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Monday, February 11, 2013

Molovinsky on Reillyville

MM is the one not smiling
I'm a miserable bastard. Let me give you an example. Before last Thursday's Northampton County Council meeting, I spread out a ruck sack full of pens, cameras, notebooks and, of course, coffee. It was all over the floor as well as the seat next to me. Controller Steve Barron tried to negotiate his way through that obstacle course to meet some Democratic Council candidates and try to impress them. But on the way, he very nearly tripped.

"I don't want to fall on my fat ass," he said. "Imagine the picture."

I admonished him about his poor self-esteem.

"Steve, don't disparage yourself like that. Let me do it."

I do a much better job.

Last week, I even sent a few real nasty emails to a young man suffering from an incurable disease.

That's how I roll.

Even when I write puff pieces, I do it mostly because I know it will piss off the anonymous trolls.

But I'm much nicer than Allentown blogger Michael Molovinsky. He's miffed that The Morning Call's recent, 40,000 word, story about J.B. Reilly, fails to mention his critical blog by name.

Silly blogger, that would be journalism. Reporters Matt Assad and Scott Kraus are obviously auditioning for Lehigh Valley Style Magazine. At least that's what one of my friends thinks. "The only thing missing were pictures of Reilly and his wife sitting at home in front of the fireplace with the golden retrievers and the Christmas tree in the corner. This was a PR masterpiece masquerading as journalism."

I hope they like it at Lehigh Valley Style.

I hear they have Summer hours.

Blogger's Note: I was able to take shots at Barron, J.B. Reilly, Molovinsky, a cripple, two Morning Call reporters, LV Style Magazine and the LVEDC, all in one little ditty. I think that's a record.


PresentAllentownParkAttendee said...
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PresentAllentownParkAttendee said...
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Anonymous said...

Good article. They don't have to hate the way you hate bloggers do. They are journalists with a balanced view. You just besmerch those you hate.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want to be JB Reilly? Please hand me a barf bag..I'm starting to retch!

Anonymous said...

The MC is obviously in the bag and has no shame or conscience. A disgrace!

Anonymous said...

No mention of the NIZ lawsuit..WTF?

Anonymous said...

Balanced view? You are delusional!

Anonymous said...

I liked the article. JB really cares about Allentown.He looked very handsome on the front page.He is risking his money on this project because he wants the city to be better. We are lucky to have people like him and our mayor.

Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:17 His Money? Do you really believe that? After all the lawsuits and articles how the Taxpayers are paying for this project and you still believe Mr.Reilly is using his own money. Wow....you are so nieve and probalbly agree with him because he is "handsome". LOl It is people like you that allow politicains to rob us blind.

Anonymous said...

The Morning Call hunk of blatant bs article is like the plot to a movie.

Big fanfare about this benevolent local guy who's using his own fortune to turn around the city.

However, the truth is, his investment is really Pennsylvania's investment and he's using very little, if any of his personal money. He isn't going to the poor house if this all fails.

That's the real story. The state is on the hook.

Guys like Reilly and Jaindl don't touch Allentown without knowing beforehand their investments can't lose.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The first two comments come from someone who is not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Reilly may own the paper's real estate in short order. Maybe he plans to keep the paper, maybe spin it off to some others including a local news guy who just got into the real estate development game.

These reporters, and their bosses, are just trying to get a leg up.

Anonymous said...

Love the blogger's note. Outstanding.

Is the MC still publishing daily?

They continue to litter my neighborhood with unsolicited weekly editions that are thrown on laws and driveways and left to pulp in the lovely winter weather. They are public nuisance. I've called in an attempt to get them to stop tossing their garbage and get an operator in Bangalore who thinks I'm throwing away free wallpaper or BTUs.

I have to laugh when their editorials blast fracking, while they're marring the countryside with a foolhardy marketing effort for a piece of shit written by pieces of shit that nobody wants anymore.

Matt Assad should drag his ass up here and clean up his company's mess. I'll bet he's better at picking up garbage than writing it.

TJD said...

Anon 12:37 - I like getting their Weekly on Thursday/Friday. It has the grocery inserts so I know if I should wait until Sunday to buy something that will be on sale. It also has coupons most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Viva el Palace Sportivo!!!

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski hockey is affordable, high quality entertainment for all ages at the state of the art Allentown Arena.

No need to wait until Sunday, tickets are on sale NOW!

Anonymous said...

I no longer expect unbiased reporting from the Morning Call. The Call has sold its soul like so much other media. If not for my wife's interest in hard copy news each morning, the Call would not be welcome in my home.

The Call could still be a valuable asset to Lehigh Valley residents. Instead, it chooses to be a valuable asset to just a few. Disgusting.

Mike Molovinsky, and any other blogger, is wrong to expect some form of credit. For outlets like the Call, that would be an admission of incompetence.

I do not consider Mr. Reilly a villain in all of this. He is an opportunist. A competitive advantage has been placed in front of him, and he grabbed it. Nothing wrong in that.

I do find our state government lax in agreeing to such an outrageous misuse of statewide taxpayer's money. This is as close to an illegal scam as we'll likely see. Lots of adults were, and continue to be, asleep at the wheel here.

I also regret a clown like Pawlowski being given such ammunition. Thankfully, I moved out of that "strange" city. This will not end well, and that will only become obvious when Pawlowski is long gone.

Enjoy your city, Allentown. You've made it all happen and deserve everything coming your way.

Anonymous said...

To quote Pink Floyd, "Mother, did it have to be so high?"

The construction cost for the transformative Palace of Sport, that is.

Anybody else remember when The Morning Call was printing articles reassuring the taxpayers that the hockey rink would "only" cost $ 80.0 million dollars?

And, my wife needs a cushy consulting gig, too. But I don't know any local politicians. Can someone please help me because we are just victims of extreme Republicans who want to starve children and kill old people?


Anonymous said...


The arena (on its own) will NEVER justify what it will cost to build and maintain. Honest people admit that.

When I say, "on its own," I mean without NIZ funding.

NIZ funding is a gimmick that makes spending seem justified and painless. Few understand (or want to understand) the actual ramifications.

Any time you take revenue dedicated to one budget away from that budget to make some OTHER budget happy, the ORIGINAL budget realizes a void in funding support. That void WILL be filled. Filled by extracting needed funds in some other way.


We are getting an insignificant arena, more items in certain folk's toy box, AND, we will pay more to make those happen.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I do not consider Mr. Reilly a villain in all of this. He is an opportunist."


Anonymous said...

how much has Reilly put in ed's coffers?

Anonymous said...

7:04 -

I'd say, less than $10,000. In the whole scheme of things, and given what a ticket to THIS kind of party is worth, that ain't all that much.

Reilly is NOT the problem. We can attack him, but it would more a matter of jealousy, and not for his doing anything criminal or harmful to others.

This is all BAD business, provided by your legislators. A certain few will benefit. Reilly is one of those, but that's a CREDIT to his acumen. Reilly didn't let us down. Our elected officials did.

Anonymous said...

that would be Pat Browne

Anonymous said...

8:48 -

Yes, Pat Browne, and no matter where one lives outside the Lehigh Valley, their OWN legislator.

The Allentown NIZ scheme is NOT good for Pennsylvania.