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Monday, May 25, 2015

Just a Common Soldier

You can read the poem here.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Makes you look backwards, forwards, and at the present. Thanks for posting.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie - as a point of reference, With over 320 Million people in this great country of ours, less than 1% of the population holds an ID Card that printed on top,' United States Uniform Services' ,and that includes retirees that ARE really subject to recall if the crap hit the fan! All Officer ranks and some others are always subject to recall!--- In WWII we only had about 132 million people here in the country as citizens and 17.5% were isssued a uniform at one point or other from January 1943 to after August of 1945 and some held over until after 1946. Your OWN FATHER, a POW had no picnicking, the Germans made it miserable , YOUR FATHER could not have had PTSD as many did but not brought forward --so he drank! You have to empathize with what went on in his ,and others minds.This was war and crap happens to people as a result.The brain controls ye body and soul. He later went to school , became a great member of the Northampton County Bar --- and had you!! This IS the Solders story.

Anonymous said...

Bernie sorry for the lateness of this, but this is an outstanding post. I only wished we had politicians, of either party, who actually get this.

The Banker