutes before.

Anonymous said...

Most county residents will take the Rev. and his Gracedale defenders over you and your lying prick buddies any day of the week. They proved that at the polls.

They aren't going anywhere but Stoffa is leaving office in shame.

Anonymous said...

2:12 am,

Make sure when you at Gracedale you ask to see the doctor. You are delusional and need to have a full examination. I think you may have kool-aid poisoning.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There is no question that the people voted overwhelmingly to keep Gracedale. Martinez and his crew can take some satisfaction in that. But the people who cast that vote did not do so bc of Anything Martinez and his goons did or said. They did so despite it. Since the time of that vote, Martinez and his gang of thugs has grown increasingly belligerent and have threatened nearly every member of Council, including those who were on Gracedale's side. The low point was last night, when Martinez repeatedly called Stoffa a liar, engaging in a personal attack that is contrary to the civility everyone promised to restore. I could see Council members cringe as Martinez played the bully.

Stoffa will leave office the way he came in, with more integrity in his missing fingers than Martinez and all his goons possess.

Anonymous said...

Do you think he was on the verge or will be on the verge of getting ejected or removed by the deputies from the meetings?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He was beginning to lose control.

Anonymous said...

He hd mor ecpontrolk than Ron Angle ever had on a good night. Stop the drama you queens, get a room.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Try that in English, and before your drug cocktail.

Norco Twink said...

I wouldn't mind a ride on RMM's glorious stache latin men are muy caliente.

Anonymous said...

The fake reverend has real reverend needs.

Anonymous said...

Martinez is the worst kind of demagogue. He hides behind his phony "collar" and attacks Stoffa like the petty tyrant he is. He is no Christian. He shows no mercy or kindness. He attacks a good and decent man for spite. He is a phony hypocrite with no life. "We the People" is a lynch mob pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kudos to council for refusing to accept the money from Stoffa. Sounds like the chair should have shut down the craziness though.

Seems like the power he thinks he has, has gone to the Rev's head.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sounds like the making of a movie...

Who would play Callahan, the Rev, Barron, O'Hare, McClure and Gilbert in the show!

Anonymous said...

Callahan=Tom cruise
Rev=Freddie Prinz
Barron=Orson Welles
OHare=Woody Harrelson
McClure=Tommy Lee Jones
Gilbert=Kenan Thompson

Anonymous said...

callahan: matt damon
the rev: danny trejo
barron: john candy
mcclure: christohper walken
gilbert: sidney poitier

Anonymous said...

Over at the Goon blog your friend posted this. Is she for real? What planet is she from?

Tricia Mezzacappa
February 8, 2013 at 8:45 AM

As a taxpayer I am appalled at the conduct of Mr. Stoffa and his helpers. As you know, I am running for a seat on County Council. My number one goal will be to hold the County accountable to the taxpayers who support it.

With God's good graces, I will have the stamina to acquire the 250 required signatures in the next three weeks. I am praying the weather is decent.

My motion to dismiss the O'Hare libel case is rescheduled for Valentines Day at 9 am. My hearing to get a restraining order on O'Hare to cease and desist stalking, cyber stalking, witness intimidation is scheduled for the 26th, Courtroom 1.

If I am successful in the TRO, O'Hare will not be allowed within 250 feet of me. I continue to fear for my safety as I see O'Hare cruising by my house in an abnormal fashion and throwing himself into my path while inside the courthouse. He threw himself into my path at the Norco GOP meeting over the summer, and then appeared at my summer hearing in the courtroom of Rich Yetter to goad me some more.

I am so upset and panicked by O'Hare , feel that his behavior is escalating at a dangerous pace, feel that he is a danger to my life, well being and safety.

I have taken extrodinary (and boy oh boy do I mean extrodinary) measures to ensure my own safety.

I am truly concerned for the COAF as well, because O'Hare is referring to you in a very unflattering way, and displays his hatred at his 24/7 high voltage nuclear missle launching pad, LVR. The hate he spews from that site is downright frightening.

