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Friday, February 01, 2013

Following the Money in NorCo

Campaign finance reports were due by COB yesterday. In the Exec race, how much money have John Callahan Lamont McClure and Glenn Reibman raised? How about Bob Donchez and Willie Reynolds, who are crossing swords in the Bethlehem Mayoral races? Who are their financial backers? Are they spending any money? The answers to these questions will likely reveal more about these hopefuls than their scripted position statements.

I'll be looking at these reports today and will have a full report for you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

No question Callahan will top that list. He has the been getting the big developer checks for years. With him everything is for sale. Next the county is for sale and he is making them pay big time.

Mark Baker said...

Anon coward 12:43,

Unfounded accusations or can you prove your BS?

Anonymous said...

Of course they can't prove it. Just one of Reibman's campaign goons trying to smear Callahan.

Anonymous said...

BOH, are you waiting until Monday because you know JC didn't file on Friday when the rpeorts were due??????

Anonymous said...

Actually anon 10:11 am the reports were due Thursday 1/31/2013. Not Friday. It will be interesting to see how O'Hare spins this one. Imagine if it was Cusick, Deitrich, McClure, Barron, Reibman or the Northampton County Dems that did this. He would be screaming from the highest roof tops. John Callahan can do no wrong now because he is not running against Dent in this race!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Glenn or Lamont, I have learned that it makes sense to wait until the day after the reports are due to look at them bc it is easier on elections officials, and that way I know if a report is late.

I know Callahan's report is late from three different sources, including Callahan. There was a medical emergency involving the person who was preparing the report.

I generally don't kick people around when someone is prevented by illness or an emergency from filing a finance report. I'll let you do that bc it makes Lamont and Glenn look so good.

Anonymous said...

Bernie... It's not Glenn or Lamont. Look the books close on 12/31/2012. It may take a week maybe 2 to have the bank statements and for all checks to be deposited and clear.

That said a sickness the day the report is due no excuse as he had 31 days between the time the report closed and the time that the report was due.

You would kill anyone else who did this. Lamont, Glenn, Bob D, Willie, Morganelli, etc... all filed early. Even Ed P. Your constantly saying he's not transparent. This flies in the face of that.

There is no excuse for this. No exceptions should be made. He should be fines and have to pay it.

It comes as no surprise though. I mean holding $350,000 checks for a developer friend and donor and having that play out in a civil suit and one day late on a campaign finance report. It's all no big deal for your new "golden boy".

Anonymous said...

Callahan is above the law like Stoffa. Bernie is just fine with that. He is on the cmapaign bandwagon.

Callahan is the King of Developer money. Even Seamus is ashamed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Glenn or Lamont, Like I said, hammer the guy for filing a report one day late as a result of a medical emergency. You'll look real good.

Anonymous said...

so a report is late.

there's no advantage to the campaign in the delay...it only makes them look bad.

pay the minimal fine. move on.


Anonymous said...

You mean two days late now. Still no report filed from Callahan. It doesn't take that long to provide a finance report.

Anonymous said...

There is NO EXCUSE for filing a Finance Report late. Report closed 12/31/2012. That leaves the ENTIRE MONTH OF JANUARY to compile the report. At most, this process takes an experienced finance staffer or treasurer 4 to 6 hours to complete. There is no excuse for not getting a report on time, especially if you are planning on running for higher office (like executive).

Anonymous said...

In fairness Bernie, point well made. He has a big campaign staff. No excuses,or will this be the first of many?

Anonymous said...

Actually he had 1 campaign staffer. Who had a medical issue

Really, who cares except fleck