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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hellertown-Lower Saucon DJ Candidates' Night

(From L to R: Magisterial District Judge David Tidd, Dave Repyneck and Att'y Amanda Kurecian)

Hellertown Public Library was the venue last night for a debate among three candidates seeking the Magisterial District Judge in Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township.Nearly 50 people attended the one and only time that all three will appear together before Election Day on May 19. The event was hosted by Northampton County's League of Women Voters. After five years on the job, Judge Tidd easily demonstrated that he is the most knowledgeable. Attorney Amanda Kurecian, who is absolutely beautiful when she smiles, was also very impressive. Repyneck was what I expected and ended the event with the cheap shot that he would restore integrity and honor to the office, something he claimed without explanation to be "severely lacking" now.

Repyneck, who initially said No to the debate, decided on Friday that he needed to be there. He packed the house with as many of his supporters as he could find. People like Lanita Lum insisted on carrying on conversations with other audience members while Beverly Hernandez and Joan Dean from the LWV attempted to explain the format.

When Hernandez complained about questions that were addressed to just one and not all candidate, Repyneck's rowdies began loudly complaining. "This is what to expect from the League of Women Voters," complained either Lum or the woman aside her, who sarcastically told me after it was all over that she could not wait to blog about it.

Nasty people.

During the evening, Repyneck incorrectly claimed that he can charge for weddings, although he claimed he would give his fee to charity. Tidd corrected that inaccuracy. Repyneck also claimed inaccurately that attorneys who become district judges still have to go through part of the certification course that will be required of Repyneck if he wins. That is also untrue, Tidd observed, although there is a requirement of continuing education.

When it was pointed out that the certification course for a magisterial district judge is quite difficult, Repyneck boasted has has gone through more stress than either of his opponents.

"I would invite Mr. Repyneck to take the bar exam," retorted Tidd.

Kurecian observed that Repyneck, if elected, could only be tested twice. If he failed a second time, there would have to be a special election. .

When asked about what kind of service organizations they participate in, Kurecian stated she is involved in a dog rescue group, helps coach volleyball and does pro bono work as an attorney. Tidd stated he is involved in the Saucon Valley Community Center, the relay for life and provides between $25,000 and $35,000 in free bankruptcy services every year. Repyneck belongs to the Sportsman's Association and is a merit m=badge instructor.

Repyneck at one point stated he is a big defender of the second amendment and a well-regulated militia. I'm not sure what his point was, but there it is.

He repeatedly referred to himself as Diane Repyneck's cousin. She is a former magisterial District Judge. She did not attend, and has remained neutral in this race.  

When asked about making unpopular decisions, Repyneck pointed to an instance in the military when he dropped the dime on fellow officers who claimed falsely that they had taken their fitness tests. The officers were reprimanded, claimed Repyneck. Kurecian stated that her pro-life support sometimes makes her unpopular. Tidd stated he makes unpopular decisions in his court room every day. Somebody loses.

Candidates were also asked for suggestions on improving the magisterial district judge system. Tidd stated the biggest problem is the lack of security for members of the public and his won staff. He 'd also like the County to start making credit card payments possible, and would like the state to agree with expanded hours.

Kurecian would like to see night courts, problem solving courts and more pro bono lawyers.

Repyneck agreed with his opponents and added the position should be full-time. That position is also supported by Kurecian, but not Tidd, who maintains a private practice in Hellertown. But he stressed that his first obligation is to clear the court's calendar for the day, whether that takes one hour or eight hours.


Anonymous said...

"Nasty People",

You were apparently among your own kind.

Anonymous said...

Pretty fair synopsis of what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if a nonpartisan group would sponsor these events.

Anonymous said...

The League of Women Voters are such a nonpartisan group and have been conducting outstanding forums for the citizens of Northampton County for decades.

You, on the other hand, are the partisan hack for Repyneck. The reason he will lose the race and the reason people like you are hacks, is because the other two candidates exude temperance. If you don't know the meaning of the word, look it up in the dictionary.

A Veteran Who Won't Be Voting For Repyneck

Anonymous said...

