Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Easton Rallies To Support Our Diversity

Xenophobia is nothing new. Fear of the different has been used as a tool to manipulate people for centuries. Ivan the Terrible did it. Stalin did it. We all know Hitler did it. And now it is Donald Trump's turn to manipulate the masses by playing on a fear of others. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I see this xenophobia in some old Easton and Palmer Township deeds.They impose restrictive covenants prohibiting future owners from selling to "colored persons" or Italians. I wonder if these people from a different time ever envisioned an Easton with an Italian Mayor, African American City Council VP and a Lebanese council member. How would they feel about seeing two Jewish State Representatives standing at their side?

Last night, before a large crowd that some estimated to be as high as 450 people, that's what happened. Easton's Italian Mayor Sal Panto stood with African American City Council member Ken Brown and Lebanese Council member Peter Melan. They were flanked by two Jewish State Representative, Bob Freeman and Mike Schlossberg. In their midst was ACLU Attorney Gary Asteak. He might be nominally Jewish but that's just his cover. He's actually from the planet Tralfamadore, where they make very nice hats. He stopped here once to take a leak and just stayed.

This odd assortment of people was itself the message. Our diversity is what makes us great already. Without it, we'd be pretty boring. Nobody from Tarlfamadore would ever visit.

"I am proud of our diversity, not afraid of it," said Mayor Panto.

This rally was a reaction to President Trump's Executive Order on Friday. On the surface, Trump claimed he just wants to make us safe. But he's really just trading on our fear.

Panto referred to his Italian heritage, noting it is a country well known for the mafia and criminals. He said it is "just crazy" to force every person of one ethnic background to suffer because of the actions of a very few.

Easton activist Laini Abraham said her family fled anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia. Christian Syrians are being beheaded by ISIS, and Trump has denied them refugee status. Does that make you feel better?

An Iranian doctor who was supposed to work on a cure for tuberculosis at Harvard Medical School was sent back. Do you feel safer?

An Iraqi translator moving his family to this country was forced to return to a people who hate him for working with Americans. Is this gratitude?

"It is unAmerican to send the oppressed back into the hands of the oppressor," said Freeman. He reminded everyone of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" speech, in which he advocated for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Instead of promoting freedom from fear, President Trump is a fear monger.According to Freeman, he has turned the bully pulpit into a "bully's pulpit."

In one piece of encouraging news, the Trump administration is allowing 872 refugees into this country despite the Executive Order.


Anonymous said...

"Elections have consequences. I have a pen and a phone. You can come along for the ride, but you have to sit in back." - Barack H. Obama

Sadly, we've replaced a left wing bigot with a right wing bigot. Equal darkness and hatred. Vastly different coverage from the your-hate-is-worse-than-my-hate crowd of which Bernie is part. Breaking news, they're both polarizing bigots and so are each's supporters and defenders.

Anonymous said...

One would think that President Trump just fundamentally corrupted the American character. You would think that the executive order on refugees he signed yesterday betrayed America’s Founding ideals. You might even think he banned people from an entire faith from American shores.

Seeing Senator Shumer crying on television is an indication that again, this is nothing more than the Democrats turning our nation into mass chaos with riots and protests against President Trump. The Democrats are causing highways to be shut down, flags being burned and buildings being vandalized. People have been attacked for how they voted. We have notable Democrats even talking openly about assassination attempts on President Trump.

This is why we are just sick of this shit. And this is why half the voters in our nation voted to elect Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but notice in the photos you posted those in the crowd wearing their pink "pussycat" hats. The same ones they wore to the woman's protest against Trump, what was it... a week ago? Seems to me that this is like a rent-a-mob anti-Trump rally stirred up by the Democrats. Have to wonder if they really give a damn about the, how many, 40 people? who were TEMPORARILY DETAINED then RELEASED? You'd think that Trump rounded up thousands and put them into barbed-wire camps with guard towers and searchlights. Good lord. So much ado over NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

I see a couple pink hats, but none of the kind that were in DC.

"this is why half the voters in our nation voted to elect Donald Trump"

less than half, sweetness. less than half.

Dave said...

As the Democrats drag their feet in the Senate approving President Trump's cabinet nominees, the government continues to function with lower-level Obama appointees filling in as temporary cabinet officials until Shumer and company get off their asses and stop being disruptiors.

