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Monday, December 21, 2020

McClure Snags Firefighter Endorsement

In a campaign, it's normal to see Democrats endorsing Democratic candidates. So it's no surprise to see incumbent NorCo Exec Lamont McClure snag endorsements from Congress person Susan Wild and the mayors of both cities. They're all members of the same tribe. So I understand why some of you place no weight at all on endorsements. But some endorsements matter. One that matters to me is the endorsement of the firefighters' union.  McClure received the endorsement of the 2,000-member Pa. Professional Firefighters Ass'n on Friday. Those guys put their lives on the line every day for you and me. So when they speak, I listen. 



Anonymous said...

With handouts to the union even paying for them to take vaccine. Unions love him. Also he has union leaders he put on county council. Who else would they endorse. You are easily pleased.

Anonymous said...

First point - absolutely no question about the bravery, dedication, and heroism of firefighters. Second point - exactly who voted for and recorded this endorsement: majority of firefighters making up the association or some executive committee or board of the association? Third point - if vote came from association “leadership”, are they firefighters themselves or paid officials running the association?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you make an endorsement before you see who the other person is running? While I respect the hell out of Firefighters, this just tells me that McClure is in their pocket.

Anonymous said...

No one asked this union member from Easton. Must be a Sal luvs Monty thing.