Great reporting, Bernie. Repyneck came across very much like I would have expected, based on his previous comments in interchanges with you. Sounds like voters have two far better choices.

Anonymous said...

@2:46 - Up late working on your legal briefs and slurping vodka with a splash of yummy vegan cocoa? Bitter is not an attractive quality.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In the meantime, Repyneck supporters continue being ugly. One of them wrote she wants to "throat punch" me and is being asked, "Why fight the urge?"

Nasty people.

Anonymous said...

Tidd is a good guy and should win re-election. He works hard for the Saucon Valley area. It would be a shame for him to lose to this whack a doodle.

If Repnyek is being supported by Lanita Lum, then he stands no chance. She is a goofy anti-teacher nut, who resigned from the school board.

Anonymous said...

How convenient for Tidd that he maintains his law firm, even after stating publicly in 2009, if elected it would be dissolved. Liar. Quite the operation, have your own employed lawyers appear before you.... perfect for making special deals for your clients. .. Of course, Mr. O' Hare, being the unscrupulous person you are, you probably see nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

When did Tidd's only associate ever appear before him? Any proof? He's a Bankruptcy lawyer and so is his associate; District Courts do not hear Federal Bankruptcy cases.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Just another anonymous lie, carelessly tossed out at Tidd. He did state he would close his office and probably would have done so had his wife not been laid off.

Lanita Lum said...

Bernie, as always, you are a hack writer and so bias and twisted, I'm pretty sure I've never witnessed such a crappy writer in my entire life. Oh, and poster that says I''m anti-teacher? Hmmmm, no, I come from a long line of public educators and administrators! My husband JUST retired as an administrator at one of our finest area public schools! I'm PRO education and PRO educators. I am, however, ANTI-UNION! And, Bernie, keep publishing my name - good or bad....hahaha!!!! Can't stand me, huh? GOOD!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lanita Lum,

You've apparently never read your own work.

Readers, this person contacted me and extolled my writitng when she agreed with what I was saying about Michael Beyer. Rhen she regaled me on the phone for hours about sexual misconduct at the Chamber of Commerce, which had the good sense to get rid of her. She never supplied me with anything to back up what she was saying. From there, it was the corrupt Hellertown Police Department. Once again, she never followed through with any of the claims she provided on the phone.

Last Friday, she crashed what was supposed to be a private interview with DJ candidate Rpyneck. After moving her away, she promised she would be sending me the story of her own dealings with Judge Tidd, who once presided over a case in which her son was charged with some sort of assault. Her son was found not guilty, but she was enraged bc Judge Tidd found a co-defendant not huilty as well. She was supposed to write to me about that, bit once again, never followed through.

Now, from her own Facebook pager, I see her claiming she wants to throat punch me, and the only reason she is not doing so is because I might dare sue her.

At the devbate, shetalked over the LWV reps while they attempted to explain the format, and then was amnong those yelling at the LWV for not presenting all the goofy questions that she likely wrote herself.

She could not stay through the one hour that the debate lasted, either, walking outt when her attention span was at its max.

She is reduced to threats of violence and personal attacks.

Not a nice person.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, take a Midol before you rant. Your spelling is atrocious.

Anonymous said...

So you've stooped to deleting comments. .. you really are a pompous ass.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I've deleted nothing.

Anonymous said...

Lanita Lum sounds like a nut job. Mezzacooky round 2?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Definitely a wackadoodle. My guess is the two will connect.

Anonymous said...

Gary Gorman asks:

I'm still wondering why David Repyneck agreed to meet with you and answer your bullshit?

Let's recap:

here are my choices for lower saucon township magistrate as evidenced by phone call solicitors, fliers, door-to-door advocates and blogs:

1) a right wing republican who lies about closing his private practice (so that he) if and when becomes elected can change his mind...(sounds a lot like Justin Simmons and that big bag of bullshit)

2) a diane repyneck wanna-be who had a PFA against him and (luckily) got out of it. And, as for his position on our 2nd amendment...I believe that our citizens in Baltimore a few weeks ago and elsewhere were [unfortunately] forced to exercise.

I mean, weren't they simply imposing a militia, just not a "well regulated" one, as Repyneck advocates. (Insert a lot of humor. I mean A LOT of humor.)

