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Monday, January 09, 2017

Lehigh and NorCo are Exact Opposites on Dog Licenses

On Friday, I told you that you can no longer get a dog license at any location in Northampton County other than the courthouse or at the Centralized Human Services building on Emrick Boulevard. You can apply online, but you'll be paying an extra $2 as a "convenience" fee.

I was under the impression that this change must be the result of some new statewide rule, but it appears to have been a county decision.

To show you how crazy things are, take a gander at Lehigh County. If you try to buy a dog license there,you'll be sent away. You have to buy online or at one of these locations: Pet Supplies Plus (Whitehall and Allentown); Family Pet Shop (Westgate Mall); Hometown Pet Center (Coopersburg); K-9 Kampus (Fogelsville); Animal Control Center (Allentown); Paul's Hardware (Orefield); Boyer's Hardware (Slatington); E-G Notary (Emmaus); Buchin's Notary (Macungie); and Blose's Market (New Tripoli).

Most counties permit you to obtain a dog license at either the county offices or various subagents.

Executive John Brown has said he's all about customer service. How does forcing citizens in Bangor to come to the courthouse to renew a dog license make any sense? And why should citizens be forced to assume the risk that their financial data will be stolen when ordering online?

Kudos to Matt Dietz for calling attention to this issue.


Peter J.Cochran said...

Thanks for reminding me -a Sr.citizen about discount Bernie. I need to renew my mutt.The significance of this is greater than people realize. Dog registration is a greater value to society than the income derived to the counties. It becomes an enforcement against gang dudes.If I remember correctly the District Magistrate can levy fines for no registration AND no vaccination to about 600.00 usd under provisions in Pennsylvania. So the county should make it easy to obtain. I be right in myself.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need to license your dog at all? Why not your cat? Why not your hamster. Why not your pet rock.

Why is this a government thing at all. "I love my dog so much I want to get the government in on it."

Get back to work...

E Mest said...

Years ago, there was a part time gentleman that would go around monthly to all of the dog license places to collect their paperwork and money so that it could be prepared for the county and state records. You see there wasn't enough money in it that the stores selling them wanted to be bothered running to the courthouse once a month let alone find a parking space to get into the building. I was appalled to find out they got rid of all those sub stores, when you can get a hefty fine for NOT having a license on your dog. I surmise the county did away with this practice due to the lack of manpower in revenue and the supervisors decision to eliminate the sub stores.
Let's make everything more difficult for the taxpayers in this day of computer efficiency. The sub stores should be encouraged to sell dog licenses with the added incentives of getting people in their store to buy locally. Make it easier on the sub store to submit their monthly report!

Anonymous said...

Put your name and address on your dogs collar so that if it gets lost a kind person or a kind local authority can return it to you.

If it's returned to you by a local authority be prepared to pay a finders fee.

If you don't your is dead.

Next issue.

JoAnn Kennedy said...

Executive John Brown has said he's all about customer service. How does forcing citizens in Bangor to come to the courthouse to renew a dog license make any sense? And why should citizens be forced to assume the risk that their financial data will be stolen when ordering online?

First, how about the citizen who lives in Moore Township that's quite a distance to come to the government center. (easier to go to Carbon county ). Second, my ID was stolen, and I used the NOR CO civil court papers and the Nor Co Tax papers to prove it with the Help of the IRS who verified my stolen ID and my late husband's stolen ID. Don't have to worry about stealing ID's I am proof they already done it (oh and yes the IRS and the FTC wanted to know why the DA and our now on appeal PA AG didn't do anything ?? I would like to know that too)

PippySqueek said...

Hopefully Lehigh will come to the modern era and let you get the licenses online. Would make life a lot easier.

Bernie O'Hare said...

PippySqueak, You can license online in Lehigh. I am sorry u gave you the impression you cannot. You cannot license at the courthouse there for some reason.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for filling us in, Elaine. I did email Cathy Allen on this point over the weekend and am waiting to hear back.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Why do you need to license your dog at all? Why not your cat? Why not your hamster. Why not your pet rock."

1) Because licensing a dog is the fastest way of making sure you get him back if you lose him. That's why this is a government thing. When people lose their pets, they do want the government to help them find them. There is a reason d=for government, despite your insistence otherwise. Can't believe you are inserting your political agenda here.
2) The $ funds your friendly dog warden, who can cite you with a fine up to $300.
3) The only state that requires cats to be licensed is RI. They probably should be licensed to discourage the practice of free-roaming cats, which is bad for them and increases the feral cat population.