Now it seems that one of these Obama appointees, Sally Yates at the Justice Department didn't agree with President Trump and decided all by herself to refused to defend his executive order to restrict immigration and refugees from six high-risk countries in the Middle East. This, and presumably other Obama appointees in DHS and other agencies dragging their feet as well led to the issues faced by arriving passengers from overseas this weekend.

So if you want to look at much of the problem, look at the Democrats still hanging on in our Federal government sabotaging President Trump in every way they can.

Anonymous said...

The countries listed as being extremely vetted have the same warning on the state departmentwebsite:

"The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Iraq. Travel within Iraq remains very dangerous, and the ability of the Embassy to assist U.S. citizens facing difficulty is extremely limited. This supersedes the Travel Warning dated December 4, 2015.

U.S. citizens in Iraq are at high risk for kidnapping and terrorist violence. Anti-U.S. sectarian militias may threaten U.S. citizens and western companies throughout Iraq. Kidnappings and attacks by improvised explosive devices (IED) occur frequently in many areas of the country, including Baghdad. Methods of attack have included explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), magnetic IEDs placed on vehicles, human and vehicle-borne IEDs, mines placed on or concealed near roads, mortars and rockets, and shootings using various direct fire weapons. Such attacks often take place in public venues such as cafes and markets. Facilities of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the U.S. Government, and western interests remain possible targets, as evidenced by the April 17, 2015, bombing . . .

The comparisons of these actions to mass murderers, etc is a little far fetched. Our government historically has restricted movement from countries during wartime. Perhaps the most troubling of such restrictions were the US governments restrictions against Jews attempting to leave Europe before US entry. In 1939, the liner St. Louis was refused entry in Miami with its Jewish refugees. The liner returned to Germany and most passengers were lost during the holocaust. Yet, no one compared our government leaders to Ivan the Terrible and Hitler.

It is a tough world. I personally do not like any of this. Our government has an obligation to insure that those entering our country do so without the objective of harming us. The inconvenience is minimal and the order is only temporary until better procedures are put in place. The selection of the seven countries was not because of religion or Trump business interests. All have failed to share information to permit our officials to make the investigations necessary to make proper judgements.

The state department policies limiting us citizen travel were imposed by the Obama administration long ago.

Anonymous said...

"We failed Anne Frank"

Trump = FDR?

Anonymous said...

Remember, FBI director James Comey said during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday that the federal government does not have the ability to conduct thorough background checks on all of the Syrian refugees that are in the pipeline to come to the United States.

Anonymous said...

Panto's statements about Italians is abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

Let's call it what it is: A DNC/Soros funded and sponsored Anti-Trump, butt-hurt display.
Biggest snowflake accumulation in Center Square this winter.

Anonymous said...

Such nonsense! Of course one can support diversity and still be in favor of rules and regulations enacted to help improve the safety and security of our nation. Particularly, temporary restrictions and precautions.

All travelers temporarily held at our airports for a period of time longer than usual, reported to be just 109 people, have been sent on their way within this country. This is like being stranded at an airport overnight until the runways have been cleared of snow!

Future arriving visitors now know what they will face before entry. So what? If they don't feel they will qualify for admission they should probably stay home.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"One would think that President Trump just fundamentally corrupted the American character."

There is little doubt in my mind that he has. He got himself elected by appealing to our most base instincts, by painting a dark though inaccurate picture of this country. Hate sells. Ask Hitler, and I am not comparing him to Hitler. I don't think he is Hitler. He doesn't really believe in anything. He has refused to divest his business interests, and in his first week, needlessly provoked Mexico. Over this weekend, he has the entire world angry at us. Even Canada is disgusted.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dave, In addition to your religious intolerance, which you've manifested here and elsewhere many times, you apparently hate it that someone has taken a principled stand. Sally Yates refuses to enforce an Executive Order that she finds repugnant to our American values. He is president, not King or Dictator. There is no obligation to jump off a cliff after him as though we are all lemmings. She knows her decision would result in her termination. It's called a conscience. It's why many Rs are disgusted by him as well.

Bernie O'Hare said...

4:07, You are out of your mind. No one was wearing the hats worn in D.C. Also, you have misrepresented the truth about how that order was enforced. Numerous people were not detained and released, but were instead sent back, including a family of Syrians headed to Allentown who spent a dozen years doing everything the right way. You don't even try to be accurate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"It is a tough world. I personally do not like any of this. Our government has an obligation to insure that those entering our country do so without the objective of harming us."

