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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin Seeks Seat on Pa Supreme Court

Pa. Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin has announced she will be seeking an open seat on the state supreme court next year. 

Judge McLaughlin is a graduate of Penn State (1988) and Delaware Law School of Widener (1999). She spent most of her legal career as a prosecutor in the Philly DA's office before being elected a common pleas judge in 2011 and a Superior Court judge in 2017. In her 2017 race, she was the top vote getter. 

In the above video, she tells you a little bit about herself.

Her mantra? "Never forget where you came from." 


Anonymous said...

She just ran, surprised wants to move up already.

Anonymous said...

Democrat or Republican?

Anonymous said...

She actually ran 4 years ago, and the seats only open upon vacancy.
Therefore, Judges must run when there is an opening.

Anonymous said...

Bernie doesn't cite party affiliation because he's still pretending judges aren't political. We've learned this year how silly that fantasy is. PA's judges are elected and follow their party lines. If they were ever apolitical in the past (they weren't), those days are long gone. Check their affiliations before checking any other thing about them. Our judges are politicians.