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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope J.B. Reilly? Maybe Not

We all know Pope Benedict is calling it a day, and will retire to doing reality TV shows on the Catholic Channel. Who will succeed him? It could be J.B. Reilly. He's already putting on all the Pope bling. The Morning Call got the ball rolling on Sunday, with a 457,000-word profile.

But the paper has gone too far. Instead of Pope, the Vatican intends to declare Reilly a living saint.

The Morning Call's puff piece is Reilly's beatification, but you also need two miracles.

The first is turning state tax revenue into bricks and mortar buildings with no financial risk. Water into wine, sales tax into office space. Amazing.

The Vatican has appointed a Devil's Advocate, dour and misguided Michael Molovinsky. He's calling it alchemy.

The second miracle is turning cigarettes into buildings. JB's right up there with JC.

The third will be turning Allentown's downtown from ethnically diverse to lilly white.

Next thing you know he'll be taking credit for "resurrecting" dead cities. But that would be "Saint Edwin." his wife has already nominated him for sainthood ... and Governor.

There is a fly in the ointment. According to some scurrilous anonymous comment to the Morning Call story, Reilly was buying property in the NIZ before the law was passed. Here's what "IHAVEagirl" says:

"Reilly said he had no discussions with Browne about the law before it was passed and played no role in moving the NIZ downtown" BUUULL! "But records show he didn't buy his first new property until March 2011 — three months after the new downtown NIZ map was adopted, and a week after the city publicly announced it was shifting the arena downtown." EVEN MORE BUUULL!. on December/2009 a sales agreement was already in place on a property on Hamilton st. ...CONTINGENT- that the Arena gets built there. "what Arena?" ask everyone, at the time."

I'm sure that's just a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

Boy are you jealous of this guy. He is a hard-working, self made millionaire who is actually doing something good for a declining city, creating jobs and a future for an otherwise barren wasteland. And you, who have been an underachiever all his life just trash him for the fun of it. A bottom-feeding blogger, indeed.

Anonymous said...

The Sunday story definitely a "puff" piece but the guy's a success for sure. The cigarette tax deal alone warrants more research for business majors everywhere.

Anonymous said...

JB seems to be the most successful businessman in the Valley.

Anonymous said...

Democrats railed against venture (i.e. vulture) capitalists during the campaign. Newark Mayor Corey Booker defended Bain for their investments in his struggling city and was quickly whipped back onto the reservation. Reilly is simply playing the game laid out by big government. He can't be blamed for laughing all the way to the bank (which likely leases from him in a tax-sheltered property).

michael molovinsky said...

@7:38, it's actually even better than that for reilly. national penn loaned him the $20 million to acquire the properties, and they will lease (and finance) his new building at 7th and hamilton, the debt service for which will be met with state taxes.

Anonymous said...

No way that the profile is 457,000 words when a novel is +/- 100,000

Bernie O'Hare said...

The comment at 7:23 AM is brought to you by Saint JR's PR firm, which just happens to employ Senator Browne's lovely wife Heather.

Anonymous said...

A cartoon in today's NY Post has Hillary making a move on the Pope job. Lot's of ways to make fun of a serious situation. A lot of people are dedicated to the Roman Church, even with lots of its' problems to deal with.

JB maybe doing what many real estate investors do, but anyone in Allentown that makes money is made to look evil. I'd rather see him succeed than let the city continue to decline and pine for the good old days.Max is gone, get over it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What's good for JB Reilly is good for Amerika, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Cool" Calvin Coolidge said, "The business of America is business."

So, yes. What's good for JB Reilly is good for Amerika.

This is especially cool when government picks winners and losers in business. JB is a winner. The government says so. Therefore, it must be good for Amerika.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your mouth watering undercurrent rage on society is shining brightly again O'Hare.

You failed in life, you're fat, ugly, and have a full set of rotten teeth that you cant afford to fix. You have no cock either, and your blueberry balls dont help.

You continue to launch your hate missles at productive and respected members of society. All you do is uplift their stock and reputation.

For that I thank you.

Now go choke your 1 inch chicken, and wack it into a cracker jack box you asshole

Anonymous said...

Does J.B. Reilly ride around with his dog on the roof of his car ...

... you know, like Mitt Romney?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia, I'll see you Thursday. I am sure the Court will be thrilled with you and your language.

Bernie O'Hare said...


If you insist on commenting here, please do so in English.

Anonymous said...

JB Reilly loves and protects dogs as evidenced by the evidence.

JB Reilly was the reason Eminent Domain was used to kick out Chinese restaurateurs who have been known to serve dogs.

JB Reilly is a protector of dogs.

Anonymous said...

I have every confidence that J. B. Reilly is NOT paying his fair share.

Hopefully, the Transformation will be redistributing some of Reilly's wealth.

So everyone can have a fair shot.


Anonymous said...

Reilly is a troughfeeder. Slop is slop, whether in the form of subsidies, tax breaks and insider deals or public payroll and benefits.

See how the piglets make way for the boar to get his fill?

It is, in some respect, poetic justice to see King Edwin's lever pullers getting what they voted for.


Anonymous said...

No one in MY neighborhood is so concerned with speaking English ...

... so why should I?


Anonymous said...

PS - I can remember when you wrote articles stating how cool it was to hear Hindu spoken in Allentown.

You mentioned hearing a bunch of different languages when you visited downtown and you remarked how diverse and wonderful the whole thing is.

I live and work in Allentown - unlike you.

I also happen to speak German.

I guess we found the limits of your tolerance, haven't we?

I am a bad tempered asshole, but you are an out and out Hypocrite.

Have a pleasant day, nevertheless.


Bernie O'Hare said...

You should learn how to read. I certainly did state I enjoyed hearing all those different languages. Then, in sarcasm, I said that Reilly's gentrification will eliminate that. I consider that a bad thing. That was my point, and I don't know how you can reach any other conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Canon law says the next pope will be unmarried, male, a Christian and over 60 and of good moral character.

St. Malachy indicates that the next Pope will be known as Peter the Roman. But Peter the Roman according to Malachy will find the Catholic Church un much tribulation and the terrible Judge will come to judge all mankind.

Now who outwardly knowing this prophesy will take the name name Peter. But three Cardinals have Peter somewhere in their given names. Bertone of Italy the Chief Administrater under Benedict. A Cardinal from Brazil and a Cardinal from Ghana.

JB will not become Pope, neither will Peter Schweyer or Bernie O'Hare

Bernie O'Hare said...

So I'll take my red socks back to Wal Mart.

Anonymous said...

I like it clem, it is exactly how you describe and the Big Brown Hole is the Barnyard seeweee¿


Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

J.B. seems to have been smarter than everybody else. The cigarette
tax deal warrents this.