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Monday, February 11, 2013

Backstabber Report Asks How Mezzacappa Can Carry Weapons

Last week, after the third time in which Tricia Mezzacappa fantasized about putting a hollow point bullet through my skull, The Express Times suspended her posting privileges. Right after that, comments began appearing from someone called "Pigface817", which just happens to be the name Mezzacappa uses for her kooky youtube videos. In the course of searching the Internet for Pigface817, I stumbled across a detailed account of the Mezzacappa story at Backstabber Reports:
"It’s pretty obvious that neither main player is a saint. O’Hare has a sullied past, is unlikable simply because he was a lawyer, and even he sarcastically refers to himself as a 'bottom-feeding blogger.' However, Mezzacappa is conducting herself in a manner that any rational person would think irrational. Childish and immature is putting it mildly. Some might think, 'Raving Lunatic' is more accurate. She seems to have no self-restraint and, like a child, resorts to the lowest tactics that one can use. She also makes it clear that she owns a gun and has made references to the possibility of it’s [sic] use in veiled threats.

"It’s not only Tricia Mezzacappa owning a weapon that’s disconcerting to residents, but being able to carry it on her person is downright frightening to many. After some maniac just devastated Newtown, Ct., it makes people wonder how someone who openly admitted that they are taking unspecified, but potent medication, can retain their firearm, let alone be allowed to carry it on their person. The revelation of her taking mood altering medication was provided by Ms. Mezzacappa in her response to a defamation lawsuit filed by Mr. O’Hare. In her response, Ms. Mezzacappa, who sought to have the case against her dismissed for a number of reasons, asserted that, “due to the potency [of the medication she has to take because of her interactions with O'Hare, she] would be unfit to stand trial, or provide (her) own defense, pro-se (sic).”


Anonymous said...

Probably the most comprehensive write up of the situation anywhere. The author's assertion that if your defamation succeeds others will follow is probably spot on. Who will it be, Orloski, Gross, Ron Angle?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is a comprehensive report including details that even I did not know. For example, I had no idea she filed a RTK request seeking the cost of her police escorts. The author sums it up best with this one sentence.

"You don’t need to dig for anything negative about her. She provides it freely to the public on her blog."

Anonymous said...

Great post. Wow.

Please be careful. She'll be involved in the next courthouse shooting if somebody doesn't do something. And we'll all have been clearly warned.

Anonymous said...

It's good to have an outsider with no local interests, give his assessment of the situation. If Messycrapper doesn't get it, and she prob won't, she is is going to go bankrupt or end up in prison. Or both.

So Whack-a-doddle should just chill out and un-load.

Anonymous said...

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