If anyone is frightening by him, please call me or email me, and perhaps I can help to outfit you in some protective gear. You must stay safe. You must live and continue your mission.

Bernie O'Hare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa stated she was getting my case dismissed yesterday. What happened? Se wanted a line of people outside the rotunda. What happened? Now it is 2/14. Her claim that I drive by her house is nonsense. I can think of only one occasion since last April when I drove by her home, and that was on my way elsewhere. I did not confront her in the Prothy office, where I sometimes work. Three of the staff there will testify I did nothing. There was no physical obstruction either. She is a dangerous liar, but her reign of terrorism is coming to an end.

I am concerned that, before that happens, she is going to fabricate a reason to shoot me. I think this a reasonable or warranted concern, and it makes me understand and empathize with what West Easton officials go through on a daily basis.

Her supposed friends were no shows when she went to court yesterday, and got nowhere.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yesterday was a bad one for the Fake Rev. He was all gussied up bc he was supposed to do a taping on Business Matters about immigration. Jesus must have told Tony Iannelli to invite Martinez. But Tony listens to Satan, too, and Satan told him to invite Ron Angle.

Angle found out that Martinez was going to be a guest that morning, but still agreed to do the show bc he had given his word and is a man of his word. Martinez refused to come on with Angle there, showing what his word means.

After missing an opportunity to pontificate on TV, he spiraled out of control at a County Council with a message of hatred. Yes, Peg should have shut him down, but I think she made the right call in letting him go on because he destroyed himself, showing the world just how vindictive and petty he is. He did not help McClure that night.

County Council stood up to these bullies and refused to allow themselves to be played.

Anonymous said...

They did themselves in.

Their 15 minutes of fame has expired.


Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa will get two votes for County Council. Hers and the fake Rev's.

Anonymous said...

His mustache is from Spencer Gifts. His wardrobe is from Walmart. His communication skills are from the second grade. His honor is from the bottom of skid marked toilet.

Anonymous said...

The fake rev likes to give mustache rides to dopey bottle blondes with Adam's Apples. There is no accounting for taste or lechery.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

I am putting this blogsite on notice.

I do not appreciate being referred to as a person who is going to concoct a reason to shoot another.

You, as recently as last week, showed the poor judgement of service of court documents by hand delivery into my mailbox. The evidence is on my kitchen table in an envelope without a postmark, with the return address being Orloski Lawfirm.I'm sure it wasnt Rick cruising through West Easton.

I will continue to protect my person and property and pet who was posioned by you. . You have no reason to be at my home or anywhere in West Easton, and I would appreciate that you stay as far away from me as possible, including the prothonatory office.

My home is my castle and you're mere presence makes me fear for my life. If I see you on my property again, you'll face the consequences.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, You are a person who would concoct a reason to shoot another. I don't know how much more clear I can get. You are a danger and a menace to society. On three separate occasions, you have fantasized about shooting me on the ET web site. In your most recent posting, you made it crystal clear that you were referring to me. At the same time you do this, you create stories of me driving by your house or confronting you in the courthouse or any of a number of things. None of this is even remotely true. But my concern is that you will one day walk into the courthouse or boro hall and start blasting away, and then claim that you were acting out of self defense. You are perfectly capable of that. I already know you are a habitual liar. And your past record shows you are violent as well. Your published remarks are defamatory. Even on this blog, you continue. Even after a ruling against you, you continue. You have poor impulse control. That's another reason to be concerned about you.

And this blog is not about you or your histrionics.

Anonymous said...

The Witch is insane but she doesn't know it. It will take a judge to impress that fact upon her. NUTBALL!

Bernie O'Hare said...

That is about to happen.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

I am again putting this site on notice. Everytime I post here, I am keeping a copy of the blog post in a file.

You have been warned to stop publically accusing me of various crimes and criminal activity.

"Not being deserving of a firearm" implies I have a criminal history.

"Mezzacappa is Exhibit A for new background check legislation"
also implies that I am a criminal

"Concocting reasons to shoot others" I think is a felony.