Agreed, but Trump just approached this with a sledge hammer. As for Jews sent back to Europe, at that time, very few in this country had any idea what Hitler intended. But we all know what will happen to many refugees in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Did Sal's ancestors sneak in illegally and demand divers licenses without citizenship? Or did they play by the rule of law?

Anonymous said...

These will be the same individuals that will scream that the US didn't due enough to protect us when the next 911 happens. How soon these idiots forget. It's not a permanent ban , it's a four month freeze! Worry about the people of our country first for a change. It may scare the hell out of you what you find right next door.

Anonymous said...

Sure see those pink pussy hats in the photos in the article. Democratic rent-a-mob because they're pissed off Hillary lost. Is Sally Yates a hero because she "Stood Up" to Trump ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Those were pink hats,not pink pussy hats. You're very quick to reach the wrong conclusion. Though this was a mostly Democrat crowd, i saw independents and Republicans I know there as well. Also, for Syrian refugees, it is an indefinite freeze.

Anonymous said...

Keep crying, O'Hare! Four long years would be nice. And eight would be even better.

Anonymous said...

The more they bitch and moan and march about every damn thing, the more and more people look to our President for leadership. Not the bullshit on parade.

Anonymous said...

Leadership from our President ... are you serious? ... he doesn't even vet his orders or have a clue as to how they will actually impact the system. An uninformed, lying incompetent amateur administration is what Trump voters got.

Voters need to start educating themselves and work on their critical thinking skills, instead of wishing for someone to just blow up the system or magically change the present nature of our economic reality because of their hate for government and inability to think with nuance.

Trump is a steaming pile of S ... always has been.. look at his history of screwing over working class people. Don't everyday American voters want someone who understands or at least attempts to understand their problems? How in the world could anyone think a bloated scam artist like Trump, who has only ever known being rich begin to understand their problems? He's a carnival barker, a reality TV star... a 70 year old spoiled brat narcissist.

Anonymous said...

9;48 You're just pissed off that Hillary lost, aren't you ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:11, I don't think Trump needs help from anyone to look like an asshole.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Remember, the Syrian refugee crisis did not begin under Donald Trump, who is in office for all of 10 days. Rather, it came about through the callous and indifferent foreign policy of Barack Obama who refused to intervene in Syria, even as the slaughter there turned to genocide. Sunni Muslims, including children in Damascus and Aleppo, were being slaughtered by Shia militias, and Assad’s Alawite government, with the active support of Hezbollah and Iran. Obama did nothing.

PippySqueek said...

Wonder if anyone is keeping an eye on North Korea? I believe that man is very, very patient and will be causing some major trouble when we least expect it.

LVCI said...

Which is worse?
Trump made a huge fuss over Hillary getting paid to speak to Wall Street tycoons. Instead Trump embedded some of the very same ones to help run government. The kicker is now we taxpayers are paying them instead. Talk about government access!

Anonymous said...

Where were the protesters when Obama screwed the pooch in Syria by backing away from his red line statement? Syria is his mess. Aleppo is his mess. Even the wacky alt-righties at The Washington Post and NY Times ripped him for this tragic foreign policy failure. Trump is a bozo and, with most things Trump, there's more smoke than fire on the moratorium. But the left's whole, "this is not who we are," bullshit apparently didn't apply to endless dronings, civilian deaths, and genocide in Aleppo.

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:46, if you really stood behind Trump 100%, you'd say who you are.

sezary said...

I was at this gathering last evening and would like to make a few comments. I am an Independent and I was there as more of an observer. Yes, I did see a few pink knitted hats with "cat ears", similar to the ones worn by some at the "women's march" last weekend. Some of the signs and comments had absolutely nothing to do with the executive order which this rally was supposed to be about. Some signs didn't even make sense. Some of the crowd was obviously the "anti-Trump" crowd. I do not believe that this EO, or building a wall, enforcing immigration laws, or protecting the homeland, etc... equals hate. I do not believe Trump equals hate. I believe that rallies such as those held last night do more to antagonize and promote division, intolerance and hate than they do to promote the very unity they claim to espouse. Too many want or need to be heard and not enough people want to listen. Empathy is something we could all use more of. If we focused on that with which we agree, we would indeed be more united. If we spent more time listening to one another, instead of trying to talk at one another, we would be more united. It is not my desire to argue politics. I do like to discuss issues. When we remove politics from the equation it becomes easier to find common ground. I did engage with a few. Once we all realized we were not enemies, we could discuss issues. We did not necessarily agree on everything, but we did all know that we all loved our country and wanted the best for each other. We may have had differing ideas of how to get there... Please let us stop demonizing one another, left to right as well as right to left. We are all people of great worth and value and must treat each other accordingly.

sezary said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

I did not see those goofy hats Jeff, but if you did, I stand corrected.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

A former government official with years of experience fighting terrorism said on the radio this morning that there hasn't been a terrorist attack in the US by anyone from any of the banned countries in over twenty years.

