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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nazareth Cop Faces Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Suicide

Timothy Nixon was a troubled soul. He had a lengthy history of mental illness, and was well known to residents and police officers. Two years ago, he ended it all with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He left two children without a father. What makes this story all the more tragic is that it never should have occurred. Nixon was more or less goaded into killing himself by Nazareth Police Officer Danny Troxell. Nixon is dead because Troxell just had to be a cowboy. When I made Nazareth Borough Council aware of what had happened, I was ignored. It will be harder to avoid the civil rights lawsuit filed on Tuesday.

According to a complaint filed in federal court by Attorneys Phil Lauer and Joe Welsh, Nixon was an African American. Troxell and Trachta have been accused of using derogatory terms to refer to minorities in radio chatter as UNBs (unauthorized n----- in borough) or UNITs (unauthorized n------ in town).

In May of 2013, Timothy Nixon, age 32, broke into a friend's home and stole his handgun. Then Nixon called his friend admitted his crime, and said he was going to kill himself and his baby's mother as well. He also called his girlfriend and said he would kill himself.

Nixon's friend and girlfriend both reported the matter to Nazareth police. Troxell, who was assigned the matter, got an arrest warrant for Nixon, who was sitting in an apartment alone. .

Nobody with supervisory authority over Troxell was on duty. Troxell decided to arrest Nixon. He called Upper Nazareth and Stockertown, which sent four officers for assistance.

So far, so good.

That changed when more seasoned officers arrived at the scene, and noticed that Nixon was on the second floor of an apartment building.

"I don't like this," said an Upper Nazareth officer. "This is dangerous. Somebody is gonna' get hurt."

The officers suggested that a perimeter be set up for reasons of public safety. They encouraged Trachta to contact the state police, which has a swat team and negotiators. They suggested that Troxell just call Nixon, noting it would be far safer to spend a few hours talking to this guy than getting in a shootout and risking the lives of innocent bystanders.He also ignored their suggestion that the girlfriend be asked to call him.

Instead of heeding reasonable advice from veteran officers, Troxell called them "fucking pussies" and eventually kicked open the door to the apartment building.

Nixon saw Troxell coming and shot himself. It was a senseless death, made more so by the actions of a hot dog who couldn't even be bothered to try to talk to this guy.

The next day, Chief Trachta attempted to cover for Troxell's ineptitude. "[W]e needed to move on this," he told The Express Times. "The police went to execute an arrest warrant, found the person deceased," Trachta misled the press.No attempt was made to discipline Troxell. Quite the contrary. Chief Trachta has tried repeatedly to have Troxell named as a full-time officer.

He allowed an inexperienced officer to help a mentally disturbed man kill himself. And the person did not kill himself until Troxell kicked in a door.

I am told that police reports prepared by Upper Nazareth officers, and the one prepared by Troxell, are inconsistent.

The Complaint details a pattern of civil rights abuses and cover-ups.:
  • a private investigation into the police department was highly critical of its management, but Borough Council has refused to accept this report. It has refused to make its contents public and has even denied it exists.
  • Troxell participated in the use of excessive force, which included tasing a man who was handcuffed and inside a police cruiser.
  • Troxell was the arresting officer in the botched Stickergate prosecution, in which all charges were dismissed after a staged perp walk. 
  • Nazareth amazingly fired a school crossing guard whose only sin was to be married to the man who ran against Mayor Carl Strye.
  • Nazareth retaliated against and ultimately fired Officer Fred Lahovski for casting a spotlight on mismanagement within the police department.in what appears to be a "custom and culture of disregard" for the constitutional rights of residents and even some police officers.
  • Officer Lahovski had prepared policies and procedures for dealing with mentally ill persons and those in emotional crisis, but they were never acted on by Borough Council or the Mayor. 
Here's what some those who knew Timothy recently had to say on the second anniversary of his death:

Latita Hill: Rip Tim you will b truly missed u were always there making someone smile u were a good person + fun to b around my condolences to his family + friends : (

Simone Attel Rip thoughtss n prayers to his family may he b at peace what beautiful man so sad

Angela Rose Thank you Julie Brennan. Timmy, we miss you so much already. My heart hurts.

