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Friday, January 13, 2017

Memorial Service For Murdered Teen on MLK Day

A memorial service has been set for Grace Packer on MLK Day, 1:30 pm, at New Life Church, 467 N Easton Rd, Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038. Though no one would call me a religious person, I intend to go and see that she be given some of the dignity and respect that was denied to her in her short life. "Rise Up and Say, I am Somebody," preached the fallen civil rights leader. She was somebody, too.

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Anonymous said...

The system failed this child of god. We are all to blame for the the agony she endured at the hands of her so called parents and guardians. We did not come to her rescue. Tears can't bring her back now or ever. What are we to do now? What must we do to stop the abuse of our children? What is the answer to the questions we seek? I would do anything to bring her back and for her to know true love and compassion.