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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feral Cat Lovers Offer to Help Hanover Township

Hanover Tp Animal Control Officer Vince Milite
Concerns over a proposed "Responsible Pet Ownership" ordinance prompted a small army of cat lovers to visit Hanover Township Supervisors at their  February 26 meeting. About ten area residents, worried that stray dogs and feral cats would be systematically exterminated, were there to seek clemency. But as they were to learn, the ordinance was actually aimed at irresponsible people, not pets.

Liz Jones, of the Sanctuary of Haafsville, and Martha Kahan, of No Nonsense Neutering, told Supervisors they'd like to implement a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program for feral cats at no cost to the Township. In addition to neutering the cats, they are vaccinated against rabies. "We'll raise the money," promised Kahan. "We'll write the grants." She told Supervisors that at her East Allentown facility, she's neutered over 20,000 feral cats in the last five years.

Supervisors welcomed the news.

They have no intention of eradicating the Township's feral cat population, even though they get numerous complaints weekly. Supervisor John Diacogiannis told Jones and Kahal that the ordinance is aimed at problem residents, like those with thirty feral cats in their backyard. "We're not going to go after people who are doing it right," he explained.

No Nonsense Neutering's Martha Kahan
Supervisors encouraged Jones and Kalal to educate the public concerning the benefits of TNR, which will gradually reduces a feral cat population. The Feral Cat Coalition estimates there are 60 million feral cats in the United States.

Township Manager Jay Finnigan explained the Township simply lacks the resources to target strays. In his six years as Manager, he can recall only one incident in which the Township ever made an effort to remove a cat from someone's home. A home health care worker brought a stray cat into a residence, and the cat began attacking him. The Township's Animal Control Officer responded, but the cat began attacking him, too. This continued until a third person opened the door, and the cat bolted.

Finnigan also complained that the Township has difficulties catching stray dogs because "we have a very slow Animal Control Officer."

It is required by state law to capture stray dogs running at large. According to Finnigan, this has been no problem. "We've been able to place every single dog we've picked up in the last two years," the Manager assured these animal lovers. "But I'm running out of employees."

So who is Hanover's slow Animal Control Officer?

Public Works Director Vince Milite declined to reveal this information to The Bethlehem Press. "I'm not telling you," he said. But as the meeting wore on, it soon became evident that it's him.

He attempted to resign his post at the end of the meeting, but Supervisors refused to let him go.


Uncle Remus said...

BULLETS ARE CHEAPER or we could have a cat roast along with the long awaited pig roast


the union pukes are always crying for more - give each one of them a cat - give gregory two

Aleister Crowley said...

I was always taught drowning feral cats in have-a-heart traps was the most efficient way of disposal.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now be nice. When i was a kid, a friend and I stumbled on a sickening and grisly scene of cats strung up and tortured. The guy who did that, and who threatened us when he found out we knew, was arrested a few years later for murder.

Anonymous said...

I knew a kid who used bury them up to their necks & mow the lawn. He was sick mentally. Why not just euthanize them?

Anonymous said...

The only place in the world where more talk and time is given in figuring out a non problem like cats. Are there not more pressing issues in the Township?

Anonymous said...

Declare the cats tasty and serve them to the homeless. It's called multi-tasking. Next problem, please.

Anonymous said...

Try catching a feral cat --- talk about having nine lives. I've tried everything from dry cat food to raw fish and they still will not enter the have-a-heart trap. Anyone have any suggestions besides shooting or poisoning them ???

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ 7:26 if you can lure them into your house and shut the door behind them a simple fishing net will do the job without causing injury, take them to your local chinese restaurant and profit, they pay $12 per kilo at most places.

Anonymous said...

"We'll raise the money," promised Kahan. "We'll write the grants."

The grants. Of course, the grants!

She must be related to that guy in the slate belt who posts that he is so proud of his grant feeding prowess.


Anonymous said...

Trap and destroy. Several top wild life agencies have noted that Feral Cats pose the largest problem to endangered bird, reptile and mammal species across the US. It is noted that they kill an estimated 2 Billion animals per year.

Not to mention the fleas, worms and diseases that they carry.

Anonymous said...

For example:


Anonymous said...

Who would win in a fight? Otter or feral cat?

C said...

8:33, Glad you are on the cover of G.Q.. Vince is a great guy who works his arse off. Leave him alone.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I missed that nasty comment and just deleted it.

Anonymous said...

I totally don't get the nasty comments on this issue. For starters, TNR is a great program. Feral cats are only a problem when there are too many of them, and TNR addresses this issue.

When there's an overbreeding issue, yes, the cats can pose a health issue, not only to people and wildlife, but to each other. TNR programs prevent suffering.

On the other hand, when there are a couple of healthy feral cats around, it keeps down the local rodent population. That's a good thing, right?

Those that have hatred in their hearts for creatures that never did them any harm are the sort I really worry about. Yep, no doubt about it, today it's some harmless, defenseless animal, tomorrow it's murdering an innocent human.


Support TNR, get your own pets spayed/neutered, and live and let live...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of dog loving morons on this forum.

Anonymous said...

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