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Friday, February 01, 2013

Ferraro Only Incumbent Seeking Re-Election On NorCo Council

If it's in the paper, it must be true.
Four years ago, in reaction to an overly partisan Democratic House, Republicans swept all five at-large County Council seats up for grabs in Northampton County. Now we have an overly partisan GOP House, and the pendulum is swinging the other way. Democrats may sweep all five seats up for grabs. Certainly the large number of excellent candidates is telling. Even more telling is that four of the five incumbent Republicans have decided against re-election, according to Norco GOP Chairman Bob Kerr. He disclosed that at last night's monthly meeting.

It is no secret that Council members Barb Thierry and Bruce Gilbert had already decided against seeking re-election some time ago. That's understandable. Politics is ugly. But the shocker last night is that Tom Dietrich and John Cusick are calling it quits, too. Of the five GOP incumbents, only Peg Ferraro intends to seek re-election, and even she is reportedly worried.

Dietrich was at last night's meeting, and took no issue with Kerr's declaration. Cusick was absent and I have asked him to confirm what his party boss has said. According to Kerr, Cusick will not be running for Council or the Executive seat. That had been widely assumed in political circles.

"You have to know when to move on," he has supposedly said.

Incumbent Peg Ferraro, who is popular even among Democrats, is probably safe.

Was GOP Council candidate Tricia "God Hates Fags" Mezzacappa there? You betcha'. According to Ron Angle, she gave a speech and everything. Democratic Committeeman Dan DePaul, who once had to be escorted form a County Council meeting after threatening Angle, was also there for some reason. Maybe he forgot he's a Democrat.

Updated 11:20 AM, Cusick Response: "I'll have something to say formally later this month after a decision is made regarding the proposed Human Services building (which I strongly support)."

Updated 5: 30 PM: Weekend moderation has been enabled as a result of hijacking attempts.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. What is with posting "God Hates Fags" in quotations in Tricia Mezzacappa's name? That doesn't seem really cool.

Bernie O'Hare said...

She posted that comment repeatedly on Wednesday, along with references to the case hear in the Supreme Court. She can accept responsibility for it. She is the "God hates fags" candidate.

Anonymous said...

Some of the possible Dem's should run as Republicans, they would have a better chance of getting the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Ferraro should hang it up too.What has she accomplished ?

Anonymous said...

Bernie, according to a previous post you claimed those offensive spam comments were posted by someone using an "anonymizer", if that is the case wouldn't it be pretty speculative to give all the spammed comments to her despite some of the posting's reference to the libel case? Does the "anonymizer" assign a new IP address for each comment? I think it's pretty unlikely she posted all of those comments considering some were derogatory towards Mezzacappa. "Mezzacappa is pregnant", "Mezzacappa has no teeth, gives great @#$@jobs".
Perhaps her mentor was posting spam at in the midst of that she had a comment or two, or more likely he has inside knowledge about the case and posted those remarks to dupe you. I would refrain from assigning those comments to her as that is probably what these parties seek.

Mark Baker said...

A good housecleaning and some fresh blood would do norco and it's residents some good.

Tricia Mezzacappa said...

The reason why Bernie is calling me the "god Hates Fags" candidate is because of the case law I chose in my brief, in support of my preliminary objections.

US Supreme Court Landmark case Snyder v Phelps was my case that I used to support the right to free speech under the fist amendment.Phelps, a disbarred lawyer and owner of the Westboro Baptist church, runs a hate group called "God Hates Fags" and his groups picket the funerals of gay soldiers. His hatred flew all the way to the US Supreme Court and he won his case. He was relieved of millions of dollars in judgements in lower courts.

I dont endorse Phelps or the church. I dont hate anyone, and dont think God does either.

Judge smith (a marine?) rejected my caselaw flat out. I have no doubt that O'Hare sent the decision directly to the Phelps people, and their hate group, goading them over this rejection.

Coincidentally, Westboro Baptist church placed the lehigh valley on its picketing schedule within a few weeks of the judges decision.

The person spamming god hates fags on this blog is probably the blog owner.

As awful as the hate group is, I'M not convinced even they would waste their time spamming the blog.

But since O'Hare chose to post the 39 page decision on this blog, anyone could have seen the "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptist Church caselaw, and anyone with loads of free time could be the spammer.

Anonymous said...

No one will touch Feraro..She has done a great job and has years of experience..As far as none of the republicans running, I'll believe it when I see it.Either way, they'd all be in trouble cept for maybe Cusick..

c said...

We need balance and fairness. I'm not so sure that a supermajority on the part of either party is a good thing. I believe that Cusick may survive and have no doubt that Peg would.

Anonymous said...

