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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Freemansburg Mayor Yob Seeking Another Four Years

Mayor Yob serves the people literally
During Freemansburg's popular National Night Out in early August, you'll find him behind the grill, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for hungry people. He's at every parade and borough event. And on NorCo's Gaming Authority, he's a quiet but very effective voice for Freemansburg's 2,600 residents. A few short years ago, he persuaded his much bigger neighbors to fund a grant for a modern police station.  It's little wonder he's been Mayor there for 36 years, following 12 years on Council. Believe it or not, Gerald Yob wants to run for one last term.

Yob believes his biggest accomplishment in borough government has been its police department.. He'd like to beef it up a little in his last term. But in contrast to some other boroughs, Yob made clear that the Mayor and Council should help he police department, b ut stay away from telling it how to do its job.

He's 87 years old and looks 20 years younger His mother lived until she was 102 and his father died at age 93.

Combining his years on Council and as Mayor, Yob has served Freemansburg for 48 years.

But West Easton Mayor Gerald Gross has him beat. When he retires at the end of this year, he will have spent 52 years as Mayor and Council member.


Anonymous said...

A good man. We could use somebody like him on NORCO Council. Instead, we have to put up with the flaming idiots we have!

Anonymous said...

You think maybe you would include his first name somewhere in your post for those of us who are unfamiliar with him.

Anonymous said...

Go Uncle Jerry !

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm terribly sorry.I meant to include his full name at the end of my first paragraph after holding everyone in suspense, and simply forgot. I fixed that error.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Yob is a good man who cares deeply about his community. The gaming dollars have rightfully helped small, property tax challenged Freemansburg greatly improve its police force and facilities. It is amazing that this guy is nearly 90 years old! His energy is that of men much younger

Anonymous said...

Freedmansburg is an example of tiny parochial governments that no longer serve any real purpose other than ego. Time to step into the 21st century and joining Bethlehem or Bethlehem Twp.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

It's always great to hear a nice story about a usually unsung hero of American grassroots democracy. I've not had the pleasure of meeting him, but he seems like a fine fellow.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Yob has done a commendable job over the years but I agree with 230pm, fold it into Bethlehem or the Township.