JoAnn Kennedy said...

I have lots and lots of links to help people TNR in the Commonwealth. So once, a feral community has been discovered, the cats can be spayed and neutered and possibly re-homed.
The closet is the Eastern PA animal alliance and I believe the best in regards to care and cost. The also have spay mobiles As for licensing a dog or a cat, you can get both animals chipped-once and done, but that only helps if the pet 's info is updated in the data base when the pet owner moves or changes the info. http://www.epaaonline.com/
The dog warden only comes out when the muni, boro, township pays the fee (which used to be funded thru the sale of dog licenses in the County). Why do you think Palmer and Plainfield township have a kennel at the Road's dept. location. PS Bernie, don't hold your breath with a call back !! I have never got one

JoAnn Kennedy said...

Release form

The Animal Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley
Northampton Community College
Fowler Family Southside Center
511 E. Third Street, Lower Level, Room 73
Bethlehem, PA 18015

The Animal Food Bank of the Lehigh Valley is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization serving the needs of pets and their low income families througout the Greater Lehigh Valley Area. Visit their website for information on registering for the Monthly Food Distribution Program.


EPAA also has some pet food to help out low income families. Please call us for availability.

HELP WITH FERAL CATS (see our Free Roaming Cat Page)


Camp Papillion Pet Adoption and Rescue
phone: 570-420-0450 570-420-0450

Camp Papillon is a non-profit, no-kill 501c3 animal rescue group dedicated to giving all homeless animals in the Poconos a chance for life. Nearly one hundred animals are currently in foster care at Camp Papillon. Each year hundreds of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and many more are placed in their forever homes by Camp Papillon. Camp Papillon consists of a board of directors and many dedicated volunteers and numerous Foster Parents. Camp Papillon dedicates much time and manpower to assisting dogs with behavior and medical issues, that would have been euthanized at any kill shelter. Our volunteers and trainers work hard to see that every dog that comes to Camp Papillon can find it's own forever home. Until they do they stay at Camp Papillon. Please consider your next companion to be a Camp Papillon animal

Itty Bitty Kitty
PO Box 90628, Allentown PA 18109
610-973-7400 610-973-7400

Forgotten Felines and Fidos
PO Box 62 Germansville, PA 18053
610-760-9009 610-760-9009

AWSOM - Godfrey Ridge Road, Stroudsburg, PA 570-424-3647

Monroe Animal League 570-421-7775 Vouchers for feral cats only, not a shelter (Monroe County residents only).

SpayUSA 800-248-7729 financial assistance dogs or cats

Animals Can't Talk 570-242-2846 -animal rescue

Waggin' Tails 570-992-4185 -animal rescue

Animal Information- No Kill Lehigh Valley 484-554-5048

some helpful links Bernie (you don't have post them, if you don't want too)

I would want to know if Nor Co could work with these people to help with the cost and license of dogs

PippySqueek said...

Bernie-I tried to do online for Lehigh and could not. Was on Padoglicense.com
If there is a different link for Lehigh, could you please post. Thanks!

Bernie O'Hare said...

No, that is it. It is not a separate county link.

Anonymous said...

Northampton County makes it even more convenient for someone to get a lifetime license by requiring 2 trips to the courthouse. The first is to get the application--it's not online. Then, you take the application to the vet to get your dog microchipped. Then, you have to take it back to the courthouse. I tried to get a lifetime license on line but, when I tried to do that, there wasn't a form. The folks at padoglicense.com told me this procedure. I haven't called the county to ask yet if they will mail me the application or if they will accept the post-vet paperwork via mail. Regardless, I work full time and getting to the courthouse--twice--will be really hard.

Really helpful Northampton County.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Well Bernie, I must report here in the public interest about my visit to the tax office this morning. I thought in my old age that yearly dog tags were out, and we had to buy a 'lifer' tag.Well the staff was very nice and helped direct this possibly feeble mined soul. I GOT A LICENCE for my mutt .A lovable border collie that just might be part wolf as he was farrall many months in the wood that involves a cop shooting last year near Canadensis .He's fine with everybody but me. He has bitten me only 7 times in 3 years.What a lover. Now if your over 65 or disabled you pay a shorter fee set by the Commonwealth. Get your dog 'chipped' first THEN apply for 'Lifer' tag- but take chip application to chip inserter ,their name must appear in that form for state, then you turn it in with your county app.Then your done forever.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for the update, Peter.