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Monday, December 14, 2020

LV Covid-19 Cases Are Triple What They Were in April

 From numbers cruncher Steve Thode: As of today (Sunday)  Lehigh County and NorCo have reported a combined total of 7,322 new COVID cases over the past 14 days. That is almost triple the peak 14-day new case number from the first wave (2,487 on April 15).

Blogger's Note: For those of you suffering from this illness, I wish you a speedy recovery. I have a few friends who are battling it now.  Unless you are a White House staffer, it's unlikely any of us sees a vaccine anytime soon. Although I have no medical background, and you should do your own research, there is some evidence that Vitamin D may help prevent infection or reduce its severity. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight. 


Anonymous said...

While the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, I don't know how the average person gets enough. I am outside a fair amount, and my doc asked me to take a 10,000 IU supplement once a week due to a deficiency.

Doc Rock said...

According to WFMZ, LVHN will begin inoculating its staff on Tuesday. Doubt many of them were White House staffers.

peterjcochran said...

We have been taking 5,000 (iu) for months. Ah , two weeks quarinteened on one mile of “deserted beach” ,Harry County. Couldn’t hardly stand it. LOL. I Read the WSJ and get information early . The Polio vaccine apparently could have been used as stop gap. Why wasn’t it? This vaccine coming is an antigen,a protein based mRNA that acts,stimulating the immune system rather than weakening the virus like mumps or rubella. I’m not an expert in anything, and not as smart as a lot of folks that read this blog-but I read everything I can to keep our guard up. We have to take this seriously,all the sudden I personally know people that have the Covid . EMS and first responders that have had this and recovered need to be identified. They now should treat ambulance calls in full incapacitated suit and a proper fitted military grade field protective mask as like m50 or similar with is. Chemicals and Biological joint services utility mask. Next up Coffee shortages price goes way up. Good day to all.

Anonymous said...

@Doc , I believe Bernie is referring to Trump’s position that top WH officials would be among the first to receive the vaccine. Trump has since reversed this position but Bernie may not be aware of that.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to have some actual sun! Clouds, cold and shortest day of the year a week away...

I know of many indirectly who have had it, with 2 passing away from it. I personally know 3 who have had it, all male, relatively healthy-ish, ages ranging from mid 20's to late 50's. One was hospitalized for a week, the other 2 were just laid out in bed for a similar amount of time, but all 3 said its like the flu on steroids and wish it on no one. The one who went to the hospital told be it was like having a 100 lb weight in his chest for 7 days. One of the other 2 says 3-4 months after the fact he still doesn't have a strong sense of taste.

Anonymous said...

The president has stated that White House staff should not receive the vaccine first. I'll await the advice of my doctor, as I usually do. The novel RNA development gives me concern. I also wonder about side effects and the cost-benefit considering CoViD-19 kills such a small percentage of the infected. I'm not an anti-vaxxer at all. I think I'm up to date on all my shots. But I have questions. Is that OK anymore?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Trump reversed course bc the "enemy of the people" exposed the plan to vaccinate those mask-refusing hypocrites first.

Anonymous said...

Take Vitamin D and Zinc. Best way to strengthen immune systems.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly nothing wrong with an ounce of caution and concern regarding the vaccine. Clearly advice of your medical professional should be heavily relied upon. That said, lets give credit to these companies, their research and development groups and individual scientists who made this happen. Also to the government for either getting out of the way or making the path easier for them to do so.

My take is that it will be February at the absolute earliest before the vaccine is made available to me and my family. By that point I believe that most of the worries and suspicions about any potential ill effects will have been satisfactorily addressed via the first waves of recipients.

Those who shun it, for whatever personal reasons, should be viewed just like any other group who refused to inoculate their children for measles, mumps, etc.

Anonymous said...

Keep wearing masks and the positive test rate may hit 20%, because masks are clearly working, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

11:42, surely you'll forgive us for not just bending over for your loopy ideas about how to combat illness.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Keep wearing masks and the positive test rate may hit 20%, because masks are clearly working, despite all evidence to the contrary."

This is disinformation. There are numerous studies showing that masks actually do work. Unfortunately, the issue has been politicized by many Trump supporters.




LVCI said...

December 14, 2020 at 11:42 AM Anonymous said..."Keep wearing masks and the positive test rate may hit 20%, because masks are clearly working, despite all evidence to the contrary.
So your saying all those doctors and nurses in the emergency and ICU's are fools? Maybe you ought to volunteer at one of em and see how it goes for ya.

Anonymous said...

tRump Lied & lied, tRump denied & denied, tRump golfed & golfed & golfed and now 300,000+ Americans are now dead!
Fuck Trump and all that he stands for!

Anonymous said...


Mar 1 - 1 Dead

April 1 – 6,460 Dead

May 1 – 67,044 Dead

June 1 – 109,509 Dead

July 1 - 131,013 Dead

Aug 1 – 156,764 Dead

Sept 1 – 187,643 Dead

Oct 1 – 208,347 Dead

Nov 1 – 236,072 Dead

Nov 7 – 242,103 Dead

Dec 9 - 289,988 Dead

DEC 13 - 300,000+!

Peterjcochran said...

Anon 10:14 you are absolutely correct in you judgement in my opinion. You must be a smart person. But the death toll s this year are in line with the 7-8 years without coviid . See anon 4:47 I say so what the numbers of deaths are flat from last uniffected years.

Anonymous said...

I was driving yesterday and saw mostly all restaurantset open for indoor service. Good luck to all that were served.

Anonymous said...

" But the death toll s this year are in line with the 7-8 years without coviid "
kindly show how that works.
reality would be
"United States (16 Feb - 2 May)
The number of deaths in the United States has been 16% higher than average, with about 97,300 more people dying than usual."

Anonymous said...

How soon people forget the Woodward - Trump talks. Remember he knew and admitted it!