This seemed hard to believe, so I looked up the countries of origin of recent US incidents. The results were surprising:

Boston Marathon Bombers - Born in former USSR
San Bernardino - Husband US-born, wife a Pakistani immigrant
Pulse Nightclub shooting - Born in New Hyde Park, NY

Neither Pakistan nor the former USSR made the list. So here's a challenge to anyone who believes Trump's order protects us from a clear and present danger: Identify one terrorist act committed on US soil in the last twenty years by someone who came from one of the banned countries.

If you can't, then this is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

During a press gaggle in November of 2015, Senator Schumer told reporters that a temporary "pause" on refugees "may be necessary".


ooops...... So much for all of those tears he shed....

Anonymous said...

I believe Senator Shumer also voted for a Muslim immigration ban under the Obama administration

Anonymous said...

The real fear monger is YOU O'Hare. The EO affected 109 foreign visitors out of 325,000. This is all about hatred of Trump. It is obvious that you will vilify him the way you do other local politicians who do not agree with your twisted viewpoint. The protesters are acting out their dismay that Trump won the election. A majority of Americans do not have a problem with extreme vetting of foreigners from those countries. But again, it is the silent majority that has to witness protesters with nothing better in their lives to do, while they work hard and contribute to our society. They are like lemmings falling off a cliff. They lost, and America won. Take your silly looking pink, pussy ear hats and help out in a soup kitchen or food drive. That will make you feel far better than chanting slogans like zombies and cursing at your President.

Anonymous said...

Canary @ 12:11.

You've got the talking points wrong. You need to be careful to add no ***fatalities*** have resulted from terrorist attacks from any of those countries.

Even politifact has to reluctantly admit that there have been at least three terrorist attacks from people from those countries.


The fact that they've been too incompetent to cause fatalities doesn't mean that there's not a problem.

Anonymous said...

Just another demo liberal demonstration to stir the pot. I understand Easton is a santuary city. To quote Ohare on this issue "here is little doubt in my mind".

Canary_In_Coalmine said...


Thank you for the link, which summarizes three incidents over the course of ten years in which there were no fatalities. Your use of evidence is admirable. Regarding your comment that I have the "talking points" wrong, perhaps this is because I am not on anyone's distribution list - I simply listen to the news and do my own research via Google and Wikipedia.

Wikipedia reports that there were 110 mass shootings, defined as shootings in which at least four people were murdered with a firearm, between January 2009 and July 2014.

So we have more than 440 deaths in five years from mass shootings, versus no deaths in twenty years at the hands of immigrants from banned countries. Why are the immigrants this administration's top priority?

For the record, I do not have a position on gun control. I do think both sides of this immigration debate would be well-served to dial back the gamesmanship and have a reasoned discussion with arguments supported by statistics, such as the link you provided.

Hopefully we can agree that America's legacy of accepting immigrants is important enough that any tinkering with it should be done thoughtfully and rationally, and rolled out in the same manner. Republicans and Democrats -- including certain Trump cabinet members -- seem to agree that this wasn't.

Anonymous said...

"For the record, I do not have a position on gun control."

Really? I find that difficult to believe. Accepting immigrants is fine. I'm a grandson of immigrants and don't think it's economically prudent or moral to pull up the gang plank. But in what numbers? We used to accept about a quarter million for the country's first two hundred years. Now, we accept 1.5 million in a country that's 20 trillion in debt, has an unsustainable safety net, has 93 million working-age no longer in the workforce, and can't solve a tragic homeless veterans problem. Our population is 320 million and racing toward 400 million. The trip to 500 million will be a blink. Trump is obnoxious. Schumer is pathetic. Somewhere in the middle there must be a reasoned approach. It would also be helpful to differentiate terms among illegals, legals, and refugees. Each are completely different things. If we can't separate these important terms, we're just wasting time screaming past each other.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

7:49AM says "All travelers temporarily held at our airports for a period of time longer than usual, reported to be just 109 people, have been sent on their way within this country."

Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer said something very similar in yesterday's news conference.

One problem: it's not true.

Morning Call article reports on a Christian Syrian family sent back to Qatar:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Mafia is still in charge of Easton. lol

Unknown said...

This is what I miss about Easton, citizens who support reasonable government and get involved.

I find it funny that the people most upset about this use the term "snowflakes". Last I looked, Snowflake Donald was the most delicate personality. Any protests and critical remarks on Snowflake Donald and he has to cry in his safe space.


These Snowflake Donald worshipers should consider reading the case law of, Abington School District v. Schemmp (1963) https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/374/203

As it makes it clear as is specifically written (and not an interpretation) the constitution strictly forbids state sponsorship of religion. Which is EXACTLY what Snowflake Donald did when he claimed "Christians will get top priority". Which the former Mayor of NYC also proved when like all old people with declining mental strength--he spilled the truth--and not what he was supposed to lie about. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/316726-giuliani-trump-asked-me-how-to-do-a-muslim-ban-legally

Not that facts matter to Snowflake Donald worshipers. Most of them depend on cretins like Michael Wiener (aka Michael Savage, his stage name for AM radio) for their "facts". And well, here is that cretin on MSNBC. https://youtu.be/XqKoh9IBF3o

Anonymous said...

"Left swing bigot"


Anonymous said...

It appears that most Trump defenders are less lovers of Trump and more haters of Obama and Clinton. Their hate permeates their statements. I don't even think they care about Trump but have developed some sort of pathological hatred of all things Democrat.

I fear this is the result of twenty-five years of right-wing media brainwashing teaching people to deal in unreasoned pure hatred against their fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

What is a "snowflake" I hear it being tossed around all the time. sounds like a programed sound bite. Have no idea what it means or where it came from.

Anonymous said...

Canary @ 1:50

Glad to help out.

Of course you originally said:

"Identify one terrorist act committed on US soil in the last twenty years by someone who came from one of the banned countries.

If you can't, then this is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist."

I guess you meant "show me more than x" with x to be determined once you heard what the number actually was.

If you have a background in safety, think in terms of "near misses". That's not just an idle term. It's a very specific metric.

Just because a near miss hasn't yet resulted in "the big one", doesn't mean it can't be a priority. No one blew up a Federal Building until Timothy McVeigh did it and no one demolished a hundred story sky-scraper with an airplane until 9/11.

Anonymous said...


Yes, they should be more like you, who obviously thinks there's not an ounce of hate in his body. Your comment just reeks of love and puppies.

Anonymous said...

Trump's Executive Order is more popular than Trump, Hillary, and the news media, according to Reuters.


Anonymous said...

The demonstrators here are like babies who just got their flu shot

They know they need it, but they can't stop crying over getting it.

Anonymous said...

You know the Iraqi interpreter that all the Democrats are crying about? When he was asked who he supports, he said President Trump

These children are just getting in the way of governing this country. The adults are in charge now. Stop your whining.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have said that Trump's action was a 9/11 action without a 9/11

The question then becomes, Do you want another 9/11 ?

Canary_In_Coalmine said...


The specific challenge was for someone to trade in facts and prove the experienced, credible-sounding interviewee wrong.

You've done that, and now if you're open to it we can talk about whether the facts around the threat support the actions which are claimed necessary for our safety.

I'm not aware of the Bush administration banning refugees as Trump has done. Obama didn't either. The result was... ?three? non-fatal attacks in sixteen years.

By contrast, more than 440 dead in ten years from mass shootings.

A gun-rights proponent might say the mass shootings are a necessary cost of preserving our right to bear arms, which preserves individual liberty and keeps government tyranny in check. I see the logic to this, but I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other.

A proponent of the banned countries list might say that three attacks with zero fatalities in twenty years is too high a price to pay for preserving America's legacy of accepting non-Christian refugees. I disagree. More than 200,000 Muslim refugees arrived in the United States during the past ten years. (Source: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/12/15/international-migration-key-findings-from-the-u-s-europe-and-the-world/) Now we should ban them because three have committed terrorist acts without success? Sorry but I don't see the logic. And I wonder why our apparent fear of terrorists is so much greater than our fear of mass shootings, which are far more frequent and fatal.