"Mezzacappa is a criminal thug"

speaks for itself. I am asking that the comments be removed.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm really scared. Please forgive me for stating the obvious.."Your Unhinged"

Anonymous said...

And I thought "Bizarro World" was just a syndicated Sunday cartoon staple. Real life is so much more than that.

Anonymous said...

O’Hare is a DANGER TO YOUR LIFE! I mean look at him, he has the look of a hair-raising assassin, with his strong muscles on top of muscles, his ninja-like agility, those glasses resting on his nose - I’m not fooled.

Mezzacappa, writing on his blog and let him know of your fears and to warn others is definitely a sign of being crazy. If you were that scared why don’t you stay away?

If you were running for the “I’m a crazy dumb-shit” position, you would easily get more than the 250 votes.

Anonymous said...

Bernie..no one..should be on the receiving end of this type of absurdity. May justice prevail and you be totally vindicated. Long live freedom ..not license.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

I am again putting this site on notice.

There was no "ruling against me."

The ruling tossed the entire matter out of court. You were given permission to file an amended complaint by following various orders of the judge.

You failed to do that.

You have intentionally lied. Please refer back to the 39 page decision. I am sure the Judge who wrote it would not appreciate you putting words into his mouth.

Anonymous said...

250 signatures..of registered Republicans? It will never come to pass.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No there was not a ruling against you. There have been several, starting in April of last year. You are Exhibit "a" on any argument advocating the need for more thorough background investigations. You have been convicted of disorderly conduct twice: once for rolling around the street in front of your home in a cat fight with another woman; the other for threatening to drag West Easton's Boro Council President to the Delaware River and drown her. You have littered the ET web site with fantasies about shooting me on three separate occasions, making false claims that I am stalking you. You have lied to police and deputy sheriffs. You have filed false statements in court. I am not implying you are a criminal thug. I am telling you that you are a criminal thug. You have hijacked this blog on multiple occasions with spam comments that are vicious and just happen to use the same language you use and misspell the same words you misspell. You have terrorized my lawyer, both in your emails to him and on your blog. You are unable to hold a job. You recently broke and entered into your neighbor's home to take pictures and without their permission.

The 39-page decision most definitely rules against you. In your own wrods, "Anyone following the blogosphere now knows I just got my head handed to me via Judge Smith."

Now go away. Spew your venom somewhere else.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

I am again placing this blog on notice. There was no breaking and entering into another house. Please stop accusing me of being a criminal, and remove the comments.

Your constant portrayal of me as a criminal thug make it impossible for a jury of my peers to consider your libel claim .

Your constant campaign to have me disarmed has caused me to fear for my safety, and my life.

You have publicly lobbied the sherrif and the police to take away my permit and my guns.

If you act on this agenda in person, by trying to disarm me yourself, rather than by way of cowardice behind a computer screen, my reactions will fit the crime.

Consider yourself warned. You frighten me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You yourself posted a police report that clearly shows you broke and entered into someone's home. I do not frighten yo, but here is something you should remember very clearly. You don't frighten me. I have every intention of pursuing my claim against you, through the gates of hell if need be, and there will be another civil action soon.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have deleted two comments by Mezzacappa and will delete anything she posts here. This blog is not about her. She can tell her lies on her own blog.

Anonymous said...

ohare rapes boys

Anonymous said...

god hates fags

Anonymous said...

callahan smokes crack

Bernie O'Hare said...

Interesting that Mezzacappa would start with the spamming after being deleted. I'll keep the first five and delete the rest.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, that nut should be disarmed tonight. She's gone. Stay safe. She's flat out unstable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I know better than most just how bad she is. The Express Times suspended her account bc she refused to stop posting her fantasies about putting a hollow point bullet thru my skull. So she tried to take over this blog with her lies, and yes, she was convicted of disorderly conduct TWICE. When I start deleting her, she starts spamming this blog with her usual "God hates fags" nonsense. Now she's over telling the phony preacher, "He will be stopped Mario. He WILL be stopped. ....soon."