DR: Try to resolve that (your militia logistics) and the people who have been harmed time and time again before you play the military/2nd amendment card. Please listen to their plights and try to understand where they are coming from before you (again) play your "bitter divorce" card. I already know where you are coming from.

3) a pro-life, pro-Catholic-my-way-or-the-highway, pro-"this is the way it's done", johnny-came-lately.

NOW, the other side:

1) David Tidd is a good man and a great District Justice. Why vilify him?...just because you want it your way and you have your ax to grind? He's a good man who deserves re-election.

2) David Repyneck survived a bitter divorce...well, maybe not, but he has honorably served our Country and has spent years professionally helping others and I sincerely applaud him for that- Kidpeace, youth services, County Probation- he knows the ins and outs of government, politics and our court systems much more that his opponents. I mean, "Way more".

3) Amanda Kurecian wants to establish night court, is dedicated to having a full time Justice represent us and exudes a "do-the-right-thing" approach for our lower saucon bench. Can't do wrong there. I'll take that, too.

what to decide? But whatever, as I...

I still cannot believe that David Repyneck considered you important enough to meet with you. I'm sorry, but that gives me too much insight into his decision making.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I can understand the sentiment that there's no need to speak to me or respond to my questions.. But if someone desires to be a public servant, and is being asked questions by someone who is both a reporter and a political blogger, he should answer. It is called transparency.. As someone who is running for office yourself, you should try to demonstrate that quality. When you advocate ignoring questions from others, as you are doing, you are promoting government behind closed doors. That kills democracy.

I also find your lengthy comment here hypocritical. If you truly believed what you write, there would be no need for you to come on this blog, after midnight, to claim Repyneck should not have met me.

Anonymous said...

Gary Gorman responds:

IMHO, BOH: you were not being a fair, impartial political blogger and reporter toward David Repyneck. And, one of the above-mentioned candidates will be my Township's District Justice, which is a position that should (or could) be held by any of them.

This is why I post...regardless of your time frame(s) or whether you think I was answering you. I was talking to them. If you really understood my post, you might understand who I ignore.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gary Gorman, You cannot come on this blog and claim you are ignoring me. You posted the comment you did to be insulting. I can only hope that the voters ignore you in November.

As for being an "impartial" blogger, I never make any claim to impartiality. I believe those who do are full of shit. I prefer to tell readers the truth. Repyneck established that he is who he is. And he was the one who told me to "be a man" and meet him.

Lanita Lum said...

Nonpartisan HA! I've attended several of their debates over the years. It's very obvious they lean toward particular candidates. They protect their "picks" by ignoring submitted questions and prohibit contensciious topics. This was my first time attending one of their events when I wasn't reporting on it. As a reporter, I couldn't ever point out how slanted their debates tend to run. Used to drive me crazy when reporting because no one in the room ever had the guts to challenge the gaggle of elderly women that run the league. Sorry, Mr. Veteran, but you're dead wrong or married to one of the "geese" and want your dinner served as usual. As a military wife and mother, there's no question who I'd trust. A fellow brother or a lawyer? Please! Honor Courage and Commitment ... That's who and what I stand for and trust. Guess I should rethink that now knowing a veteran would follow a lawyer over a "brother."

Lanita Lum said...

One of Planters finest. smd

Bernie O'Hare said...

This comment is posted six days after the people spoke. And what the people said, and rather resoundingly I moght add, is that they don't want David Repyneck sitting in judgment on anything.

The LWV is an imperfect institution made up of volunteers. But for them, there would have been no debate at all. Repyneck had to be embarrassed into attending. During the debate, he demonstrated lack of knowledge combined with arrogance and intolerance. Lanita Lum spoke loudly with others while the LWV explained the format, and then was one of the loudest complainers when the moderator refused to ask questions that were thinly veiled personal attacks, directed at one candidate. She also failed to stay for the debate.

Lanita Lum crashed an interview I was trying to conduct and attacked me for exposing Repyneck as the bad candidate he was.

The people have decided Lanita Lum is full of shit, and I share that sentiment.