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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Officer Claims Troxell Threatened Physical Retaliation

I've been fairly uncomplimentary about part-time Nazareth Police officer Dan Troxell. Aside from his botched Stickergate prosecution, I always felt he was responsible for the unnecessary and tragic death of Timothy Nixon, described below. But I was unaware until yesterday that Troxell has been accused of intimidation. His reaction to reports that were surfacing about him in 2013 smack of witness tampering.

In a signed statement dated 11/23/13, Officer Stephen Schleig details troubling statements made by Troxell. "[W]hen I find out [who is leaking reports], ... I am going to sue that person, get that person fired, try and file criminal charges against that for theft, and go after the person physically, hurt them bad. I mean I'm going to physically hurt that person, and do the same to their entire family."

When Schleig took offense at the way Troxell was speaking, Troxell asked, "What are you, a boy scout?"

Schleig is actually an Eagle scout.

Troxell's statements were allegedly made about six months before I began writing about him, and appear to be directed at another Nazareth police officer.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but wonder ⁉ Why this princess Troxell is still on the force . Everyone has been saying he is a dirty cop . That he would plant,well lets say things during searches. Make up stories,lies that the sticker gate men had against them. With the full knowledge by the chief and mayor. I think it's time to go legally after the chief and mayor for costing us taxpayers thousands of are hard earned money for taxes to be paid for all those law suits being paid out. Fire everyone of those counsel members,from mayor to chief and princess Troxell . This counsel has been too long in office hiding under the table for fear that they will be in the site of queen chief bumblebee, rubber lips flapping into the wind. How he does it in NYC. Well 5 finger discount mayor, remember when I stood up at the meeting and asked you you you. Who was going to pay for these law suits. You you you, said and I Quiot we we we have insurance for this kind of stuff. I asked you you you is that going to raise our taxes. What was the answer you gave us 5 finger . Well I believe it was a yes yes yes. I want you fired first then the queen bee chief,then princess troxell,then everyone that's on council voted out . Vote vote vote out out out ❗

Anonymous said...

Question aren't we paying big bucks to daddy warbucks to get rid of chief queen bumblebee. And to take over his job,what a joke he turned out to be....... He should hide under queen bumblebees desk and milk his for his creamy dream of being chief.sadly to say I know alot of great police officers that go to the same gym to work out.and everyone that know this under the table chief said something isn't right they are shocked how he has changed like he's scared. Well these cops are honest cops and I believe what they think about him,what they believe him to have once been. To be true. We'll see. But I want my tax money back got bills to pay

Anonymous said...

Vote out counsel, fire the chief ,fire troxell.vote out counsel,fire the chief, fire troxell,vote out counsel,fire the chief, fire troxell,vote out council,fire the chief,fire troxell,vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote out counsel. Then and only then can we lower are taxes.

Anonymous said...

im sure deputy dog will be cowering somewhere in the dark corner of the cup cake cave

Anonymous said...

anon 7:18, a sticker goon. Aren't you busy smoking at the 7-11 and writing checks from someone else's desk?

Anonymous said...

Troxell is now the laughing stock of the county, lol He has even shamed deputy dogs rep at this point, says the cartoon network haha