She also gleefully suggests that I might soon burst an aneurysm, except she spells it "anneurism". makes one wonder whether she got her nursing degree from the same cracker jack box as the Fake Rev.

Anonymous said...

Re Sen.Joe McCarthy: When a 'demogue' is proved to be correct in his assertions is he no longer a demogogue? I suggest you read the recent history of Communist infiltration in our government under Roosevelt and Truman. Of particular interest might be the unsealed documents found after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A demagogue is a person who appeals to emotion, prejudice and ignorance. McCarthy did exactly that. He was a demagogue and I can't believe I even have to explain that.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Gracedale group beat you, Stoffa and Angle. Ordinary citizens took on the power and won. That pisses you off. At least your boy Stoffa will get an unneeded multi-million dollar building as his legacy. Not bad for a consolation prize.

Anonymous said...

Trish why don`t you stay off Bernie`s blog. You have your own poison factory that spews lies and hate. You are a great addition to the Gracedale group that is unappreciative ,angry ,and full of hate and retaliation. How many people will ever want to trust you as a friend , neighbor. employee or candidadte ? So far you are 0 for4 with me. Pay more attention to your own behavior than that of others.

Anonymous said...

The Gracedale group will cause massive tax hikes in the future as Gracedale will always suck up County taxpayer money for continuing repairs. It now competes more and more with the private sector for patients all for the sake of shortsighted selfish individuals who feed off the public teat. The day will come when it will be sold after bankrupting the county coffers.

C said...

Good for Stoffa! I may not have agreed with every decision, but I never once doubted his integrity.

Anonymous said...

"You have been convicted of disorderly conduct twice: once for rolling around the street in front of your home in a cat fight with another woman; the other for threatening to drag West Easton's Boro Council President to the Delaware River and drown her."


You are correct about Mezzacappa's two disorderly conduct convictions, including the one on November 15, 2012 involving West Easton Borough. However, her "cat fight" with a neighbor was not one of those two convictions. That female neighbor had filed a private criminal harassment complaint against Mezzacappa. Before the harassment complaint was decided the two women got into a fight on Ridge Street and the neighbor was charged with assault. The fight was reported in the Morning Call on October 24, 2001.

The other disorderly conduct conviction apparently involved an ex-boyfriend. Mezzacappa pleaded guilty on December 21, 2000, according to court records. On the Saving Gracedale blog Mezzacappa blamed the poor guy. She wrote on October 31, 2011: "In 2000 an ex-boyfriend started a fire on my living room floor and threw me out of my own house, landing me face down on Ridge Street. He was arrested and I was charged as well for domestic fighting."

Although Mezzacappa likes to portray herself as the law-abiding victim, the record shows her belligerent behavior is not something new. Her history of violence goes back more than a dozen years. And that's not all. Mezzacappa also was charged two other times by the police with disorderly conduct - once for fighting and once for obscene language and gestures. Although she was charged on those other occasions (in 2001 and 2002), court records show she was not convicted.

Mezzacappa has also kept the police busy on the highways. Court records show she has been cited for and convicted of numerous traffic offenses, including careless driving.

Considering her disgraceful background, Mezzacappa's recent threatening behavior is no surprise. What is concerning, however, is that she is walking around with a gun or guns in her possession.

Anonymous said...

The only assault has been on my reputation by this nuclear launching pad of hate, please get your facts straight and realize that my SW 29 will stay where it is, securely holstered under my blue blazer.

Anonymous said...

The SW 29 will stay where it is, you haters are all liberal pinkos who drink BOH's kool aid listen to NPR when you should be getting the scoop from Rush and Hannity.

Peter J.Cochran said...

SW 29 is the .44 Mag. 1,000 Ft Lbs at the muzzle.I only know two people that can hit anything with it with certainty ,one is my 83 yr old dad. Otherwise its just TV.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Why doesn't the SHERIFF pull the permit to carry? ALL CCP folks I know have never seen the police for any infractions .. at all. ALL are tax payers that have responsible occupations,and lead clean lives and do not get in any trouble. Some statistical evaluations show the incidents of problems well below licensed police officers. What gives?