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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Repyneck Continues to Demonstrate Ignorance of Law

In the Hellertown-Lower Saucon Magisterial District Judge race, David Repyneck has pretty much established that he'll be unfair. He has repeatedly accused incumbent David Tidd of "severely lacking" personal integrity. He has demonstrated a bias against Protection From Abuse Act Orders, which he would be called upon to grant on an emergency basis. He incorrectly believed that other elected officials were prohibited from endorsing candidates. He accused an elected official of sign vandalism with absolutely no evidence. And on his Facebook page, he now claims to be taking "appropriate action" against Attorney Amanda Kurecian for an ad that accurately observes that he lacks the certification he needs to sit in judgment of others.

According to Repyneck, "The law states that candidates cannot run negative ads in publications 8 days or less without furnishing the candidate in question a copy and receiving that candidate’s permission to run the ad."  But that's not the law.

In 1980, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared unconstitutional any law requiring a candidate to give reasonable notice to an opponent before running any ad. First Amendment, you know. Repyneck hasn't got that far in his reading of the Bill of Rights.


Anonymous said...

Your personal attacks on this man are repressible. You obviously have a personal grudge for some reason. Maybe he knows something about you or one of your patrons that is causing you to act so vile.

Anonymous said...

i don't think bernie has a grudge, so much as this guy appears to be a bit of an idiot

Anonymous said...

Where is the Dirt on Tidd you claimed you were going to write on and publish here?

Anonymous said...

Bernie, this guy looks scary, and the actions you report indicate he isn't ready for prime time.

@3:46 You would know all about grudges. You've been hauling one around since 2011 against Bernie. There is nothing in this piece that reflects a grudge or an attack.