My understanding that additional suits arising out of Stickergate and the firing of a crossing guard are imminent.


Anonymous said...

This is a disgusting slam piece even by your low standards. You attack a police officer who is responding to a call of a mentally unstable man armed and threatening to shoot people? You have the audacity to state he is responsible for this man killing himself? You are truly a hateful and deluded man, aren't you?

A police officer does his job and protects the community and a man with multiple illegitimate children( was he a father to them before his death), who steals a gun with the express purpose of killing, not only himself and you make him out to be a victim?

You are shameless. God Bless this officer. He got between me and some nut that stole a loaded gun and wanted to kill. Oh that's right, you hate these police officers and want to destroy them. So this is standard procedure for you.

You are truly shameless.

Dandy Lion said...

Bernie loves hung bruthas

Anonymous said...

OHare is a turd!

Anonymous said...

The black brother should be allowed to know were they all live the mayor,chief,troxell so we can peacefully demonstrate in front of their respective home. Contact your local NAACP. And show Nazareth,that all black people are not like these animals pretend to make us out to be.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dandy Lion = bigot.

Anonymous said...

This cowboy cop is a real piece of shit. He's also a gift from heaven for any civil claims attorney. The guy should just walk around the borough lighting taxpayers dollars on fire. What kind of asshole administration keeps a waste of human skin like this one? The mayor is a bloated drunk and council is either on probation or loaded themselves half the time. The police chief is lazy and dishonest. It's quite a dumpster fire in Nazzy. And here come those lawsuits ...

Anonymous said...

Mister Bernie I am a proud member of the NAACP I live in Easton. A white brother,not a black brother showed me this site. In Easton you just expect this. those days are slowly leaving Easton.praise god. I guess when you lose something someone else will find it. Sad to say you found it. If this is true,the members of my NAACP should march down town . To rid Nazareth of this shameful feeling's by Nazareth government officials. How ever. I am afraid by protecting in front of their homes may turn violent. So I ask my black and white brother and sisters to peacefully demonstrate a nonviolent protest in town . To show those that think they have the privilege to call us Names that we don't deserve. I will bring this up to the board.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I hope you do so. I believe the NAACP should look into this. What happened to Mr. Nixon is tragic.

Anonymous said...

The NAACP should be dismantled by the ACLU and reintegrated into David Dukes reformed hate white Knights caucus that takes former hate groups and brings them together in the name of Jehovah. Esther lee has a longer record of intolerance than The South Carolina fraternal order of poilice. Nazareth needs to adopt a truth commision to find out why Kentucky fried chicken has been denied a zoning permit, clearly an attempt to lower the number of colored people

Anonymous said...

Bernie I'm white I don't live in Easton or Nazareth I live in good old Bethlehem. We are grace with all races. For the most part we do get a long,I'm sure after talking to my neighbor who is a police officer. Said he is sure this Dan troxell worked part time for Bethlehem,said they were all told not to turn backs on him can't trust him. Feel sorry for the cops in Nazareth. God bless them. Please don't send them are way,we have good cop friends and cops that protect us all

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Troxell is a fucking moron

Anonymous said...

The sticker goons are white.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer friend read the post. He said it would appear Mr. O'Hare has opened himself up to a lawsuit by Mr. Troxell. We will see if Mr. Troxell follows through. The accusations made by this blog have crossed a line.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

when are they gonna fire him, it never stops, why isn't he gone already

Anonymous said...

The mental health stigma is a fact and also is a hell of allot ignorance by all those of the Brown Hole matter¿

patent pending

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie, Barnie Fife himself would have been blaimed here. Police called ,aledged defendant on a violation FEDERAL FIREARMS CHARGE ,warrant approved and seved in effect. Where is the beaf ? Where is the liability? Who's fault is this?

Anonymous said...

Troxell is now the laughing stock of the county, lol He has even shamed deputy dogs rep at this point, says the cartoon network haha

Anonymous said...

Unstable guy with a gun threatening to kill and a police officer. I know who I am depending on to trust.

What a bunch of losers.