Regarding your apparent concern over "near misses", what evidence has anyone cited that accepting refugees and visitors from the banned countries is more dangerous now than it has been during the last sixteen years? If the danger is higher, then by all means let's hear what we know about the increased danger so there can be a conversation about whether it merits Trump's EO. Absent an explanation, this just looks like an appeal to our worst instincts.

I'd like to know more about the evidence behind your assertion that we can't have more immigration because "the life boat is sinking". Exploding world population has been a fear for decades and yet all the doomsday forecasts have yet to come true.

Anonymous said...

This entire episode, along with all of the other stunts the Democrats have pulled since the election, and especially this last week just shows how impotent they are to do anything to stop Trump. Whining and bitching is about the extent of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and crying crocodile tears on television as well

Anonymous said...

Canary @5:23

Don't know what your referring to wrt the "life boat" comment so can't comment.

The policies being set are by a new President. As someone once said, "Elections have consequences" and also, to paraphrase, "I've got a pen and a twitter account".

Previous Democratic Presidents have traded "American Values" to curry favor with a Communist regime in Cuba. Most recently, Obama stranded over a hundred Cuban refuges in transit when he changed the "wet foot dry foot" policy. Clinton ripped a small child from the arms of loving relatives when he sent Elián González back because of some sort of geopolitical calculation. Both perhaps justified. Both certainly debatable.

Presidents do what they do. Did you complain then?

Anonymous said...

Talking about a steaming pile of s---, just read the columns in the Morning Call written by Tony Iannelli. Think about it, the president of the local Chamber of Commerce is happy that a racist and bigot is now president of The United States. Iannelli wrote that his chamber members "are Giddy".That's because now that the Red Republicans are in charge chamber members will have a much better chance of shoving it up the ass of their employees. Perhaps chamber members want us to work on a plantation. Instead of protesting in downtown Easton perhaps the same people should be leading a boycott against businesses that belong to the local Chamber Of Commerce.

Anonymous said...


You sound like you're full of hate.

Anonymous said...

"Your comment just reeks of love and puppies."

What's wrong with love and puppies?
Lighten up Francis!

Anonymous said...

"Clinton ripped a small child from the arms of loving relatives when he sent Elián González back because of some sort of geopolitical calculation."

The boy went back to his father. Thought you dudes were pro-family?

Anonymous said...

Iannelli is just the court jester for local business. They pull the string and he dances. He gets a six figure salary for his dancing so thats not too bad.

Anonymous said...


As I said, perhaps justified. My point was that all Presidents have to decide where their values are.

But I guess you'd rather "win" with a smart assed comment than engage in a real discussion.

Anonymous said...

When Mayor Panto was pushing for drivers licenses for illegal aliens I remember that some of these characters put on a presentation at a Easton City Council meeting. I recall that at least of these persons appearing before city council admitted that he was in this country illegally. Mayor Panto has an obligation to get this persons name out of past council minutes and report this person to the INS.

JoshLCowen said...

Xenophobia? Gee, we sure have forgotten 9-11.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...


During the Elian Gonzalez matter I was a college student and I did not agree with the government's move. I'm sure I remarked on it as government overreach, but I don't remember. Incidentally I voted for Dole, Bush twice, McCain, Romney, and Clinton. The "wet foot dry foot" policy I have always found odd for the way it encourages Cubans to make dangerous ocean crossings in unseaworthy boats, so I did not have a strong reaction when Obama ended it.

Do you have any insights into why accepting visitors and refugees from the banned countries is more dangerous now than it has been over the past sixteen years? And why fear of terrorists appears to far outweigh fear of mass shootings, even though mass shootings outnumber terrorist incidents by 30 or 40 to 1?

Immediately after 9/11 Bush took a stand that was morally right and tactically smart, declaring that there was no American war with Islam. Did you agree with that statement? Would you like to see Trump say the same? Why do you think he hasn't?

Anonymous said...

He's not Bush.

Anonymous said...

Anarchy will rein if the Socialist party ( they call themselves Democrats)get their way. The last I read, we live in the USA, where we obey the laws drawn and established for "all citizens on America" and to protect the people of the USA and to protect it's constitution. These people forget where they live and only have their self interest involved. It will divide and let those who want to ruin us or kill us win.

As for the mayor stating I will not follow those rules, go back to Italy and run the mob. I've lost a real trust in you Mr. Panto when you turn your back on the freedoms and constitution in which you swore oath to in following and protecting Americans and the people of Easton.

Anonymous said...

"Xenophobia? Gee, we sure have forgotten 9-11."

Is that you Giuliani?