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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jacob Holmes Trial - Lawyers Make Closing Arguments Today

The capital murder trial of Jacob Homes continues. He is charged in the execution-style slaying of Miguel Aponte at Easton Cafe on March 30, 2009. Franklin Barndt, who is serving 16-42 years for his role in the shooting, has been the chief witness against Holmes. 

The case, believed to be the first capital case in the state since the emergence of Covid-19, is being personally tried by DA Terry Houck, with the assistance of Deputy DA Tatum Wilson. 

Houck rested his case yesterday. 

Holmes is represented by veteran criminal defense lawyer Brian Monahan, with the assistance of Attorney Matt Goodrich. 

Monahan rested without calling a witness. 

Lawyers will close today, after which President Judge Michael Koury, Jr., will charge the jury. 

If convicted, the trial will go into a death penalty phase.  



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this life long criminal will not be found guilty.

Anonymous said...

Double or nothing that he gets the death penalty?

Anonymous said...

The jury found him guilty.

Anonymous said...

At least we can blame the governor!