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Monday, May 11, 2015

Matthew Dietz: The Turkey Candidate

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Matthew Dietz may want to represent Northampton County's Council slate belt and norther tier district, but his money is coming from Lehigh County turkey farmers. According to his recently filed finance report, he's raised about $8,800. His biggest contributions come from the Jaindl family, who hosted a fundraiser for him earlier this year. John Jaindl has contributed $1,000, along with an in-kind $346 contribution  for the food (hope it included turkey) and drinks at that fundraiser Dave Jaindl was good for another $750, and Anne Jaindl kicked in $500. Dean Browning, who knows Dietz as a pilot, contributed $750 as well.

That's a lot of turkeys. 

Dietz has paid a lot of the money he raised - about $4,300 - to Robert Kerr's political consulting firm, Campaign Pilots. 


Anonymous said...

He's turkey for not bothering to respond to the LWV voter guide.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dietz never received the questionnaire from the League. Mr. Thompson reports that he did not receive one either. Both gentlemen attended the Candidate's Forum and neither would voluntarily pass on providing a response.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Over the years, I have noticed that it is common for the LWV to miss some of the candidates. I no longer hold that against the candidate.

Anonymous said...

Upon notification of the oversight, The Morning Call will run an editorial giving Mr. Dietz's answers to the questions. We informed Mr. Thompson of this and he will be submitting his answers also.

A class act by The Call.