Happy days are here again! Let's float a $100 million dollar bond for union-only construction and give everybody at Gracedale big raises. A NorCo commuter tax should also be approved. This county's nightmare is almost over. Peg will win and look more out of place than her trailer in that nice neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned for the GOP in the Valley. In NC the Ds seem to have all the momentum and a registration advantage. In LC the party is breaking up into factions that will not work together. So Ds have not only have registration advantages but GOP infighting.

One party government is usually the basis for the kinds of problems in NY, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Ferraro can be beat. She was crushed in 1997 and lost 2-1 to Uliana in the GOP State Senate primary. The idea of political invincibility went out with lever numbers on palm cards.

Anonymous said...

Calling bullshit on Meggacrappa. She's spewed more hate than anybody can count. "God hates fags" is quite consistent with her regular spewing. If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, and lives with other pigs - it's a pig, dammit.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The reason I am calling her Tricia "God Hates Fags" Mezzacappa is bc that is the phrase she used when she hijacked my blog for three straight days, making claims that she and she alone knew about. She just admitted her obsession with the Phelps case in the defamation action I've brought against her. She seems to think that since "God Hates Fags" is permissive political speech, it is OK to make false accusation of disgusting criminal acts. She should know by now it is not.

The "Mezzacappa is pregnant" comment was thrown in there so she could do precisely what she is doing now - lying.

There is no doubt in my mind she posted those comments. There is no doubt in Kelly Gross' mind that Mezzacappa posted those comments.

Her claim now that it must be the Phelps people and that I must have goaded them is flat out wrong. I wrote two blogs about their scheduled appearance in Allentown and did not hear a word from them. It is Mezzacappa.

She is that nutz.

The suggestion that her blog mentor was doing it is wrong, although I am certain he enjoyed and encouraged it bc he is sick and twisted, too. The comments are replete with the same typos and same misspelled words I see on Mezzacappa's blog and do not see on his.

Anonymous said...

What the Hell just happened?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Spam attack by "God hates fags" Mezzacappa. I deleted her garbage.

Anonymous said...

The "R" party will have candidates to run for County Executive and County Council. They need those candiates to fill out a ticket if they want to win the Executives Chair. If Peg Ferraro runs for Eexutive with the present field of candidates, Peg wins. What they won't have is a strong person at the top of their ticket. Callahahahahahan and sleeping beauty Reibman will not be the strong leaders on the "D" ticket. The "D"'s are using Seyfried for that purpose. I sincerely hope Seyfried doesn't run. Not that he isn't qualified, because he is, but because the D's are only using him. Now Heckman will further strengthen that ticket. Seyfried and Heckman will ppull the ticket through. They will be tough to beat unless they're caught in bed with a dead goat.

Anonymous said...


Any insight as to Cusick's remarks?

Lighthouse said...

I generally like Peg, and think she has been a pretty good councilwoman. She's quite personable. There has always been a little part of me that doesn't completely trust her though. When she hired some private investigator to try to dig up dirt on Bob Nyce that reflected a little on her character in my eyes (though in fairness, supposedly Nyce/Severson tried to do the same to her, so all's fair right??). Then, fast forward to the way the Pres. election of Cusick over Angle was portrayed here on LVR did nothing to change this perception of her.

Anonymous said...

Seyfried and heckman and Ferraro will be elected unless they leave the state..After that, who knows?
The only one of the current crop of Republican incumbants that has a chance to win other than Ferraro would be Cusick...Either way, it's a DEmocratic Council for sure with Veto power over anything stupid the next Executive would try...Thank God!

Free Tax Preparation said...


Have you seen Mezzacappa's latest blog post? Does O'Hare Have Friends in Low Places?

Again, she raises the "pedophile" question, but tries to cover her ass behind the 1st Amendment.

What I find amusing is her twisting of a picture of a shirtless boy drinking beer you posted in another article, as being somehow pedophilia related. Most understand the context of the picture, as it related to your story of a baseball stadium for kids (beer is a big seller at baseball games). Thank God, you didn't post a picture of a kid eating a hotdog. Her sick mind would have really twisted that one!

All that aside, it's obvious that she is again talking to herself through comments.

People... have.... a style..... of...writing...that...is...easily...recognizable....

Hers..... is...apparent.

Make sure you add her latest post to the pile you will be submitting in court. She continues to strengthen your case.

Anonymous said...

Check around, you will find that there are more than a few instances were Peg has made a promise to someone, then switched gears. Don't know what her deal is but word has gotten around politcal circles.

It is one thing to be uncommitted, it is another thing to make a committment then break it. Even among politicans that makes somneone much less than trustworthy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

5:36, She is certainly not helping herself.

Anonymous said...

Since you said Detrich switched parties a couple years ago, he can't run for Rep party. Any word he's on the Dem ticket?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow! You have a good memory. I don't remember that. But it would be weird for him to attend a GOP Committee hearing, as he did, if he switched parties.